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Dear Devotees,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila prabhupada.

Recently, I came from Mayapur yatra with few devotee families. While going, I was alone and hence I had to take my prasadam with me. But while coming back, I had opulent prasadam and it was arranged by the yatra coordinator and it was prepared and given by the devotees who were living in the cities through which our train was passing by. So, we got breakfast, lunch and dinner at the perfect time and it was hot and tasty. 

Since I dont know the devotees who were living in those cities, even if I would have come with the group of same size (for ex: If I take my family members), I wouldn't have got that wonderful prasadam and I ended up eating something. Instead, I ended up eating opulent prasadam and when I thought of devotees who don't have such network of devotees, it is always problem. And we end up eating some dry prasadam which we carry or so.

So, I was thinking to start such service for devotees. I am thinking to have a web page in which we can give our journey details and prasadam will be handed over, assuming we have devotees in those stops ready to cook and provide this service. I would like to prepare a network of devotees (ONLY) who are local to that city and willing to do such service.

Since this is just an idea, I would like to know your feedback on having such service. I do know some basic issues like devotees living in that region generally cook in their style and it may be too spicy or too less spicey etc and train / bus can get delayed and if it is train, it can change the platforms in last minute etc....

With all these, can you please give your opinions in having that service? Advantages and disadvantages etc...?

Your opinion is very much appreciated,

Your servant,

Lilashuka dasa

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Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


Yoru thought is very noble, but I can see a lot of logistic issues in this. It will require full time coordination.

For ex : if I take it on myself, if someone is passing through Chennai or coming or going from here, then if I am required to cook for them, I may agree, but how will the food packet reach the passenger? Who will transport it from my house to the station/ airport? There are more than one stations in all major cities - so it can be that 2 stations need to be catered to at the same time. I am working, so even if this is very good service and I may want to do this, I may not have the time/ resources to do it. So you need a team of dedicated devotees who will want to do this service. Secondly, some devotees may expect a remuneration to cover the cost of the food items and packing items. Thirdly, I may be on the panel to supply food, but some days may be busy days for me or I may be otherwise indisposed, then do I have the option to refuse? Therefore, a panel needs to be created in each city. Then again, re ekadasi prasadam - some temples do not eat sago, some do not eat moriya/ samak. So there are differences, how can one standard food be prepared?

I think it is too much work and too much coordination as of now.

I am just giving my thoughts. Maybe others will have a solution and once this thing gets rolling, Krsna will provide the solutions as and when required.

I admire the thought process. Dandvats to you for this noble thought.


Your servant,


Hare Krishna Prabhu

I know one grihastha devotee who owns restaurant and provides prasadam to devotees who pass through nearby railway station. Cooking, packing, delivering. They even have website to take orders. Orders are taken from even other non travelers who want prasadam. It can be opulent. I will send you his phone number. I had asked him for prasadam long back almost one and ahalf years ago. For latest u can contact him directly

YAS Bharat

Hare Krishna Bharat prabhu,

Please send his phone number. my phone number is 9000543329.

many thanks for your message.

your servant,

Lilashuka dasa

Hare Krishna Prabhu,

Can you please share his contact number or website,need prasadam during journey to haridwar for chardham yatra,

Your Servant,

Sarvatma Murari Das

very nice proposal prabhuji

Hare Krishna prabhus,

Many thanks for encouraging replies. I would like request you to please pass this thread to others and ask for their feedback. 

Your servant,

Lilashuka dasa

Hare  Krishna  Lilashuka prabhu! 

Nice to see such a noble idea that will  certainly  help devotees passing that city during long journey. I am amazed to read your proposal as well  as  responses from exalted devotees. I wish you complete  success  in implementation  of your wonderful service to visiting  devetees. Hopping to enjoy prasadam through your network  if Lord Krishna give me the opportunity  to  visit  India one day.

your  insignificant  servant,


Hare Krishna Prabhuji!!!

are you thinking it to be free or with cost? 


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