On giving and receiving love and fighting depression

Desire to love and receive love is the biggest desire in a human being. Only people like Jad Bharat Maharaj can eradicate this desire. 

To love and be loved is our biggest motivating factor. Whatever we do has this desire as a root.

When people don't get love, they get into depression. They start feeling that this world is selfish. They feel that there is no meaning to this life.

Because of this tremendous desire, people can not escape peer pressure. They start doing that which not ought to be done.

Let us accept that this desire to love and receive love 'is' going to be there. It's natural to all of us. It can not be eradicated. Instead of trying to kill this desire, we should use this desire in a most beautiful way. 

How can we use this desire in a most beautiful way ? Simple. We can get into middle of good devotees. By doing satsang with them, our life will become more meaningful. All depression will disappear away. Never stay lonely and don't think too much. Just chant Hare Krishna and associate regularly with the holy congregation of Vaishnavas. Vaishnavas are the most sane people in this world. Everywhere outside you will find insanity. Thus, to make your life beautiful, please associate with the Vaishnavas. 

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  • Hare Krishna Chirag Sharma. Yes perhaps the devotees in India could go to the cricket games and do Harinam. That sounds like a great idea. When I did Harinam in Vrindavan, the Indian ladies wanted me to dance with them. The Indian ladies didn't like it when I danced with the "street children"

    • Mrs. Hinson, I generally see that when Western public comes in India, they dance with street kids, go to slums, villages, wear what poor people wear etc. They think that this is real India. Street children have dirty habits. They do drugs, use foul language, steal etc. One should dance with good devotees not street children. 

      • The "caste system" is not an accepted part of ISKCON. Everyone including "street children" are to be welcomed to join Krishna Consciousness. I did not go out looking for children from the slums. I was in front of the Hare Krishna Temple in Vrindavan with a small group of devotees doing Harinam. The children came up to us wanting  to dance with us all. My guess is that the children were between the ages of 7-9 years of age.

        • Mrs. Hinson, please try to appreciate that even Prabhupada believed in a caste system. He was liberal to accept caste system as per qualities and not birth. Let me tell you something about Indian slum kids. Even 7-9 year olds do drugs, use foul languages, steal and visit prostitutes etc.

          We should always discriminate between good and bad people. Always associate with good people. When you come to India, I would advise you to take precaution with most of the Indian masses. Many Indian masses are untrustworthy. They dupe/cheat foreigners. By 'masses', I mean villagers and urban-poor people. 

          • Yes lots of "dishonest" people everywhere in the world. I am wondering why Srila Prabhupada came to America? The Americans were acting just like Indian slum children- drugs, foul language, stealing, engaging in illicit sex etc etc etc?

            • E-Counselor

              Hare KRsna Pandora Mataji,


              Loved your answer. I agree that we Indians have reservations - I dont know whether it is based on caste or economic status. We view slum dwellers and street children as lower than us and do not want to mix freely with them. I have also seen during my last visit to Vrindavan that one mataji from Germany was freely dancing with the street children giving them as much love as we give devotees, and was marvelling at her realisation taht we are all soul, not to judge by bodily consciousness.

              Few hours before this incident, that mataji and I exchanged hugs and spoke kindly to each other appreciating each others devotion. I realised she is much much higher than me when I saw her dancing with street children with the same love and affection.

              Haribol to all of you,

              YOur servant,


  • Hare Krishna dear friends

    Thanks to all for your very kind comments and suggestions. My cats love to listen to Krishna Consciousness CD's. Their favorite tape is the "Srila Prabhupada chanting tape" I have found a cure for depression. It's called Gator football Harinam. It is so much fun to go out with the advanced devotees from my Temple and do Harinam at our local football stadium before the game. It is so funny to watch the football fans come up to us and imitate us by dancing and playing our tambourine. I am always laughing so much and I never think about my job while doing Harinam.

  • Nice sense of humour Prabhu : )

  • Prabhu, it's just a frivolous reason : ) Isn't it ? : ) Devotees generally take such small issues lightly. 

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Veeral Prabhu,


    Welcome back to this forum. When did you come back? Good to see your post.

    I agree with you - the greatest human need is to love and to be loved. Some say it is to feel needed.

    Yes, association of devotees is helpful, but at the same time we have to remember that devotees are aspiring sadhakas and they are also governed by the 3 modes. Therefore, it is possible taht one feels miserable even in the association or that there are no senior matured devotees to handle a potentially tricky situation, or that one is simply not able to get over one's own mental cobwebs.

    Therefore, if one is suffering from what is called clinical depression, better to take professional help. Like how we would go to a doc for a malaria or a typhoid, that same way mental illness is also treatable. Association helps in making the mind stronger, reducing attachment to material objects and one learns a lot and becomes enthused by watching other's devotion. At the same time, one has to be very very focused on the goal - which is Krsna Bhakti and not get entangled in the association mess which is bound to happen.


    Your servant,



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