Hare Krishna!Kindly let me know,how as a student I can faithfully observe Nirjala Ekadashi.....About which I have read so much.......and so will appreciate fellow devotees toHelp a fallen soul like me.....to earn the merits .....which this greatest Bhimseni EkadashiCan bestow....... To help me in Bhakti......All glories to Srila Prabhupada.......and Sri Vaishnavas!Hari Bol!

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                • 64 rounds!!! Wow!!!Still  so very amazing!!! OMG, I have now finished my Ekadashi and have lived to tell about it!! Time for  a feast now.

    • Hare Krishna Mataji,


      Thank you very much for ur reply. I heard that we should remain awake whole night on nirjala ekadashi. Is it compulsory to remain awake the whole night.? If not then whether we will get all the merit which has been listed in the story of Nirjala Ekadashi.

      2)Is it enough to fast whole day from food and water, and to chant our committed rounds? Please reply mataji. 

      • Volunteer

        Bhim was very weak in fasting. So when it was 7 evening he decided to break his fast be it was not a time for breaking the fast.

        But till he reached the place where food was he felt unconscious, and in that way till the next morning he slept. 

        In this way we can sleep at night, it is ok.

        And if whole day we attend Kirtans or do some practical services at the Temple then we won't think much of food.

        Please try to know if ISKCON Temple in Your city is organizing whole day Kirtans.

        Usually they do.

        And yes, before Ekadashi i take very nutritious fruits like dates. So before Ekadashi for breakfast You can eat nice quality dates. Nice lunch and light dinner but plenty of water as Mataji told above.

        Your servant,  

        • Hare Krishna Mataji,


          Thank u very much Mataji. Haribol..

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