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Pranam devotees!! 

I was just curious as to what the PROPER steps to offering prasad at home to my lovely Radha Krishna are, and what type of foods can/cannot be offered. I've been doing for a while just want to make sure I'm doing it right. Any help on the matter is greatly appreciated :) Was also wondering about the proper steps to offering Tulasi leaves to Sri Krishna are. Again, any help is greatly appreciated.

Hari Bol!!!

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  • Sevak

    Hare Krishna

    Once the bhoga is ready,first we prepare ourselves for offering. We may refresh and apply proper Tilak. Then we do acaman. After acaman we prepare the bhoga plate for offering. In this we arrange all the items in lord's plate in beautiful manner. Then we add tulasi leaves for each item. We wake up the deities if they are taking rest. After that we keep all bhoga plate on altar and close the curtain. After this we pray to lord that we are unqualified to make this offering and we are making this offering on behalf of devotees who have instructed to do so(could also be spiritual master). After this we recite the offering mantras along with ringing the bell. Once the recitation is complete we note down the time. Each offering needs to be of fixed duration and if possible at fixed times. If the offering time cannot be fixed, then at least duration of offering has to be pre-decided and fixed. After the duration is complete we could ring the bell and beg forgiveness for commiting offences in making bhoga and offering. And then we remove the plate. The items could be transfered and the lord's plate needs to be cleaned. After the lord's plate is cleaned the prasadam is ready for distribution.

    YS Bharat

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