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Dear Devotees,

One question that comes to my mind often is that why human beings- fortunate to be endowed with superior intelligence as compared to other species of life- why human beings are not given this ability to know of one's forthcoming death say one month or say one week ahead. Or at least one day before, so that one can seriously spend the last few days in serious chanting and devotion.

Or is this also a matter of prior karma as Parikshit Maharaj got 7 days time, he knew before 1 week that he will die...Please share your views, many thanks


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Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


THis knowledge is not there with human beings. Even if it was there, we humans would try to counter it, rather than accept it. Example is so many terminally ill patients. They are fighting their illness rather than utilising the time and resources to get closer to Krsna. Have you ever seen a cancer patient declaring that no need for treatment, I have to die anyway, now atleast I know I have limited time, so let me sit and chant, not indulge in my daily routine..... I have not seen. Its only when the battle is lost that one gives up and then tries to chant if possible. 

Every human being knows that he will surely die. And even sees death happening to known people regularly. Still, it never strikes him that he will also die. That is one of the influences of maya. We live as if we will never die, and we die as if we never lived (I think there is a saying to this effect). 


Your servant,

Radha Rasamayi DD

Some things/philosophys of the renounced are encouraging us to consider the fact that this oppertunity or life blessing is actually
(a life/death sentence). Also that by karmic laws we are hoghly subjected to and effected by condemnation. There-in lyes the crucks of the massage of (HH)(SP). Karma or by karmic means noone ever gets out of this debockel of physical life progressively* So even if one were. Pre warned which,Prahbupodda has done, even-still it seems to me that chumming-up to the GodHeads at the 11:hr. Of this bodie's lifeTime is little or no constellation for simply integrating (Darma) or the performance of daily dutys. Which are presented to us in order that we can intragate inclusiveness regarding our relationship of factually being *limitedlessly indebted to God & by Karma. I.e. (KC) is not an 11: hr. Program it is The most real/complete of all the eternal religions, it has also reviled all aspects & most personalities required 'to be known if one is to live and lead an awspisus existence!
So the morral is, just live like you are dieing Becuse we are. And because it is the nature of time to diminish the value of all we do, we should, daily seek to find balance & integration between our life, lifestyle & these diminishing & Liberating facters.
I beleave that The GodHeads are not desiering us to commit such drastic or dramatic measures as absolute materialistic renunciations, that leave the energies of the Spirit Soul stranded like a ribben cloud with no cannections in any sphere? This Soul is on a individual's jearny after all.
Thank you for your honorable association(s)

Hare Krishna. I have been a nurse for over 44 years. I would say that at least 50% of my patients did have the premonition that they were going to die soon. Yes, one should seriously spend their last few days in serious chanting and devotion before they die. The problem is that when people are approaching death they can have many more new physical problems. For example, their mind can be confused. They can be having problems with pain. They may feel weak and can tend to sleep too much. They may be overwhelmed by the fact that they can no longer control their bowels and bladder. They may have restlessness due to a decrease in their oxygen level. They may be congested and have gurgling sounds in their chest. So these problems can hinder one from spending their last few days in serious chanting and devotion. You have probably heard the expression: "Chant while you can". It's so true. I am old. I am retired. I go to the Temple every morning. Why? Because I understand that this is the time for me to get serious about spiritual life. Tomorrow may be too late. Tomorrow, I may find myself having serious emergency medical problems or even death. The time of death can come at any time.

What a deep and insightful comments my dear friends, many thanks. Pandora mataji/prabhuji very true, thanks for sharing the truth of life that we so easily forget,

hari bol


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