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    Hare Krsna 

    Lord Sri Krsna is completely spiritual. We have a body and soul,  but Sri Krsna is not like that. He is completely and supremely spiritual. We are limited by our vision. We can only see a small portion of spectral wavelengths - what we call as visible range. Sri Krsna is so great that He does not completely fit into that visible range. But out of causless mercy He appears visible to people when he performs His manifest pastimes on earth within this material world. His complexion is also spiritual. There is no exact material color that can be ascribed to Krsna's complexion. But scriptures describe that Krsna's complexion being close to dark rain carrying cloud. This is for our understanding of Krsna's complexion. But the exact complexion of Krsna is not black like saligram. 

    As far as deity or vigraha is concerned, there are scpecific reccomendations on what material can be used to make arca vigraha. But as far as I know there are no exact colors of arca vigraha mentioned. So in absence of such reccomendation the natural color of material or a some color of paint based on scritural references are made. 

    Most deities in south indian temples that are centuries old are black in color. In fact when I first saw white deity of Sri Krsna which is white in color at Iskcon , in my mind I refused to accept it as authentic. Later I came to know about the process of how a stone is carved out and installation takes place to worship a deity. So the exact color of arca vigraha is not citical as long as it is in-line with scriptural descriptions or natural color of material used.

    Having said that people tend to use creative colors in making Ganesha. But even then it need not be seen as violation because these are only temporarily worshipped for few days and the spirit is to make Ganesha look beautiful and worship, and not out of disrespect. 

    But what is critical is the features of the arca vigraha like Sri Krsna carries flute, three fold bending form, peacock feather on head etc. There cannot be any compromise on these features. 

    Hare Krsna

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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    I do not know the full reason, though I have idea about some bit. Krsna is also wroshipped in black in ISKCON, eg Vrindavan & Mayapur. 

    It is said that when Krsna is in Radha bhaav, His complexion becomes white and He is called Govinda. So Krsna in white is worshipped in that mood. Krsna in blue may be Damodar, not on the altar as presiding deity. As described in scriptures, blue black is the complexion.


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    Radha Rasamayi DD

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