Non veg

Hare Krishna,

If a Muslim or christian or even low caste Hindu eats non veg will he get the same sin as a Hindu brahmin eating or Brahmin will get more sin if he eats and others get comparitively lesser sin?

 your servant

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  • Dean prabhu how conceited is your statement when you say " full of compassion for others "

    I never knew that one can show compassion towards animals by eating them!!!

  • Volunteer

    yes, hearing process is there so that after hearing we start to follow the rules, isn't it?!

    Just hearing is not a solution. After hearing we have to apply that knowledge in our life.

    Candala if he starts to chant means he will become a brahmana so brahmana life means pure life.

    No meat eating...

  • E-Counselor

    My dear Dean Prabhu,


    Since you are quoting bible, why dont you read the 1st Commandment - Thou Shall Not KILL. I asked you the same thing earlier - you did not care to reply.

    In our scriptures, esp if you read the vedas, if you are looking for any answer, you will get both the options - what men have been doing is religion of convenience - take what is convenient and say the vedas say so!!!

    Pls do not delude others, you have free will - you do whatever suits your convenience. Subhash Anjuru prabhu is new to spirituality - do not mislead him, its not pleasing to Krsna.

    You are free to accept the principles of ISKCON propounded by Srila Prabhupada, its founder acharya or you are free to reject it. There is no middle path. Once one of the foriegner aspiring devotees mentioned to Prabhupada that its very difficult to follow the four regulative principles and they dont look practical, Prabhupada simply said, if you find it difficult and impractical, then dont follow. I dont force anyone to follow. You have come to me seeking the truth and I am telling you this is the truth.

    ISKCON as an organisation does not force anyone to follow anything, its entirely your free will. If you want to follow, then this is the path. Otherwise you are free to choose your path. Incidentally, ISKCON doesnt have a copyright on God.

    Sirla Prabhupada merely garauntees that those who follow the four regulative priniciples and chant 16 rounds diligently daily, will go back to godhead at the end of this lifetime. There are ample proofs of this happening. Again its a matter of belief.



  • Dean Prabhu,

    All I can say is that I am surprised. Seems people are living in a well. Anything outside the well is ignored. I am pushing only because they would get a glimmer of doubt and inquire further so that at least they peek out of the well. If the Lord wants me to talk more, I will obey Him.


    Dean prabhu and subash prabhu,There is no need af any kind of speculation or trying to find out hidden meaning of verses when Srila prabhupada has endavored a great deal to present their true meaning in his detailed purports.

    Rashmi mataji also has already painstakingly explained everything in her many replies to this topic.

    Inspite of all these discussions if somebody is hell bent to eat non veg[or break other regulative principles]citing some imaginary explanation of verses then what can be done..

    Please also remember that purports were given for this reason only that people are bound to construe their own meaning of verses due to various human propensities and frailties. 

    • Hare Krishna..

      BG: 18.47, 18.48

      It is better to engage in one’s own occupation, even though one may perform it imperfectly, than to accept another’s occupation and perform it perfectly. Duties prescribed according to one’s nature are never affected by sinful reactions.

      Every endeavor is covered by some fault, just as fire is covered by smoke. Therefore one should not give up the work born of his nature, O son of Kuntī, even if such work is full of fault.

      Please read the purports of these verses Prabhu.

      A fisherman has a varna, a hunter has a varna and so do the kshatriyas. Do you know that Kshatriyas are allowed to eat meat as per dharma? Even the brahmanas sometimes offer animals as sacrifices to the Lord. This means that Lord accepts animals as sacrifices. Krishna did not ask them to STOP their work before worshipping Him rather He says not to stop performing one's duties even though it is covered by some fault.

      Take an example. When a Fisherman comes to you to know about God, you are asking him to give up hunting/eating fishes(leave his duty) and only then worship. This means you are acting against what the supreme Lord has said in Gita. Isnt it ? 



      • E-Counselor

        Hare Krsna Prabhu,


        Pls read 18.66 alongwith purport. You have to rise above all religions / dharma and pray to Krsna ALONE. And how many fishermen have approached you already for Krsna Consciousness. Can you explain why human yonis are supposed to be 4 lakhs in the 84 lakhs forms of life?

        I understand and appreciate that you want to understand. I had once asked my shiksha guru something - I think I should share it with you - Arjuna was spoken the Gita once, in the course of conversation, and he understood it then and there. There is no record of Arjuna going back to Krsna during or after the war and seeking any clarification on any point of Gita. However, we human beings of Kaliyuga keep reading the Gita all our lives and each time we read it, we get a new understandng and realisation. Therefore, its possible that we have not understood/ realised all of Gita and its also possible that we will not understand at one go. It is recommended that one should ask the spiritual master if one doesnt understand.

        The process of asking is also mentioned - tad vidhi pranipatena, pari prashnena sevaya, updekshyanti te gyaanam, gyaaninas tattva darshinah. That why I keep insisting that you first find a guru or senior devotee who can guide you, even if you dont understand some things right away, give yourself and your spiritual life time to understand, simply accept something as the word of God right now.

        Souls much more realised than what you are right now have written that commentary and accepted it over ages - you can question, dont challenge, theres a difference.

        What kind of guru you want to find is also your choice - hidden meaning/ mental specualtion type or parampara type.


        Your servant.

        • Hare Krishna Mataji.

          I really appreciate your humble words for me.

          I didnt mention about coming to Krishna Consciousness. Do you think fishermen do not pray to GOD? They pray and they are also dear to GOD. Its not that GOD does not take care of them. Maybe they are not aware of the Gita but they pray and that is enough for them to get liberated. There are many other people who are in different lines of work(which appear sinful) but they pray to the Lord. The Lord says that they are also liberated. All I wanted to say is, it is not necessary to change one's guna to pray the Lord. People can be in Rajasic and Tamasic gunas and still can achieve God.

          Arjuna was the son of Pandu but He was born with the blessings of Lord Indra. And although Arjuna says that He has surrendered to the Lord, it is the Lord who has chosen Arjuna to give this knowledge. So, it is obvious for him to understand at the first instance of hearing. During the discourse, Arjuna enquires a lot before deciding to fight again. He also asks the Lord to show him the Virat Swaroopa, which He did.

          So I think its not bad to ask questions and it is the Guru's dharma to give perfect answers to his disciples.

          But yes, we conditioned souls need lot of study before we can completely understand the Lord.



          • E-Counselor

            Hare Krsna Prabhu,

            YOur understanding is Wrong. How many people in India - forget fishermen or any other profession, know who is God? You can do a survey and see everyone thinks their ishta deva or devi is God. That is so convenient. Then when you start discussing, they will arrive at the middle path, everyone is God - whoever you pray to, its all the same.

            Who told you anybody who prays gets liberated? Have you not read about the 3 modes of faith in the Gita itself - which you claimed to have mastered in two readings - one with purports and one without.

            Do you think Krsna looks at birth or profession when bestowing His mercy? Have you understood that Krsna is asking Arjuna to fight, but as a service to Him? What does that mean? Are you aware that even in the material world it is said - You are what you eat. In other words, food has an important bearing on consciousness.

            You did not answer my question - why are there 4 lakh manushya yonis? If you think about it, you will arrive at the answer yourself. Since you dont like being preached, you have higher intelligence and get the hidden meaning of things very fast, I am now asking you leading questions so that you can inquire and arrive at your own conclusions. After all I am frog-in-the-well, and in female body, born stupid...

            Regarding Arjuna asking questions and your questions, there is a world of difference. Thats why I quoted tad viddhi pranipatena.... if you read only the translation, forget the purport, your intelligence will tell you what I mean.

            The reason I am bothering with you is that I think you are new to spirituality and need care and nuturing, I am not trying to score any points over here - not am I trying to prove myself right. I am trying to quote scriptures in a service mood and humbly telling you your understanding is faulty, you need sanga, thats all.

            Now I am forced to change my track - I am not qualified to guide you. Anyways, you have not done anything I have recommended so far - contact local temple, join bhakti vriksha, inquire about bhakti shastri, get into a congregation....

            I hope this is my last post on this matter,

            BTW - I am proud to be following 4 and chanting 16. I know that my spiritual master has promised to take me back, as long as I do both. Do you have any such garauntee?


            Your servant,


          • Dear Subash prabhu and Dean prabhu,

            It seems that both of you won't agree to abide by the regulative principles but you seem to have great deal of respect for Srila prabhupada.So,let me tell u 2 of one of his pastimes related to ISKCON Hawaii.Around 1975 there also was one group that defected on regulative principles.So factions were formed,one group of devotees living in temple and the other living outside.When the question was asked to Srila prabhupada that isn't chanting enough for liberation,guess what..Prabhupada replied in the affirmative!

            but he also added that as it's commiting sin on the strength of the holy name,so it would take around 700 lifetimes.By the end of these many lifetimes sinful activities would stopped..

            Last instruction given by Prabhupada to the mexican devotees while leaving was "follow the regulative principles and chant 16 rounds daily" and your life will be successful.

            Study the purports given by him and you will come across "principles" again and again.Hadn't been the principles important ,he wouldn't have stressed on it much.

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