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Hare Krishna,

If a Muslim or christian or even low caste Hindu eats non veg will he get the same sin as a Hindu brahmin eating or Brahmin will get more sin if he eats and others get comparitively lesser sin?

 your servant

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  • yes surely chandala can be raised to the transcendental platform but sure enough he stops the abominable meat eating activity after that..isn't it??

  • Dean prabhu u r talking of killing a potato!! never heard of this..

    let's c if God is partial in some sense or not..

    In chaitanya lila we c that God is furious when nityananda prabhu is hit...but not when Potatoes are being MURDERED[surely potatoes and cauliflowers were being butchered mercilessly in kitchens at that time!!]

    In Gita also Krishna says that he is favorably inclined towards i guess he is not so impartial really..

  • in reply to this post of dean prabhu    "jesus said its not important what is coming in your mouth ,its important what coming out. "

    Going by this logic i guess Intoxication is also permitted...

    But as you know the vritti is largely dependent on the food we eat...

    Forget the transcendental platform even u can't hope to be on sattvic platform,if u eat the tamasic foods..


    • Of course he will. Doesnt mean he ll eat it. He ll throw it away and then perhaps candala will choose a tastier type of dog, perhaps cat meat
      • Hare Krishna..

        Did the Lord said this to you or its your own opinion?

  • Hare Krishna

    But indirectly it means ignorance is bliss.. There are people who are not bothered to know what is there in shastra. They are atheistic and don't follow any rules. Another brahmin who knows shastra but due to overwhelming desire not able to control mind breaks the rules. If the latter is punished more is it not unfair

    Your servant

    • E-Counselor

      Hare Krsna Prabhu,


      Ignorance is bliss, one can lead one's life in ignorance and lose the chance to evolve in the human form of life. It is mentioned in the Gita that people in the mode of ignorance do not get a human form of life in the next birth, they get animal or lower forms of life, depending on what consciousness they have developed in this life. Then they keep travelling in the 80 lakh species of life forms until they get another chance at human form of life.

      A brahmin who knows shastra but breaks the rules is more condemned because he has the apparatus to have the knowledge and grow, but he wastes it completely. Thats why he is punished more. Like how a child is spared for his offence of (say) stealing, but an adult is not. Then going by your logic, it would  mean that it unfair to punish the adult simply because he had the knowledge. It doesnt work that way na.

      If you know the rule, you should attempt to adhere to it. One of the human traits is the propensity to make mistakes. Krsna is pleased by our endeavour to control ourselves and follow rules.


      Your servant,


      • Ofcourse child cannot be punished.. but the person who doesnt follow rules and is in ignorance is not a child.. he has the intelligence but he is not bothered to use it..

  • regarding the subject of meat eating, Lord Ram ate meat and his name is used in maha mantra. what now, will you question the maha mantra because of a piece of steak. maybe some of you need to take a peace of steak.


      Saying that Lord Ram ate meat is totally blasphemous.period.

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