Practicing away from association.

Hare Krishna dear devotees. Humble obeisances. I am right now preparing for IAS which is a tough exam in India. I am unable to find time to meet anyone even on Sundays. Practically, I am in a situation where taking association is not possible. I do not meet even karmi people.In fact, I don't meet anyone. I sometimes..I feel lonely and I find it difficult to go on fighting with mind and senses. What to do in such a situation? How to maintain nice KC?

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Sometimes life presents us with situations where we have to keep even important things on hold for the task at hand. IAS is a very difficult exam to pass and I understand what you are saying.

    Right now, concentrate on your exams. You associate after the exams. Till then, keep your sadhana intact by chanting without fail your committed number of rounds. In fact, you can even pray to Krsna that you are attempting for IAS exams, once you become an IAS, with Krsna's mercy, then you will be better placed to reach out to more people and preach. Therefore, ask for mercy. If you get time or feel lonely as you mentioned, try to read Bhagaad Gita. It may get difficult to read after cramming so much in your mind for exams. Then come to this site and read queries and answers, watch some kirtans. This will soothe your mind.

    YOu can even keep Prabhupada's chanting of mahamantra in low volume in background when you are studying.

    Till now you have associated na prabhu. Now do your prescribed duty of giving this exams with full due diligence and leave the results to Krsna. If you pass, its His mercy and if you dont, again His mercy. Krsna willing, you will pass with flying colours.

    Now you have to put into practise whatever KC you have learnt - without association - chant and remember Krsna. You have to chant without fail even during the actual exam days. You will realise what strength and direction you are getting by chanting those days only after the exams and some years pass.

    Its possible, I have done for years.


    Your servant,


    • Respected Mataji,

      yours comments, suggestions are always excellent,relevant, to the point and practical and in sync with KC. your are almost first to guide devotees.These also inspire me and help me too.

      your servant

      • Volunteer

        agree with You Prabhu.

        • E-Counselor

          Hare Krsna Mataji and Prabhuji,

          PAMHO. Thank you very much for your kind remarks.

          I have seen senior devotees preach with the way they live their lives, not by opening their mouths. I have seen that spirituality comes very naturally to them, they do not carry it as a baggage or make a show of their devotion. For them, Krsna Consciousness is a way of life. I try to follow them and preach what I know, which is very little.

          If I am able to help anyone through this forum, then it is Krsna's mercy on me. If you are happy with me, I will request that you pray for me. I am really a very fallen soul (this is not artificial humility, its the truth).


          Your servant,


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