Need some expert advice about Tulasi devi?

What does it mean when Tulasi devi has leaves with very narrow and pointy with sharp jaged edges and the leaves curl under on the sides? This Tulasi was from the temple only a couple months old. And now She is about 5 months old total. The leaves where like that when she was brought home, but they are growing more like that.

She gets moderate sunlight, good water and is outside in a clay pot.

She only got a few Manjaries after a couple months then no more have grown.

Any one know what this all could mean or what to do to get soft less jagged and non curling edges?




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  • Hare Krishna! there may be some tiny insects on leaves. use some pesticides spray on leave at least twice.
    • Hare Krishna,
      I really wonder if we should do this. Already human beings have contaminated the whole environment by using excessive pesticides, so at least we should not do this for sacred Tulsi plant.
      This is just my opinion prabhu ji, may be i am wrong.
      Please forgive if you feel i am offensive in writing.
      Hari bol.
      • but some times it is compulsory to save Tulsi. Hare Krishna!
  • There are different "species" of tulasi. All the information you require as well as the History of her appearance and pastimes here are in the Bhaktivedanta vedabase which you can find online and on CD ROM which can be installed on your Computer... All the knowledge we require is within Srila prabhupada's teachings and those of our Acaryas. please consult this Authority about tulasi and all other aspects of devotional life and Activity.. All glories to His divine Grace, srila prabhupada..
    • Yes everything is in Prabhupadas books.. Sometimes a devotee has already read something that we may have not have yet found, so sometime we inquire from the devotees. I guess that is what association of devotees is for. We can learn things faster than trying to read every book. Some devotees are not good at reading or have limited time to read. So Lectures are great also. Thank you Prabhup for your comment. I will search it myself
      Hare Krishna
  • Hk,


    pls consult plant expert , may be some problem with Ph content of water,light intensity or virus etc

  • Hare krsna!

    Start doing your chanting around the tulsi mataji, it will blossom like anything. Do maintain the place where tulsi mataji kept clean and pure.Offer incense n decorate with flower everyday.
    • YEs I do my chanting near Tulasi daily, I wash the area she stays I spray her leaves I do all of the necessary things. Worship her daily and say Her prayers. Offer her leaves to Krishna with what ever so called Love i have. But Tulasi is also in the form of a plant and needs certain things to maintian.. No manjaris are appearing.. Even I have given her miralcle grow plant food. Which I have given to all of my other Tulasis in the past and they gave soooo many Mangaries. Maybe she doesnt like where she is located as the neighbors cook meat and she can smell it back there. But there is no other place for light for her in or around the house.
      I have seen Tulasi plants growing in India with hardl any care just sitting on a balcony and only giving water to her and She has so many manjaris. In fact I could tell they where not even offering their Manjaries or leaves as ever branch had overgrown manjaries. Though I accept she grows with love and devotion.. I have also seen her grow with neglect and also seen her struggle to grow with all devotion. Hare Krishna!
      Not sure what to do. Gauranga!
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