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When I tried to give a Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam to one of my Relatives, he said that he already has both of them.
I further inquired, he told me it's published by Gitapress Gorakhpur. 

Therefore, I wanted to know that is Gitapress Gorakhpur content authored by 1 of the 4 Vaishnava Sampradayas?

I know Prabhupada's books are the best and most detailed but wanted to know about the credibility of Gitapress Gorakhpur.

Hare Krishna!

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  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna

    I wanted to know that is Gitapress Gorakhpur content authored by 1 of the 4 Vaishnava Sampradayas?

    This would be best aswered by someone who is connected to Gorakhpur Gita press on who the exact author is and the original source.

    The first Bhagavad Gita I read was of Gita Press. I think even now they have just translation. They don't have word to word translation or description/ purport. After reading it, i had more questions than Arjuna. 

    Later when I read Bhagavad Gita As it Is, I was able to appreciate the depth of what Sri Krsna saying and the Arjuna's enquiry. All my questions were completely addressed. 

    Hare Krsna

  • Hare krishna prabhu ji,


    read under this what Srila Prabhupada said about Gita Press.

    hare krishna

    Gita Press - Vaniquotes
    • What's a nirviśeṣavādi?

      • Impersonalists.

        There are numerous versions of the Gita and well... all the Vedas. It is best if you can get them to read Srila Prabhudada's translations and purports, but many will have no interest in them. We try to preach, but even Prabhupada said this movement is for the more intelligent class. Not everyone is ready for it. I know Prabhupada said it is best to sell the books, because free makes it look cheap - but uninterested family will likely not pay. So I would simply leave a copy of the Bhagavad Gita As It Is at the relatives house. Hopefully they will read it.

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