• Haribol,


    We are all woman...

    We are in Kali Yuga all sudra's...

    Only God Srhi Krishna, is male, His maya aka we the whole creation is famale.

    Vaishnava=devotee of Visnu aka Sri Krishna! And we all render service one way another to Him, that's all.Only our little brain makes by the 3 modes of nature the difference of male and female or other creature. Simple example; a cook if hobby/maintain a family is often a femal, but if proffesional in a restaurant it is male so many other jobs are same like this. You have to stop think like this; male /female. Yes in the scriptures I too found loads of things not suitable for females. But if you read the whole books you find out why and what for reasons. But in the end material maya , we are all females and in a way jealous about the 'consort'(wich is funny, because everything is made by Krishna Himself, in fact He is always alone and contentet with His Self, no one He needs!)of Krishna.(many (pure)devotees were so desperate in love with Krishna and became a gopi by His mercy, who material speaking in previous lives were males nowadays you see transgenders and people who can't wait for reïncarnation and by surgical and medical help change gender such a funny act of impatience, nah we all are impatient, to go back to godhead it is, just chant and behave!)

    Hare Krishna!

  • Hare Krishna

    Thanx a lot all the devotees for replying to my query.

    I must say i am highly disappointed with all the answers barring a few.

    I have pretty radical views regarding human rights in general and women's rights in particular and i would never see these issues through the views of scriptures as i believe in dynamism. Gender and sex are two completely different things, and all the gender bias and prejudices regarding women are culture bound and not absolute so they are meaningless for me. But i also believe in post modernism so i am against authority and wouldn't like to impose my views on anyone, so if the cliched and stereotyped image of women works for some, it's fine.

    I would never accept myself as subservient to men. A wife is husband's better half and vice versa. So there must not be a question of superiority-inferiority between them. They should complement each other that's all.

    Someone said women need protection without realizing that women also protect men as sons, then they take every care of their husband, isn't it also protection. Children can live without their father but not without mother. So, it's sheer arrogance to say that only women need protection.

    Thanks again for replying.

    Hare Krsna.

    • women and men don't complement themselves and never will, men introduce their penis into woman's vagina, and leave their seed there; 

      the soul goes into the body, and not otherwise; 

      the supreme consciousness enters the human and the physical universe, and not otherwise.

      tell me, what is the position of women in Krishnaloka or Vishnuloka, vaikunta? then go read what prabhupada said about women.

      "I would never accept myself as subservient to men."

      'So, it's sheer arrogance to say that only women need protection."

      the pot calling the kettle black

    • Hare Krishna!

      We too are disappointed…We thought that the querent was among us trying to adhere to Hindu scriptures.

      Anyway, you have got the free will and you can hold your own views.

      There are societies within a society. We belong to a society where views of wise seers are given more prominence than our own whims and fancies. Sadly, the mainstream society is not aligned with the Vedic views. They feel more confident to stay aligned with the Western approach.

      Our job is to pass on the ancient wisdom to people. It is up to them to hold this valuable knowledge or abort it misunderstanding it as ‘crap’.

      Thanks for starting the discussion.

      Hare Krishna!

  • Also. Part of the eole of man is to assist woman, regardless of the position with the woman into, those who waste time looking at other people's position, must consider their own, and if they are fulfilling their duty to. The utmost of their responsability. By this i do not say it to condemn but rather so that you are all beware of those people that tell you women should do this andm en should doj that. Those positions are not worth debating, because they are right; in the imaginary. Worlds they think they exist and are a part of.

    At times women must act like men, at times men must do work and role of women. If mother dies, wh o but father can take care of children? Thr neighbors wife ? Or th e childs father? The neighborsn wife has their own kids to take careo f and raise.
  • Then again mother is grreatest in compassion. Godly men who hsve both femenine and masculine attributes in. T in the sense that they have both the good and the bad of both groups, meaning they have learn from those around them, and that they have adapted to become both efficient and mature in both actions and words. What I'm trying to explain is that we can actually by observation appreciate what men and women who do respectively, or propensities as well. Part of the idea of giving role to each member of society is for children to be more oriented, less prone mistake or major life errors, more reliable upbringing. where they will go, what we can offer them, and what they can offer society return. Society is like the tissue that tries to regenerate itself with patterns like the role of woman and modeling to be almost like structures and patterns like in which we fall like lego toys. this is purely schematically and has nothing that we could implement in peoples lives ultimately people should have the decision. Because God has given them such capacity to choose. By this i mean that vedas Puranas do not substantiate the mistreatment of individuals based on life decisions. People should not be needed to act or forced as to how they have chosen to live their lives, people who are well centered, oriented, not confuse never bring judgment unto others with simple things because really nothing of others decisions affects their lives. Also very important, we can give the example that when we scratch our skin with the right hands index finger, and we inadvertently hurt our skin, the left hand doesn't go and punch right hand or tries to rip away the nail of the finger , and that is tolerated that we had today. Despite the so-called enlightenment of teachers of the past, this is a very simple subject. Nature has its ways, according to human perception and understanding, we should not base how we force people to living through laws in society, or traditions but rather offer understanding. No society on earth. Should stop women from studying on thr basis of spiritual revelstion, we need to move forward and forget yesterdasy so we can see into tomorrow
  • There r very exceptional wimmin i can speak of my mother who is very divine in my opinion n her love for me a building pillar of my life n spirituality. Women have a different type of intellect from men. They are grneally more materialistic and in its own tern. They are a sou ce if destruction. When humsnity materializes itself it becomes childish and womanly, ultimately it undergoes destruction by its own weight, like a pregnant woman who cant deliver her baby,. Men on the other sided like the supreme father are of the immaterial template, more concerned with spiritual matters and realiza ption, u mske a society of s uch men snd society goes to themiddle ages in terms materialistic progress. Societies who have been historically more pro woman or pro feminist are typically rich societies be ause women love richesses. The societies like women become very attracticvd to other societies and people in generally poor individuals, just. Like sanyasi are attracted by the spiritual reealms , it is a different type of femeninity and masculinity, like they say. god is the only man. Its a messagen more than the statement of a fact.

    Women donot need controlled unless you want to protect civilizati on as a whole, without exception these same societies who " liberate women" have a general sensen of despotism which is born from the excessi ve materialization of things, when women hood falls so does manhood like a domino arrangement, much like the spiritual realms cannot. Associate with physical realms if not by the intrinsic loving energy of God, known under the particularity of bhakti or devotion.

    More importantly, the role of woman and their status is part of societies ever since marriagehas existed. It is necessary to give woman a role so. That theycan play into it, they are too strong and too merciless. Men cannot understand this nature of women, but ssk women who have studied in schoolso fo nly wommen , all they understand is competition, competition and success. Women are like the focused point of consciousness known as concentra tion or dhyan meditation wherea s men a are more of the enjoyment nature, u give men capaci ty to enjoy things and like devas theylll ose their entire lives dwelling snd lost in those oceansofs. Sense pleasure
  • Dear Sister,

    Hare Krishna!

    To answer this question is a very delicate issue because in this modern society where women fight for equal rights with men, the Vedic position about women is much likely to be frowned upon.   

    I know that I may be criticized by some ‘modern’ thinkers, yet let me honestly describe the position of women in the Vedic culture.

    From the major scriptures of Hinduism, one can easily learn that in Hinduism, women are not considered equal to men. In fact, they are considered as subordinate to men. For a woman, her husband is Swami (master). Even among the Hindu demigods, the goddesses are shown as a servitor to her husband. Even at the highest cosmic level, Radharani has been described as a ‘pleasure potency’ by Srila Prabhupada. This means, She is a source of enjoyment for Her husband, Lord Krishna.

    In the Smritis, many codes of conduct have been described for a man but for a women, her only major dharma is to remain loyal to her husband. This is her chief dharma. Austerities, renunciation, celibacy, heroic deeds, learnedness is generally not expected from a woman. This is because, women are different from men when considered from a physical and mental point of view.

    In the Hindu society, women are always protected by men at every stage of life. When She is a child, she is protected by her father, when she is married, by her husband, when she is old, by her son. Two major characteristic in all women kind are beauty and softness. This is why to protect them from the harsh realities of world, they are always protected by men.

    The dharma of a Hindu householder is to see all women except his wife as either a mother or sister or a daughter.

    The dharma of a Hindu woman is to see all men except her husband as her father, or brother or a son.

    The dharma of a Hindu Vaishnava widow is to consider Lord Krishna as her husband and shun all men except her father, brother etc.

    The dharma of a Sadhu or a naisthic brahmachari is to see all women of this world as if they are personified form of maya. This is to protect their vow of celibacy. In case, they don’t see them as such, there are every chances for them being carried away by Maya. This is why renunciants are generally seen shunning women race.

    Although women are considered, with some exception, less intelligent than men, they too are eligible for liberation.

    I have described the position of Hindu women in brief. This is the position of all the major Hindu scriptures.

    Your servant,

    Veeral Gandhi

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    Position of women is subservient to men, but spiritually they are not considered inferior or less intelligent. This is because in woman's body also, soul can achieve perfection and go back to godhead. Example - Devahuti, mother of Lord Kapila.

    Women need care and protection, first from the father, then from husband and then from son. It is also mentioned that it is one's duty to take care of parents. If there are sons, they can take care. If there are no sons and only daughters, then daughters have to take care of parents.

    It is said that whatever punya a man attains by following the varnashram and vedic injunctions diligently, a woman can attain simply by being chaste and serving her husband.

    Whatever austerities or penances a man does, 50% of that goes to his wife, because she doesnt have time to do so much, because she is serving him. Whatever good the wife does, her husband does not get any part of it. However, whatever paap or bad things a man does, wife does not get any part of the negative karma. That is the man's alone. 

    It is also mentioned that a man cannot fight with his wife, but a wife can fight with her husband.

    I dont know what exactly you are looking for - therefore giving you an overview of everything.


    Your servant,


    • “It is also mentioned that a man cannot fight with his wife, but a wife can fight with her husband.”

      - Rashmi Mataji

      Very funny!

      I completely agree!

      It is always better not to argue with one’s wife. : )

      There have been many instances where a wife jumped to well after fighting with her husband or hanged herself on the fan after a duel or filed a false case of dowry against her in-laws. So, it is always better to keep mum when she is yelling! : )

      But, women being a woman, can fight with her husband. But, she can never abuse him. After all she is supposed to be ever-loyal.

      Just joking! But this is the actual reason behind the above mentioned statement.

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