Only one earth in whole universe or more

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I am always curious about the universe and galaxies . There are billions of solars systems in one galaxy and there are billions of galaxies in one universe if we compare earth in this whole universe it might be compared to one dust particle one this earth with whole earth .

Do we just have one earth and 14 lokas or there are more in one universe . Please consider this as curious  question . If this is only one earth why is this universe is so big beyond humans imagination .



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  • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

       Just visit the following link and zoom up to get a closer view 


    S. Balaji

    • Hare krsna, Danvatt pranam prabhu

      Thanks for the link . 



  • Hare Krshna!

    Yes there are enormous earths in material world each one having own Brahma, Indra------ but only one GOD i.e. Sri Krshna. And this material world is one fourth only. Three fourth is God's abode Golok Vrindavan as certified in Srimad Bhagvatam (2.6.19-20).

    your servant

  • Hare Krishna Umeshji

    The earth planet in which we live is called Bharatvarsa by the demigods, and this planet is located within the bhurloka plane of this universe.

    And within the bhurloka plane, there are millions of planets which have gross elements like our earth planet but of very different variety. Some planets have oceans made of pure white milk or liquefied butter or oil, and in some rare cases alcohol. These planets also have different sky colours, different types of mountain ranges and natural beauties, but like our earth planet they are all gross elements.

    So there are millions of earth planets within a universe, but they are all located within the same plane with different names.

    Your Servant.
    • Hare krishna Prabhu,

      Thanks for the responses . Cold you please go through  the  youtube video .

      There are billions of galaxies like one ours milky way (  akash ganga ) . Does each galaxy has earth like ours or in one universe there is only one earth like ours . If so why is the universe so big . Why god made this so huge which is beyond our reach of imagination .



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