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For the past few weeks I'm into depression.I don't know what to do . I have lost all my hopes,feeling lonely inside. Everyday I am crying and praying to the lord still not able to come out. I don't feel connected to krsna and feeling miserable inside. I don't know what to do now . My last hope is krsna and it seems I am loosing my last hope also.



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1st. deserve
& then desire.
God is generosity personified.
Accually Krish's Loving governing disposition is a Invaluable benediction.
Life Coaching & Good guidance is a Skill That generally only the most welthy can cammition! ?
The Chanting/(service) fills the need for the Karmic Laws of reciprocation with God can happen,-do to
"the Principle of Free Will"-apparently*
Initiation on our part, is required* +Trust Faith & Pashunts.
Krishna never fails However,
Selflissly (Chanting/Working) mean-while trusting in Hi's guidance, is
the recommended path
to tread." As I have been told!


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