I'd like to discuss a important thing about the scriptures to aply it in life.

Reading many purana's now, like in Padma Purana I read over and over one got birth in animal stock after certain happenings and back to human form. This is not very surprising to me, what is surprising is; devotees always stress out in discussions that animals or non human life forms are lower. But at the same time preach that you are not the body, you are the soul. For the soul is no birth or death. So the soul is I assume also no male nor femal, because that is material, not spiritual. To be a male or femal, age or all sorts of spices is just material right?! So why are many people and even devotees discriminate? i do not get this.

Of course many would love to react with many quotes of the scriptures, yes, that is real selfrealization. However Be always kind to other spieces, you never know which soul is in it and most important; why that soul is in that particular body. In so many scriptures you can read a devotee of Krishna never get lost, even if one is re-born in a non human spieces, He(Krishna) will get that trapped soul the possibility to meet up with faith to get on the right path again to Godhead. 

Yes I know devotees love to react; but that is not our goal, we aim to Krishna directly in this lifetime. Uhm, very noble goal. But I go for the fact, Krishna knows best. What I want to say is; Do you know your previous life and what you did wrong? Even a offence many lives ago will sprout in a lifetime now or lateron. Time is for the soul an illusion. Time is only for a body wich is under the 3 modes of nature aka will die/ cast off. But the soul will go on. So for the soul it does not matter if it takes many kalpas to get to Vaikuntha. It is the mind of ours who want to go there now. And YES you can be there right now by bhakti yoga, if you preform it the right way.  Many offences of many lives will be wiped out (like on ekadasi days or other loopholes to get rid of bad karmic reactions).

The core of thes discussion I'd love to point out to be; don't be harsh to any creature or any so called stray person. Even the soul is non binary in a way. You can be born a male or female, so LGBTQA+ people are just souls who are trapped in the wrong gender due their previous wants of life or offences. Same for animals, there are many animals who sometimes act a bit human alike for some. That is because the soul is not the body! How many times you all tell this in lectures, even Prabhupada stressed this out many times. But still people even devotees claim a animal to be dirty or lower. No they are like us trapped in a body for a purpose and past deeds. 

Besides we, our souls are all born in creation to let Krishna do His thing and we all are for His enjoyment. Devotees often act like the first humans who did want to go back to Godhead and not wanted to make childeren remember?! But Krishna wants to play with His creation. So we all play our part in that play. Again it is short minded to think a animal is an aimal or a plant is a plant etcetera. Try it out, give prasadam to a animal or offered water to a plant. You will see the reaction in no time! Chant Hare Krishna amoung animals or vegitations aka forest, you will get the result! All creatures are part and partial of Krishna in the end so the soul trapped within will understand what you say or do. The body not allow to react in propper responce as humans might do, but some animals will try their best, if the soul within is connected to Krishna. Like on Harinam or Ratha Yatra; how many people in public will react on the Maha Mantra if you go up and down the road chanting?! Positive or negative reactions, try to count them and notice who is open to the name of Krishna. The same with animals or plants or any creature! 

This is stated in many scriptures but like I begun, not much might realize it in practice. I beg you all to practice what you read and lecture others. Try not to discriminate, that is the core of material bondage, if you discriminate. Because than you claim you, he, she it etc. is that what you call it out for.  But the soul within has nothing to do with the dress it has now on. Like who were the Gopis? In previous life forms thoose souls did wear bodies not fit to join Krishna as a lover out of perverse eye's of many people, because they were often man, whilst Krishna is a man too.  He is the origional man we all read. So a gopi is gay?! Yes! That is waht I try to tell you all. Our small dirty minds discriminate and does not see the soul within. So be kind and do not make other life, creatures life harder than it is already. The all have to undergo their precribed duty and period in that form to move on , on the path to perfection. As a devotee we all have one duty; help them to realize that goal. Make facilities to meet up with Krishna; like mantain holy places, run temples and such preach works, show deties, ditribute books, Q&A's feed animals prasadam, water plants with holy water. Just make shure no creature don't miss the oppertunity to notice Krishna so their inner soul is awoken once more. 

We or devotees not have to be agents like police to drag them all in front of Krishna, better to be agents to guide them and like Krishna tells us; we all have gained a little freedom to do what we like. So if one creature got in touch with Krishna due us by all the things we can offer according circumstances it's up to that soul within what the next step will be, not ours. It is Krishna's wish we show them the path as ambassarors of Vaikuntha and spread open invitations.


Hare Krishna!


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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Agreed we are all souls in deifferent bodies. However, we are in different bodies as per our previous karma. If we concentrate on Krsna and our relationship with Krsna, there will be no time to discriminate in a detrimental way. We are all souls, but we have to act according to our body. For ex, a mataji may not mix freely with prabhujis. This is discrimination on the bodily platform only right? Still it is recommended and one should follow. 

    What to speak of discrimination between humans and animals, even among humans, there is discrimination and that cannot be done away with. The only solution is Krsna Consciousness, that one try and remain conscious of Krsna 24/7.


    YOur servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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