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I have a question on the purport of the verse in the book of 'Teachings of Queen Kunti', the verse S.B. 1.8.34.

For whoeever read that book, on the last page of the purport on this vers (page127 last sentence)

"The whole world is now overburdened by such rascals and demons, and therefore the atom bomb is waiting for them by the will of the Supreme."

This purport was writen befor the end of the Cold War agreement, yes in the 80's in Europe was a lot to do around the waponery of both superstates US and USSR. Yet it was not happening...

Conclusion of mine; I love to read the origional texts but the comments are highly flavoured by the time being I assume.

However a few days ago both superstates ripped open the agreement of disarmor. Why? They want a new one with China included. But by breaking it open the treath of the atom bomb might be real again.

I wonder how Krsna Conciousness people react on this all.According to the scriptures wars are to wipe out the burdenof the Earth si the repeating 'mantra' of all revealed scriptures.

In that light with a member of a Krsna-devotee wanting to be president of US, she might have to clean up the mess of this president.


Normally I am not very intrested in politics anymore, but this situation triggered me to ask a question.

In short; How does a Krsna Conciousness focused person deals with the purports even when it is written in other times, while the current situation might be so different?

Other question for you all; Milk.

Krsna demands milk to be offered. I do live in a place surrounded by milk farmers and factories for milk products.

Dayli I see how cows be treaten badly, also get hormons and stuff. Calves after 2 weeks get or the bullit or go to a calve farm to be fed into26 weeks and go to slaughterhouse to serve the tongeu of many people. Yes I did talk to them on many ways, no they won't listen.

Once a devotee told me; "It is not your karma, just ignore them this is how Krsna wnated it, you can do nothing"

Wait, is that correct?

Sadly I am highly allergic to many foodstuff, include milk.

Even if I was not getting sick of milk I kindly refuse, why? I know where it comes from.

I like to show you pictures or videos of how thigs are, but I do not do that.

I respect your way of living and do not want to disturb your bhakti process.

Long ago 4 devotees out of Amsterdam&Germany came to my place and one was totally stressed/emotional and wanted to attack the farmer who was responsible for the mess of a death calve... yes the inwards sometimes comes out and some calves look very bad...

I keep chanting Hare Krsna, all I can do...

So second question;

Like Lord Buddah (also Krsna in disguise) came to put away the vedas and preach ahimsa to in the end restore the vedas(as I understood) perhaps now the time to avoide milk to do the same?I am shure lots of devotees do not know what happens with calves in Europe. The 2 farms near me have 6,000 calves and they go to slaughter after 26 weeks. They come from all over Europe male and female in small spaces. After they come mature they go to slaughterhouse, means many buuls take often one pink/young cow. A massacre of sexual explosions... So if a cow is the gate to human birth, no wonder many kids are born with dissorders and sexual dissorders like transgenders and homo/lesbian feelings. Think about that! As the scriptures reveals; you start where you ended.

I hope devotees will think about this before they comment.

Comments are appreciated, altough keep in mind that what I posted is very disturbing to many of you. But the truth. Cows never see bulls here and the cinderella of Vridavan gopis is far far from here. Cows are after 4 years of giving milk slaughterd by the thousands here where I live! The Netherlands is the biggest meat producer in Europe and export to 220 countires cow meat... just saying. I live in hell, ther is no lower place on this planet. Therefore I am very fortunate to live here, because my Krsna Conciousness will only be stronger by the day.

Hare Krsna!

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  • Hare Krishna,

    You are a very kind person!!! I wish I had a golden heart like you, so pure!!!!!!!!!

    For everything in this world Lord Sri Krishna has a special plan. Why HE placed you in that place? why you are watching all horrifying things? Why you are the only ....Krishna conscious person in the area.? why all this is happening to only you who is a Krishna devotee.. all this is pre planned and decided as per Lord' big plan. We cannot see what is coming. Where is this all leading to. Ya,  We are in this age of Kali just start of it.. We have to see so many more to reach the end of Kaliyuga. 

    Maybe Lord has a planned something for you. Maybe He wants you to raise your voice against this crime. Maybe He wants you to spread awareness and KC among.. these brutal people.  May be Some thing bad is going to happen in future at that area. You see so many natural calamities sudden disasters, Earthquakes, Tsunami's, Volcanoes atomic invasions.., storms floods happening at a places. All these are major sites of such brutal activities. 

    But one devotee in that place ...for that devotee sake Lord waits.. gives time .. 

    One story I heard-

    There a a big storm and all got washed up.. there was only few bunch of people remaining all got into a boat. That boat was sinking , it had  been hit by the lightening and mast broke.,water was all over the floor of the boat... everyone was terrified that in any moment boat might sink. But the boat was not sinking but kept on sailing. You know why? there was one person in the boat who was devotee of Lord. heheh  Lord's ways are unfathomable!!!

    Maybe your prayers are saving those brutal humans!!! 

    Maybe the cows are seeking help from you? maybe cows are passing their last days hearing to the loud speakers ( mahamantra) and will get a vaishnav birth next life. maybe they are facing their karma?  whatever maybe these people who are hurting harmless animals like cows would meet a bad fate.

    Once Srila prabhupada said..

    "They are sending animals to the slaughterhouse, and now they'll create their own slaughterhouse. [Imitating gunfire:] Tung! Tung! Kill! Kill! You see? Just take Belfast, for example. The Roman Catholics are killing the Protestants, and the Protestants are killing the Catholics. This is nature's law. It's not necessary that you be sent to the ordinary slaughterhouse. You'll make a slaughterhouse at home. You'll kill your own child-abortion. This is nature's law. Who are these children being killed? They are these meat-eaters. They enjoyed themselves when so many animals were killed, and now they're being killed by their mothers. People do not know how nature is working. If you kill, you must be killed. If you kill the cow, who is your mother, then in some future lifetime your mother will kill you. Yes. The mother becomes the child, and the child becomes the mother."

    Hmm... Krishna doesn't need such cow's milk.. that milk which is got by hurting cows!!! 

    all krishna needs is a loving offering with a selfless heart anything which is not got by hurting others be it just a leaf, flower fruit or water also suffices. He never claimed I want this I will accept this type of bhog only. What can we ever offer to Lord who is the giver of everything!!!

    only your ego that you are the doer.. offer it and surrender!!!

    Krishna can take care of any situation and handle it .. wait and watch the show. Maybe He will make you only as His instrument to start the fight for these harmless animals. Who knows what are his ways.

    Hare Krishna.

    Cows and Karma
    You are killing innocent cows and other animals—nature will take revenge. Just wait. As soon as the time is right, nature will gather all these rasca…
  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna

    How does a Krsna Conciousness focused person deals with the purports even when it is written in other times, while the current situation might be so different ?

    A devotee focusing on Krsna consciousness does not "deal" with purports. A devotee focusing on Krsna consciousness studies, learns and lives according to the purports. 

    The whole world is now overburdened by such rascals and demons, and therefore the atom bomb is waiting for them by the will of the Supreme.

    One way to understand the above is by will of Sri Krsna the means of destroying the demons is already in place. It is only a matter of time, when Sri Krsna wills it will take place. A devotee has nothing to fear about bombs because devotee is under protection of Sri Krsna just like Prahlada never feared claws, teeth, roaring of Sri Narasimha deva. Srila Prabhupada has clearly given this very understanding in the same chapter of Teachings of Queen Kunti as below 

    When Kṛṣṇa appears, He protects the devotees and kills the demons. Therefore Kṛṣṇa in His Nārāyaṇa form has four hands. In two hands He holds a disc and club with which to kill the demons, and in the other two hands He holds the conchshell and lotus with which to bless and protect the devotees. The Lord says, kaunteya pratijānīhi na me bhaktaḥ praṇaśyati. Thus Kṛṣṇa bugles with His conchshell, “My devotees will never be vanquished.” And with the lotus flower He extends His blessings. The lotus flower, which sometimes also appears in the hand of Lakṣmī, is a symbol of blessings. 

    The above is true in all times and circumstances - cold war, hot war, no war. 

    Krsna demands milk to be offered.

    No, Krsna does not demand like that. Krsna only demands from those who are very closest to Him like mother Yashoda, Nanda Maharaj, Balarama, Sudama etc. Krsna does not demand. But if we offer milk to Sri Krsna out of love, Krsna will accept it. 

    Once a devotee told me; "It is not your karma, just ignore them this is how Krsna wnated it, you can do nothing"

    Wait, is that correct ?

    No, To ignore is not the solution. It is natural for any person with a heart to feel remorse about killing of helpless living beings. 

    It is also not correct to think that Krsna wanted it. There is difference between Krsna wanting it and Krsna allowing it. Krsna does not actively interfere with the workings of material nature. The killing of cows and calves can be understood to be in accordance with plan of material nature or karma of those souls. But it is not what Krsna wants. 

    Now what to do about such killing is difficult to address. But solution could be in the direction of giving knowledge and prasadam(especially milk products). It has to be administered expertly with patience. Heartfelt prayers are also very helpful.

    It is also important to understand that the killers involved have a fate much worse than the helpless animals that are killed. Remember the bombs that are in place, such killers are ideal candidates for its usage.

    So we also have to pray that these killers are transformed. 

    Therefore I am very fortunate to live here, because my Krsna Conciousness will only be stronger by the day.

    All the best. Hare Krsna


  • for the 2nd question :

    "Once a devotee told me; "It is not your karma, just ignore them this is how Krsna wnated it, you can do nothing"

    Wait, is that correct? "

    no its not correct,  this is not how Krsna wants it,  Prabhupad raised his voice against this ...   it's good if you do something, spread awareness 

  • Hare Krsna
    Prabhu, I will try to answer a part of your questions beginning with the atom bomb.
    The theory that nuclear weapons can destroy the world is childish imagination.
    First of all, the atomic energy is not powerful enough to destroy the world.
    Secondly, ultimately it all rests on the supreme will of the Supreme Lord because without his will or sanction nothing can be built up or destroyed. It is foolish also to think that natural laws are ultimately powerful. Material nature's law works under the direction of the Lord, as confirmed in the Bhagavad Gita.
    The world can be destroyed only by the will of the Lord and not by the whims of tiny politicians. This is in the purport to one of the verses in the first canto.
    We need to go through all the purports to come to a perfect understanding. They are all very relevant now as they were back then.
    It is very heartening to know that you want to give up milk for the cows are being mistreated!
    I also wanted to request you that if you can post one question at a time then it will be easier for us to answer.
    Hari Bol!
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