On giving and receiving love and fighting depression

Desire to love and receive love is the biggest desire in a human being. Only people like Jad Bharat Maharaj can eradicate this desire. 

To love and be loved is our biggest motivating factor. Whatever we do has this desire as a root.

When people don't get love, they get into depression. They start feeling that this world is selfish. They feel that there is no meaning to this life.

Because of this tremendous desire, people can not escape peer pressure. They start doing that which not ought to be done.

Let us accept that this desire to love and receive love 'is' going to be there. It's natural to all of us. It can not be eradicated. Instead of trying to kill this desire, we should use this desire in a most beautiful way. 

How can we use this desire in a most beautiful way ? Simple. We can get into middle of good devotees. By doing satsang with them, our life will become more meaningful. All depression will disappear away. Never stay lonely and don't think too much. Just chant Hare Krishna and associate regularly with the holy congregation of Vaishnavas. Vaishnavas are the most sane people in this world. Everywhere outside you will find insanity. Thus, to make your life beautiful, please associate with the Vaishnavas. 

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    • Hare Krishna Rashmi Mataji!

      Please accept my humble obeisances...

      All glories to Shrila Prabhupad...

      Thank you for welcoming me. Even I welcome you as you were absent from the forum for quite a few days. We missed your presence.

      I re-activated my account on 29th August as soon as my results were declared. This time I completed my CS. 

      Yes, in case of severe mental illness like schizophrenia or so, one should definitely visit a sink. My post is for those neophytes who stay lonely and generally never associate with the Vaishnavas. Generally, such people suffer from depression. Association with good Vaishnavas can surely mitigate their depression.

      However, I would not like to term associating with the holy congregation of Vaishnavas as a 'mess' as it greatly helps us to increase our devotional service towards Krishna. Yes, it's true that love towards Krishna should exceed love towards fellow Vaishnavas as our final goal is Krishna loka. 

      Your servant,



      • Hare Krishna

        I think that some people are suffering depression due to "job stress" and are simply too exhausted mentally and physically to want to associate with anyone. Some people are also born as "introverts" and prefer to be alone. But if someone is "feeling lonely" and they don't want to be alone then going to the Temple and associating with Vaishnavas is a great idea.

        • Hare Krishna Pandora Mataji,

          I am aware that you are facing this problem of stress at the workplace. I empathise with you. It's because, you want respect and you are not given it at the workplace. The core reason is not getting enough love. When you mingle with good Vaishnavas, you will feel better as they are not like mean co-workers. In their association, you will feel healed and energized. People lose lot of energy because they don't feel loved.  

          Even the main reason for introversion is inferiority complex. Many people don't like to mingle with others because they feel that they won't be accepted as they are. They fear that they might be harshly judged. Other reason for introversion is serious attitude. Such people don't like loud noise and prefer to have only philosophic conversation. Such people would be able to make meaningful & wholesome conversation at temples.

          As per a recent research, loners generally don't live long. They are not happy people. They are also normally affected by mental illnesses.

          One who is serious on the path of salvation is strongly advised to remain in touch with temple activities as this will help him/her to evolve spiritually.    

          • I'm glad to hear that loners don't live a long life. I am looking forward to my next birth and my new job which will be  full time Temple devotee. My only prayer to Lord Krishna is to please let me live long enough  so I can take care of my elderly cats until they die.

            • Why to wait for the next life ? You can become a full time devotee even in this life and serve in the temple as a full time devotee. You don't need to be perfect for that!

              There is a story in Shrimad Bhagwatam about a king (King Bharat) who renounced his entire kingdom and went to perform austerities in the forest. There he fell in love with none other than a cute deer baby. The love was so intense that he became just like the object of his love and in his next life he became a deer!

              As per a research, longer an animal had been with their owner, the more likely they were to have picked up their characteristics.

              Read this below link :


              Hence, don't wait for your next life... : )

              • Hare Krishna Veeral Gandhi

                Against my astrologer's advice, I tried twice to become a full time Temple devotee and it didn't work out. My astrologer told me that I would definitely be a "Full time Temple devotee" in my next life. My cats and I are very much alike. We have all grown old together in this lifetime.

                • For attaining Moksha, one does't necessarily need to be a full time temple devotee. You can even attain a mental state suitable to attain Moksha while living with your cats at home. Be careful that you gradually decrease attachment with them. Further, many astrologers do go wrong in their predictions. 

      • E-Counselor

        Hare Krsna Veeral Prabhu,

        Thank you for welcoming me back. I was out of town, therefore no access to net.

        Good to hear that you cleared your CS. So the next milestone is getting a job. I hope you have found one and are now workng.


        YOur servant,


  • Prabhu, first let him clarify...

  • Chirag Prabhu, association with the holy congregation of Vaishnavas has been glorified by all the Acharyas of Vaishnava society. I fail to understand why you are saying that "sometimes association may aggrieve the problem". Please illustrate what you are saying.  

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