Obsession VS Love

Hare Krsna to all Devotees ,

all glories to Srila Prabhupad.


I was doing the Psychological analysis of Bhakti..in that I came across one thing that when we follow ,hear or act according to our interest in any field we get enamored to the great personality of that field..for eg. if someone has interest in cricket he gets attracted to Sachin tendulkar..starts watching his matches,follows him starts collecting his pictures and gets completely obsessed with that and gradually developes love for that personality and if we stay away from it we dont like it and if we stay away for longer time then our obsession or love gets discarded completely...another eg is any movie star...so is it the same psychological effect happening in Bhakti too..as we all get Obsessed with Krishna and his past times ?? (we chant lords name,do bhajan,kirtan..etc..)

SO what is the difference between the two and what is the breakeven point between Obsession and love ??? When do we get complete realization that we are in love with Krishna ??

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    When you get it (Love of Godhead) you will know it and i bet you don't want to show it to any one but yes want every one else to experience it. So until then wait patiently.

    Hari bol!!!

    • Hare Krishna !!! 

      PAMHO !!!

      AGTSP !!!

      Thanks everyone !!! for the replies I got my point clear.

      your Servant ,


  • Love emanates from Goloka and is the domain of Srimati Radharani. We can love  the temporal things only to the extent we envision the inner potency of Lord Sri Krishna.Otherwise, it is material  which is a play of the space and time.Obsession binds and love frees.

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    Here is an extract form the book The Hare Krishna explosion by Hayagriva Das-

    1. “Miss Maya is so strong,” Swamiji(Srila Prabhupada) tells us, “that when she sees you trying to become Krishna conscious, she’ll knock you down.” He shakes his head and smiles, as if facing an unconquerable foe. “She is so strong, and we are so weak. Like fire and butter. We should never think that we are stronger than Maya. We have only one recourse Hare Krishna. When Mayadevi attacks, we must cry, ‘Krishna! Krishna! Please save me!’ Since only Krishna is stronger than maya, only Krishna can protect us. When the pure devotee conquers Krishna through love, then Mayadevi stands before the devotee and says, ‘How may I serve you?’ Only then does maya cease to be a foe. Only then is maya seen as Krishna’s smile.“

    1. It seems that the girls have less trouble surrendering. They just throw themselves in, crying, “Krishna! Krishna!”

    1. “Women are soft-hearted,” Swamiji says, “but unfortunately they are fickle, too. They are quick to accept and reject. They come to Krishna consciousness quickly, out of sentiment, and then some boy comes along, and they reject everything. Men are not so quick to accept, but once they have accepted, they are more reluctant to reject. So the male is considered a higher birth because a man is more likely to understand Krishna consciousness and therefore remain steady. In Vedic culture, the woman is considered weak. Soft-hearted. She should be protected, not given freedom to roam about, like in this country. Therefore we are marrying our girls to nice Krishna conscious boys.”

    1. Someone suggests that perhaps it is easier for girls to surrender to a male God.

    1. “That is a material consideration,” Swamiji says, “because the soul is neither male nor female. All-attractive means that Krishna attracts all. But Krishna is always the male, the enjoyer, and in respect to Him, the jiva-atma, or individual soul, is always female, the enjoyed. When the female attempts to imitate the male, the result is topsy-turvy, is it not?

    1. “So, devoid of Krishna consciousness, the conditioned soul is enjoy-less. Lots of zeros add up to zero. We must put the one before the zeros. Krishna is the missing one giving joy to all the infinite zeros. ‘Aham bija-pradah pita.’ I am the seed-giving father.”
    • Thanks all for the guidance !!! If such good devotees of Krishna are their to guide me on the process of consciousness I am bound to be a total Krishna conscious person soon !!! I may require your help again and again and I hope you all will help me time to time...  

      Please accept my humble obeisances !!!

      Hare Krishna to all devotees !!! 

      • Volunteer

        Hare Krsna

        If we love someone, then we will be ready to die and do anything for His/Her pleasure, to make the person happy. Love is a verb and not just a feeling.
        So when we will reach the level of Krsna Prema, we will be ready to do anything and everything to make Krsna happy.
        We will follow everything He says in Bhagvada Gita As it is and not commit offences to His devotees and serve His devotees sincerely.That will come gradually.It will start with chanting and serving devotees sincerely, following the principles strictly and not offending anyone.
        In the material world,it is more of obsession and not love. Love is pleasing senses of Krsna and lust is pleasing our own senses.

        • Hare Krishna Gaurav prabhuji

          I did noticed that even in the ISKCON temple women's presence is less compared to men.

          As you mentioned that Srila Prabhupada says "Womens tends to be less inclined towards KC and are not firm because of fickle mind"

          Could that be because womens are mainly engrossed in serving their husbands and kids which is their duty.

          I wonder sometime that with the pace with which my bakhti is increasing , is it just an obsession and would decline if I keep doing the same thing everyday(like chanting, poja,aaradhana) or will it keep increasing like an addiction .

          Either ways I am little worried what

          if bhakti increases I will be more attached to Krishna and start neglecting my family.

          if bhakti decreases then I will get entangled in material life which I know for sure is never going to provide me peace, eternal happiness and love for Krishna

          • Volunteer

            Hare Krsna
            Kunti devi was a pure devotee of Lord Krsna and there has been no more responsible lady like her till now.

            So it is not true, if some one becomes more KC,he/she neglects his/her family.


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    It is the tendency of water to find some place and flow to lowest regions,similarly it is tendency of mind to always go to lower thoughts,so we should use the pump of  devotion and bring it up towards God. The same happens in case of me, the materials desires are wild and jealous of our going back to Godhead. They always try to bog us down. That is the test. Are we going to stay in narrow pigsties of material world or go back to our real home?? So we must make a promise to ourselves and  Krishna, that come what may, we shall never look back and stop. Read books of Srila Prabhupada, about pastimes of Krishna, Lord Chaitanya, frequent ISKCON temples, associate with devotees and take prasadam. Utilize every minute second in thought of Krishna. Srila Prabhupada always used to stress on this fact. He said, 'maya will always try to capture us but we must keep chanting and fight back.' Krishna is all-attractive. Once you taste the supreme beauty of Krishna, you will never be attracted by the false beauty of this material world. We are all on the same boat but the boat is sure to reach its destination. 

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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    In Kali Yuga we can achieve love only by chanting the Holy Names. And in the beginning there should be attachment to the Form of Krishna but to the Holy Names.

    When we are attentive and serious in our chanting then we will start to taste the sweetness of the Holy Names. We will desire to have 3-4 mouthes and 5-6 ears. And to stop time and just hear or even catch and deeply hug the Holy Names. This kind of things happen usually in the loud Kirtans when sincere Devotees chant together the Holy Names praying with heart.

    In this way even the beginner can feel such like attraction to the Holy Names.

    But after tasting this taste even for a second other tastes of this world will start to seem like a non salted sabji.

    And only this taste will help us to remove all other attachments and material desires. This taste is soooooooooooooooooooooo high that nothing else can be equalized for this. 

    Then slowly only the Holy Names will reveal to us Their Form, Qualities, Pastimes.

    In other words we can say that love is faith. In the beginning we have very little faith. And prema is very thickened faith. Very strong faith.

    Your servant, 

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