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Hare Krishna


For the past few weeks I'm into depression.I don't know what to do . I have lost all my hopes,feeling lonely inside. Everyday I am crying and praying to the lord still not able to come out. I don't feel connected to krsna and feeling miserable inside. I don't know what to do now . My last hope is krsna and it seems I am loosing my last hope also.



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Generally, the  materialistic yogis,  fake incarnations, pseudo devotees,  and fruitive workers are proud of their so-called achievements and are more attracted to their own endeavor than to the Lord Himself. Such people usually do not have a firm faith, neither their teachers do, then how they can approach the Lord who reside in their hearts. 

 Vaishnavas should pray like this :

''Oh my Lord,  I do not beg You for the eight perfections of mystic yoga, nor for salvation from repeated birth and death, nor for anything within three worlds, I just want only to stay among all the living entities and suffer all distresses on their behalf, so that they may be freed from suffering.''  

If one can not see the Lord in others, especially in those abandoned and hopeless, then adoring the deities is just imitation of devotional service. 

Hare Krishna Prabhu

Sorry to hear that you are suffering so much with depression. Would it be possible for you to meet with a mental health counselor? I think sometimes being able to talk to someone about your hopes, fears and depression with someone who will really listen can be helpful. I think it can be hard to be Krishna Conscious sometimes when someone is so depressed.

Hare Krsna,

Thank you very much for your reply. Yes it becomes very hard to be in Krsna consciousness when someone becomes so depressed.Maya is very strong but I believe in Krsna and only he is going to take me out from this miserable situation.



Hare KRsna Prabhuji,


You have mentioned that everyday you are crying and praying to the lord. THat is very good. How many rounds of mahamantra are you chanting? Are you eating Krsna prasadam?

See, there are 2 ways to deal with depression - one is clinically, the other is with firm, unflinching faith. Actually both can be done together also. 

Pls continue chanting, if possible, all 16 and following 4 regulative principles. Try to hear lectures and read Gita and Srimad Bhagwatam. You will feel bliss inside, then these externals are not required at all.


YOUr servant,

Radha Rasamayi DD

Hare Krsna Mataji,

Thank you very much for your kind reply. Yes i am not able to chant my 16 rounds due to my mental illness. As suggested by you once again I started reading Bhagavad Gita.I am also thinking to get in touch with a psychiatrist.



Chant "less" - how does less chanting help in battling depression? Pls explain.

WHat we know is - chanting can solve all problems of life. Our basic problem is identification with the body and forgetfulness of our relationship with God. How chanting less can help?

In all your posts you have written good a lot of times. Who decides what is good and what is not good? What is the basis? 

Hare Krishna

We pray when we are suffering and need Him, and when we are enjoying, we don't pray and neglect Him. God is not an order supplier, that He will supply whenever we order. God is the master and we are His servant. The servant cannot give orders to the master. The servant cannot make demands on the master.

First accept that we suffer or enjoy due to our own actions. It's due to our past bad actions that we suffer now. In this situation, firstly stop making demands on Him. Just pray and ask for forgiveness and service and nothing else.

Suffering and enjoyment will come and go, like the seasons and the weeks. If it's Saturday today, Sunday will come for sure. If it's winter, summer will come for sure.



Hare Krishna,

Thank you very much prabhu for your reply. Your reply has brought smile on my face.I am just praying to the lord please show me the right path.I cannot share my problem with anyone except Krishna.I believe in him.He is going to take me out from this miserable situation.

Yes Krishna is not our order carrier, yes He will not let us go, & yes our works for Him are the soundest foundation for our progression material & Spiritual. True it is, that the prescription for service/chanting is that we should serve Him SelfLessly, accepting Hi's judgments in our heart of hearts, as our own highest & greatest good. Think of it, unless otherwise interrupted
karma awords us with reactions that are alike & of the kind of the thoughts, feelings, energies, vibrations & creative or destructive frequencys that we ourselves are producing or "intertaining! This Law of justice is real it is simplistic, subscribers to it most' (1) trust that Krishna understands & accepts our intentions & #2 We must accept & acknowledge that ultimately our "Negative/distrutive/ ignorant karma's will outWeigh our positive/creative actions dispite our most "Conchus efforts" hence we end where we begin (at the mercy of Krishna's) compassion & sence of justice. As certain as Krishna is all mighty all knowing & all-pervading
Kreshna is all persuading! Hence it is Hi's feelings towards us that we are experiencing at every turn!
It's really quiet an un-complacated, equation
All knowing +
All powerful + All Pervasive=All things. Krishnas is God-God is every thing. So what can we expect as fruits of our laber/Sweetly chanting)- offten/daily? 1, God's overSight/awareness of our life & existance & 2 Hi's gratitude for our unconditional Selfless service).I have heard it said by the Vishnavahs that because He "Krishna is the orraginal or (SuperSoul) of everyone -"Pleasing Him is effectively pleasing everyone". Trust is All you need! - ) Hare Haray Bolla
Actually this kind of tngs do happen , tat tym u should connect with devotee frnds, talk to them ,spend some tym with them. Especially if u go to temple Nd participate in kirtans, ull forget ur problems. This usually works fr me. U can also do tmgs tat u lik in kc, lik i lik to sing kirtanbefore lord. Some lik to cook fr lord, this way u can engage urself .

V feel miserable wen vr alone or not doing anything. So engaged lik this, it will help

My name is Kush. You can PM me your number prabhu. We can talk or chat on whatsapp. Sometime just having  friends to talk to helps to get out of depression. I have interest in psychology and self help. I can also try to get you connected to my devotee counselors friends who can help you in KC way instead of going to a material psychologist. Vaishnavism is personalism. Srila Rupa Goswami recommends that we should cultivate friendship with devotees and take care of them. 

Try to go to temple more and associate with advanced devotees. Spirtual activities can help wonders in fighting depression. Your humble servant.

Always remember Krishna, never forget Krishna. This is the verdict of all the scriptures.
Just like the prescribed medication for a patient by one physician irrespective to like or unlike of a patient.
Once you have taken the shelter of Krishna,you must keep patience to get the result. Just like a woman can not have a baby in short time:rather, she has to wait 9 to 10 months.
So, keep patience and associate with devotees. Keep chanting and daily read Prabhupad books at least one page. This definitely remove your depression. Read as much you can.


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