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        Hare Krsna Mataji.   At this time you have no need to get initiated.   By chanting Hare Krsna  and making inquiries into self realization,   studying Gita and Bhagavat and keeping something  association with the devotees you are on your way back to Krsna.   This process is so powerful all youe sinful reactions are easily washed away and all auspisciousness is there for you.   Please worship Tulasi Devi and water her every day.    Chant some Hare Krsna with her every day .  Sing for Krsna.  He likes to hear you sing.         I will pray to Krsna and I ask all the devotees to please pray for Kalarani Mataji.   May you have the blessings of the kind hearted and compassionate devotees.   Hare Krsna
        • Dear Jagadatma Das


          Thank you so much


          i follow your advice

          Hare Krishna

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