need sm advice

hare krsna


wel m really happy dis days bt  1 thing is pincing me is dat i hav stopped chanting since few days.........i waste ma time in gossips na thn no tim,e 4 chanting......................nw wht 2 do?hw can i concentrate ma mind again in kc?s9nce few days i hav stopped reading BG also ................dis thing really tenses me .plz gimme sm valuable advice..


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    pamho mataji,
    all glories 2 srila Prabhupada
    its lord's mercy dat v chant his name
    v need him every moment
    he is d origin of every happiness
    & again its his mercy dat's cuming
    so u r concernd dat u hvnt chanted
    & d rplies frm devotees too
    plz keep on chanting
    • Its so sweet to see how every one in the family really cares for one another

      Thank you all for your Association, 



  • Please Accept My Humble Obeisances...Hare Krsna....

    Bhaktin Maral Mataji, You said it very correctly....

    Dixa mataji, U have already proven that U have the power to chant the MahaMantra. Just because of the external matters, now U may not be in a position to continue Ur chanting. Am happy to see that, you are Happy and doing well, even without chanting. My humble request is to activate your mind in a way that, mind will be happy only after u complete ur day to day chanting and all kind of KC activities, since HE the Supreme Lord is the one and only point we all can reach only upon our dedicated devotional services...I am sure that U will be chanting by this time...HareKrsna...

    Ur servant...

    • ya m starting ma chanting from 2day itself........

      thanx a lot all d matajis nd prabhuji 4 giving me ur valuable advices......especially bhaktin mataji........

      thanx a lot..

      i jst need ur association all d time nd m pretty sure dat 1 day i'll b abl 2 plz lord krsna by ma service...


      • Volunteer

        sometimes You can please Your Gopal by sewing Him new dresses ;-) :-D (after Your rounds)

        Your servant, 

        • oh dats gr8 idea mataji.

          i'll learn it


  • Hare Krsna Mata jee! I find it tough to go through your post, although questions are pretty relevant. May I request you to use proper English.

    Sorry if it offended you.

    Your servant,


  • Hare krishna mataji

    Pls. accept my humble obeisances.

    Once I heard in a lecture by a senior devotee that chanting is like food for the soul like we need food for maintaining our bodies.So probably this thing may work out for you,if you will feel hungry then you will not be able to get sleep and you will definitely chant.

    With regards,

    Your servant

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    The main reason why boy and girl should not associate so freely is to keep them pure. To keep their body, mind, intelligence pure. But if we do not follow the instructions and brake this rule and start freely associate with boys or girls if we are boy then surely maya will destroy our spiritual life.

    It is lessons of Maya Devi!!!

    As like Maya Devi herself came to Haridas Thakur and wanted distract his mind from chanting but Haridas Thakur told her to wait, wait, wait and wait. Then Maya Devi day after day hearing the pure chanting also became a Devotee and took initiation from Haridas Thakur.

    In this way we think we are strong and joke with Maya Devi's attacks. In these days even Indian boys and girls started to associate with each other. But in the reality it is not big thing for boy's future but it is big thing for girl's future life.

    Because girls have weak heart and when they attach to someone they hardly forget that person. But boys can easily forget. Because boys become intelligent after 25 years old.

    If girls want to have in the future good children, good husband, good family she should protect herself from illicit talks. everything starts with talks...

    Dear Dixa Mataji, if You really want good future then try to follow Vaishnava etiquette. Because Vaishnava etiquette is given by Krishna. If You do not follow His orders then He won't help You to chant or in anything.

    we know that You are very intelligent girl and You will be able to say "NO" to gossips from today and turn Your face to Your Japa Beads.

    Some time everyone will leave us FOR SURE, FOR SURE, FOR SURE!

    But Krishna does not do that! Because of that why to loose time for temporary things????

    Your servant, 

  • Just pray hard to Gaur-Nitai...u will be back on track

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