• haribol

    its wonderful and enlightening to know despite being surrounded by so much negative energy you are doing so many things, keep it up, Krishna will reciprocate, he is so merciful.

    with regards to the relationship, i appreciate it cannot be easy i have been in a position like that before but i was weak and my KC suffered, 5 years later the relationship ended....everytime I look away from Krishna I may experience some material happiness despite missing Krishna so much overtime my ego took over and I forgot most KC things...

    Its only when I comeback into KC do I see why things went wrong i.e. I failed to keep Krishna at the centre of my life..

    Maya is so decieving its unbelieveable and is very tricky.

    If possible try and keep close to devotees and they and Krishna will do the rest

    Keep up the good work, I hope you come to some understanding about your relationship.

    Your Servant


    • Haribol!

      Thank you Dipak.  It's a comfort to know that you understand.  I want be a pure devotee and I have so much to learn.  I've been going to temple every Sunday, however, I haven't made any friends as of yet.  I'm a little shy and unfamiliar with the songs and rituals, so, It makes me feel a little awkward.

      Thank you again for your support,

      Your Servant,


      • Haribol...

        We all have so much to learn, we never stop learning in ISKCON, isnt it great :)

        Devotee friends will come with time, I know I was the same, I used to go to the temple and really wanted to talk to devotees who had their little groups but slowly and surely Krishna made it possible.

        When you see Krishna at the temple, ask him to help you and just you wait and see there will come a time when you go to the temple and think "I wish I could have some time to chill"

        If possible, try and get engaged with devotional service when you attend, ask at the temple reception who you need to speak to get involved with doing some service, even if you have 45mins free each week. That way people will begin to recognise you, you will meet other devotees, start TRUE friendships with devotees all whilst serving Krishna.

        Regarding the words for the prayers, we all were and are the same in that respect (all it takes is an advanced devotee to sing a prayer that you havent heard), these experiences are all "normal" at the beginning. I used to go to my temple with a little song book and then as the devotees started singing I would take my book out, try and match the words with a prayer and once I could identify the prayer I would remember its name and then just sing it over and over in and around the house, on way to work or wherever so that next time they sung after a few times I did not need the song / prayer book. However I still have it and a few years on I still find prayers and other things in there, so again you see we never stop learning.

        Check this out I hope it helps: Temple Songs

        They are all beneath the title "Standard Songs Used in the Hare Krishna Temples"


        Krishna I believe loves to take us out of our "comfort zone", so view it as a personal challenge, if you want to get close to Krishna you have to build relationships with and go through his devotees. Just like when you strike up a friendship with someone new, you both listen to one another, you are patient and tolerant with that person, arrange to spend time with them so meet here and there and before long you are confiding in eachother (depending on the strength of the friendship)....this takes time though doesnt it? And if you dont act in that friendship i.e. arrange to meet for talks, phone eachother or go out then the friendship simply its like that but even better in KC as for every 1 step you take towards krishna he will take a further 10 towards you. So try and change your approach, don't see it as awkward but rather a challenge, if we want something that bad, we see no barriers / boundaries, even if we think we make ourselves look silly, so what because its all for Krishna and Krishna will never make you look silly :)

        When I am at my lowest I take out a picture of Krishna, or see him at the temple or at home as I have a deity and just leave all my troubles, worries, fears, anger, frustation whatever it maybe at his feet and someone told me once "tell krishna, you are his son, no matter how bad / good, and you really need his help" and he always reciprocates in ways I cannot even express because I would never have the intelligence he bestows on me....Thats the same for when things are going well, I know things are only going good because of Krishna so equally thank him and request my feet remain firmly on the floor and to not get overcome by false pride and into thinking "i am the doer"...

        Are you reading any of Srila Prabhupada books? are you chanting?

        Your Servant,


        • I offer my respectful obeisances...

          I am so thankful to you dear devotee Dipak.  You have been most helpful.  So far I have only read a small booklet that was given to me when I attended temple for the first time.  I am sure in time I will read all that is written.  Thank you also for the songs and prayers.

          Hare krishna

  • Hare Krishna Mataji !!!

    Please accept my humble obeisances !!!

    All glories to srila prabhupada !!!

    For a new Devotee there is ABCD rule which u need to remember.

    A - Association of the devotees

    B - Books of Srila Prabhupada to be read

    C - Chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra

    D - Diet of your senses, Try to devote all your senses towards Krishna.

    and D - also stands for deity worship.

    Your humble servant ,


    • Thank you Shivang

    • Tuliza.   I am so sorry to hear that your significant  other has no intention of marrying you. Perhaps it is time to end that relationship.

  • Hari Bol!

    Mata jee - devotee association is one of the steps that will help you immensely.

    Your servant,


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