Prayashchitt - how?

Hare Krishna

Suppose in my life, I have committed some serious sins and later on by the mercy of the Lord, have realised my mistakes and i am repenting it. Now that soul wants to improve and is living the life of righteousness. But the fact is in the account of that soul, those past sins are there and will be punished by Yama.

My question is - now that the soul is a surrendered one....what can he do to do "prayahchitt". To nuliffy the past sins. 

Will only chanting nullify all the past major sins? 

I request senior vaishnavas to throw some light on this  and help me with this query.

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  • millions of people are praying and chanting to lord,

    but we can see that many of them suffers the fruits from their sinful past or present activities.

    when person is to proud and selfish, discriminating others, making offences to god and his devotees,

    all the effort for achieving god is useless. 

    chanting lords names are perfect medicine for all sins from the past and present life,

    but only with humble state of mind and soft heart.

     oh lord, please forgive me, im so fallen and proud to commit so many offences to other living beings, because you are in every ones heart , all offences i actually made to you.

    by chanting holy names and by keep thinking on that way ,

    all sins from the past, present and future will be forgotten soon.

    thats all possible because lord is so dear and merciful , the best person in the universe. 

    • Hare Krishna

      Thank you for the reply....Its is so true and simple....but sometimes the most difficult thing to do. We have all read in books that the Lord is there in the heart of every living being and we should try to see the Lord in everyone....but due to our own pride we are not able to see the Lord in all. Its a great obstacle between us and the Lord.

  • Sevak

    Hare Krishna Mataji

    It seems that Srila Prabhupad has directly answered this question in the very first verse of Nectar of Instruction

    Purport - "real prayascitta, atonement, is the awakening of our dormant KC. Real atonement involves coming to real knowledge, and for this there is a standard process. When one follows a regulated hygienic process, he does not fall sick. A human being is meant to be trained according to certain principles to revive his original knowledge. Such a methodical life is described as tapasya. One can be gradually elevated to the standard of real knowledge, or Krsna consciousness, by practicing austerity and celibacy (brahmacarya), by controlling the mind, by controlling the senses, by giving up one's possessions in charity, by being avowedly truthful, by keeping clean and by practicing yoga-äsanas. However, if one is fortunate enough to get the association of a pure devotee, he can easily surpass all the practices for controlling the mind by the mystic yoga process simply by following the regulative principles of Krsna consciousness—refraining from illicit sex, meat-eating, intoxication and gambling—and by engaging in the service of the Supreme Lord under the direction of the bona fide spiritual master. This easy process is being recommended by Srila RUpa Gosvami."

    The consciousness to improve from one's misgivings is highly appreciated. This is capable of inspiring humility and thus driving one towards Krsna's shelter in the form of association of dev where one can serve Krsna's devotees. This consciousness should not take one away from association of devotees. If one serves Krsna's devotees and pleases them, Krsna is automatically highly pleased and is capable of rectifying sins. Krsna's devotees are too many and everywhere, we just need to serve them selflessly. 

    Hare Krsna

    • Hare Krishna

      Thank you ... It just means being in Krishna Consciousness all the time and engaging our senses in Krishna we can uplift our personalities.

  • Hare Krishna Mataji

    Its clearly mentioned in Sri Mad Bhagwad Gita that whomsoever read Bhagwad Gita with full of devotion, Lord Shri Krishna forgives his all sins of past all birth and bless him/her.  If you are in Krishna Consciouness then what is the point of fearing of your past sins.

    Lord's Devotees do not think about all this,  they simply keep themselves busy in their Devotional services.

    Hare Krishna

    Your Humble Servant 

    Bhuwan Dutt Bawari

  • PAMHO,

    Chanting is very helpful for devotees

    Please chant more and more as you can

    Hari Bol

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    • Hare Krishna

      Thank you for your helpful suggestions. Its true that chanting the holy name of Krishna purifies us. But the major sins like murder, rape, illicit sex, abortion, killing of cows - what about them? This confuses me - if someone has commited a murder and after he realises his mistakes, starts chanting the holy names - will the Lord forgive him.

      One thing that I have personally experienced that the attachment towards the Lord stops us from making even the smallest of sins...even by mistake we hurt someone - it created a disturbance inside us. so we try to prevent wrong acts.

  • did they help you move into a more light giving life?

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