Please to get in Vaikunth

Hareh Krishna !

My question is : If somebody is regularly chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra  but his Bhakti is not enough that he can get place in Vaikunth (Golok dham). So after death what happes with such person?


Awaiting your valuable reply.


Hare Krishna !



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  • One thing for sure is once you take the shelter of the name of Sri Krishna You will escape Yamaloka. The person who takes the name of Lord at the time of death is able to even go back to godhead. for that you need continuous practice of taking Lords' name whole life long so that you are so much habituated that you are taking the name of lord even at the death bed even when you are mind and body give away. Your subconscious mind still working will chant Lord's name.
    yes.. if you are by any chance not able to completely surrender in this life time to Lord. You are given a chance once again to complete it from where you have ended.
    Remember the Ajamila Story?
    Ajamila was a great brahmina was a devotee to begin with but once he got lured by a prostitute ( telling the story in short form) he spent rest of his life serving her. When he was in death bed.. He called out his last son's name "Narayana" and died.. See his luck yama doots' came there and hearing Naryana's name they left him and Vishnu doots came to pick him up to Vaikuntam. But then.. When he went there.. He was given another chance to go back to earth and complete his bhakti and clear his sins off .. Ajamila when he came back to earth this time remembered what he did where he was taken and what he had to do to become a sin free person and started to do the necessary things chanting lord's names and serving Lord. Thus when his time came this time vishnu doots came and took him back to lord permanently.
    See Ajamila got a chance in the same life time to continue the nama smarana which he started. But for us if we are lucky enough to chant Lord's name on the death bed.. For sure we can avoid contact with Yama raja and yamapuri. But if we are have not repaid for the sins committed we surely have to come back.
    Karma needs to be completed. Before one dies.. We shouldn't have any good karma bank balance or bad karma bank balance Both accounts should be NULLIFIED.
    One must be free from karma bandhanam.
    For that you cannot do on ur self anything becoz every action you do has an equal and opposite reaction.
    Only chanting hari's name alone is makes you free of karma bandhanam.
    But then chanting for the pleasure of Sri Krishna is another thing in itself.
    We are chanting at present for burning our sins.
    Our chanting should become pure which should attain to that state where there is chanting for the pleasure of Sri Krishna without personal benefit.
    Once that stage is attained then there is complete surrender. if one cannot achieve in one life time he will carry forward to next life time where he will have a conducive atmosphere to complete his sadhana bhakti to attain Krishna prema.
    Hare Krishna
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    Hare Krsna prabhuji,


    The reply is given in Bhagwad Gita - 6.41 & 42. Lord Krishna clearly states that one who has made little progress on this path, but not attained perfection, will get chance in the next birth to continue from where they left. Such persons are born in aristocratic families (so that they don't have to bother about basic necessities of life) or in a family of righteous people, so that the family is conducive to devotion. Otherwise, if one is unsuccessful after long period of devotion, one is born in a family of transcendentalists, such a birth being very very rare.
    Therefore, there is no loss in devotion. Even one step taken towards Krsna is eternal, will never be destroyed.
    To answer your question further, unless one is completely purified, one does not go back to Godhead. Whether one will go to Vaikuntha planets or Goloka Vrindavan depends on the mood of the devotee and the desire of the lord.
    Your servant,
    Radha Rasamayi DD
  • Srila prabhupad says if one is not able to complete his Krishna consciousness in this life, then in the next life he is given a chance to continue his bhakti and duty by taking birth in a high aristocratic family or a brahminical family. Any progress in Krishna consciousness is never a waste. Even 1 percent improvement is added to your account. When you start again you don't start from zero. You start from two percent. You are given a second chance.
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