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    Hare Krsna,


    If you are serious about following the 4 regulative principles, and especially your desire to control, then you have to give up eating onion garlic. I am sure you are eating food with onion garlic, without even checking with you. Please start eating Krsna prasadam only - veg food without onion garlic, offered to Krsna before you eat.

    The tongue, the belly and the genitals are in 1 straight line. If you control the first, the other 2 are regulated. 

    Another way to control the tongue is to chant mahamantra. How many rounds are you chanting now? Pls increase to 16 gradually. 

    This problem will get solved. 


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Its quite natural for many to have lusty desires and enjoy sex too much for fulfillment of lust. But, trying to fulfill lust is just like adding more fuel to fire, which increases the fire of lust more and more, and ultimately swallow and destroy us. You can avoid these excess lusty desires, by thinking that the purpose of lust or sex life is only to beget children within the married life, and not just to keep on enjoying for sense gratification. Read gita, bhagavatam daily, understand krishna's instructions about lust explained in detail in gita, develop attachment and attraction to Krishna by chanting hare krishna mahamantra, inculcate devotional practices in your wife and family, etc, etc. Spiritualise your life and thoughts, and develop taste for the holy name of Krishna, and then you will miraculously lose the attraction for lower tastes of sex pleasure. hare krishna. Remember the higher taste of krishna consciousness and chanting of krishna's holy names, the lower tastes will leave you, automatically.

  • yes Bharat so nicely said & presented as well w/every athoraty represented * A sweetest SmackDown. ) thank U for you honest to truth responce. All glory kiji
  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna

    Is it wrong to have this desire ?

    The highest purpose of human life is to realize that we are not the body we are the soul & to attain our constitutional position as servant of Krsna.

    Enjoying sex life inceases the bodily consciousness and deeply incriminates us.It perpetuates our existence in the material world. Thus lusty desires impel us to indulge in activities which are exactly 180 degrees opposite of spiritual advancement.

    SP says in BG - In the ordinary prison house, criminals are kept within bars; similarly, the criminals who are disobedient to the laws of the Lord are shackled by sex life.(Purport BG 3.39) This clearly means that almost 100% of the living entities are suffering due to this sex desire including me. So yes it is wrong to have sex desire. We have it and hence we are in this material world.

    How to get rid of this ?

    This answered by Krsna in BG

    Therefore, O Arjuna, best of the Bharatas, in the very beginning curb this great symbol of sin [lust] by regulating the senses, and slay this destroyer of knowledge and self-realization.(BG 3.41)

    When love of God deteriorates into lust, it is very difficult to return to the normal condition. Nonetheless, Krsna consciousness is so powerful that even a late beginner can become a lover of God by following the regulative principles of devotional service.(Purport BG 3.41)

    So here Krsna says by regulation of senses one can curb lust. SP translates it to regulative principles of devotional service.

    What are these regulative principles of devotional service  ?

    This is also answered by SP himself in BG 12.9

    To practice the regulative principles of bhakti-yoga one should, under the guidance of an expert spiritual master, follow certain principles:

    1. One should rise early in the morning,

    2. take bath,

    3. enter the temple and

    4. offer prayers and

    5. chant Hare Krsna,

    6. then collect flowers to offer to the Deity,

    7. cook foodstuffs to offer to the Deity,

    8. take prasädam, and so on.

    There are various rules and regulations which one should follow.

    9. And one should constantly hear Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam from pure devotees.

    This practice can help anyone rise to the level of love of God, and then he is sure of his progress into the spiritual kingdom of God. This practice of bhakti-yoga, under the rules and regulations, with the direction of a spiritual master, will surely bring one to the stage of love of God.(Purport  BG12.9)

    YAS Bharat

    • Sevak

      Hare Krsna

      It is very courageous of you to admit such shortcomings. This is a sign of a sincere soul. There are thousands of devotees who are on this path of getting rid of anarthas. It is not easy, it is very difficult. In fact it is the most difficult in this whole material world. But we are not on our own, we have our acaryas, our practice of devotional service and Krsna with us. By taking shelter of Krsna only can one overcome sex desire.

      YAS Bharat

  • So considering the form that you now have, & the purported-ultimate- "aim of life(God & Self realization) will it be more or less add vantages for you to maintain the gender you now poses or to become a female who's body is symbiotic with the enjoyment potency of nature. Ask any 10 women (bhaktineis) if they could assume any form in their next life, which would it be? Mail or female. Indeed I have read that all the Gopi's chose their Yin-forms (femail) only after having obtained their correct-spiritual understanding in the Yang-form of life (mail) . This is my understanding! So you decide between the pleasher of being universally desierable or less attractive & better situated for one pointed/unrestricted meditation capability's? & greater spiritual growth exponentially. Yes I to Think it would be a blast to be posessing such great attractiveness but. Certenly not at the cost of my attention- span.
  • Of material energies The Sex-energy is said to be most popular/powerful in this creation. The wise sage discovers how to envolk it without-loosing vitality & the fluids that build intellagence this is the highest & best use for this special universal prowis i'v heard of. Self animating energetically like that & restraining from the self embarrassing fail of not retaining or inhancing your personal energetic integrity however is not a bond to anything or anybody divine & might lead to you assuming the form in your next life of that type you have become atracted/attached to. This is the Hindu theary of (mindlesd)-atachment! Plz consider if you care to acvually becoming a women in your next life.? HarayBolah
  • Volunteer

    In the bodily concept of life, the senses get more power by constant engagement. The more you see, hear, touch, taste or utter will add more fuel to the senses to seek for more. However, this seeking for more is never ending as the senses never get tired of lusting. Even a man in his 90's seek pleasure in watching younger women.

    Is it bad or good will depend on how you identify yourself. If you want to give enjoyment to your senses, then you are not doing anything wrong (at least you are only saying that you seek to see your wife for enjoyment and not other women). However, if you identify yourself as a soul and understand that you will forego this body (and so will your wife) and take up another body, then the pleasure seeking desires will gradually reduce.

    The inherent desire of every being to enjoy their senses than use the senses in service to krsna is what binds us to repeated births and deaths. The way to liberate ourselves is to engage all senses in service towards krsna.

    Hope I was able to answer your query prabhuji.

    All glories to guru, gauranga and srila prabhupad!!

    Hare krsna

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    • hare krishna Prabhu , Please read carefully what HG Srila Prabhupada had to say to your question 



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