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hare krishna,

please tell me in the image, which one is


prabhu nityananda





HariBol !!

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Hello Prabhu Akshay,


This is a very important question. Many devotees including myself know about the panca tattva of course, but very often we do not pay attention to these details or we forget. This happens to all of us, and thus questions and discussions are very useful to force us to read, research and improve our knowledge.


We can look at the picture from 2 sides. One side from what we can see and the other is from the viewing position of

His lordship Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. From Chaitanya Mahaprabhu viewing position, Sri Nityananda is to his right, then Sri Advaita (he looks like a guru with a long white beard - no offenses of course). Then, to his left comes Shri Gadadhara Pandita and then a little lower Sri Shrivasa Pandita.


This description is the reverse of what we can see when looking at the picture from our viewing position.

Hope this is clear.


Hari Bol



hare krishna

thank you prabhu jii.....


Hari Bol

hare krishna

thank you prabhu jii.....


Hari Bol


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