• Through Initiation you comes under a disciplic succession starting from Lord Krishna. Remember succession should always flow otherwise that particular paramapara is stopped and you can't avail the mercy (like the foolish Ritviks do)

    Anyways, Mercy flows downwards through parampara (from Krishna to the successors). It doesn't flow upwards

    So, Catch the mercy and be blessed.

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      Dear Dasanudas Hare Krsna,    Lord Chaitanya's mercy is available to everyone.   You do not need to accept formal initiation to get the mercy of the Supreme Lord.    Even non Hindus,   the Christians and the Muslims and anyone else  are welcome to join in the sankirtan of the Holy Names  and get the greatest benediction of love of God.    And very easily they will get all other desires fulfilled.  They do not have to change their religion.     Chanting the pure Holy Name is not dependant on formal initiation .    If a devotee hears from a pure devotee and under his guidence learns to avoid all the offences in chanting the Holy Names  then gradualy he will come to the pure stage of chanting.    We are non sectarian.  We never say we are the only ones who get the mercy of God.

      • Please accept my humble obeisances Sri Jagadatma Prji

        Hare Krishna


        I certainly agree with what your grace says that Mahaprabhu's mercy is non-sectarian and is for everyone.

        Actually, what I was trying to say above is that through Initiation one comes under a particular samparadaya and he gets to serve his Spiritual Master in order to serve the Supreme Lord. Lord Krishna accepts service through his representative and i.e. the mood of a Vaisnava: Gopi bhartu pada kamalyor das dasnudas. Otherwise what is the need of Spiritual Master? Even Sri Caitanyadeva took initiation from Sri Isvara puri- just to show an example that we SHOULD take initiation from a bonafide Spiritual Master.

        Please enlighten and correct me if I am wrong.

        Your servant


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          Dear monish Hare Krsna,   you can serve the Supreme Lord without formal initiaton by the 9 processes of bhakti.      And if you serve Him favorably  without material desires or the desire for liberation you become a pure devotee.       Some people are in no position to search out and travel and live with a guru.    They may have a different cultural background. religion and lifestyle.   Such persons may be only able to get sadhu sanga via the internet.     Even if they can get to a temple they also may not find a guru that they can put absolute faith in and take initiation from.  

           Certainly shastra recomends initiation but it is not absolutely necesary to get love for Krsna and return back to Godhead.   Initiation is necesary if you want tobe accepted as a brahmana,  perform deity worship in a temple and chant certain mantras, gatatri etc. but in Bhagavad dharma   and chanting Hare Krsna it is not an absolute requirement.    To be a member of ISKCon you do not have to take initiation.  Only if you want some position then you may be required to have been formally initiated.   

          What is the need of a spiritual master?       Well not just to take initiation and your business is finished.    Initiate means to begin something.    You have to learn what is the order of Krsna.  what He wants from you.   The Guru is His mesenger.   And if anyone hears the message and executes the order he is disciple even without the formal.  But if you dont follow As It Is then even your initiation is wortless.  You will not get love of God.   Please think about this carefully if you want more eidence I will give you.    Hare Krsna

  • Immediately after the disciple's initiation, the spiritual master consumes all his sinful reactions:

    As Kåñëa takes away all the sinful reactions of a person immediately upon his surrender unto Him, similarly the external manifestation of Kåñëa, the representative of Kåñëa who acts as the mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, takes all the resultant actions of the sinful life of the disciple immediately after the disciple's initiation. Thus if the disciple follows the principles instructed by the spiritual master, he remains purified and is not contaminated by the material infection.
    Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu therefore states that the spiritual master who plays the part of Kåñëa's representative has to consume all the sinful reactions of his disciple.

    (Çrémad-Bhägavatam 4.21.31)
  • Those who are not actually in the line of äcäryas, or who personally have no knowledge of how to act in the role of äcärya, unnecessarily criticize the activities of the ISKCON movement in countries outside of India. The fact is that such critics cannot do anything personally to spread Kåñëa consciousness. If someone does go and preach, taking all risks and allowing all considerations for time and place, it might be that there are changes in the manner of worship, but that is not at all faulty according to çästra. Çrémad Véraräghava Äcärya, an äcärya in the disciplic succession of the Rämänuja-sampradäya, has remarked in his commentary that caëòälas, or conditioned souls who are born in lower than çüdra families, can also be initiated according to circumstances. The formalities may be slightly changed here and there to make them Vaiñëavas.... The principle that only Indians and Hindus should be brought into the Vaiñëava cult is a mistaken idea. There should be propaganda to bring everyone to the Vaiñëava cult. The Kåñëa consciousness movement is meant for this purpose. There is no bar to propagating the Kåñëa consciousness movement even among people who are born in caëòäla, mleccha or yavana families. Even in India, this point has been enunciated by Çréla Sanätana Gosvämé in his book Hari-bhakti-viläsa, which is småti and is the authorized Vedic guide for Vaiñëavas in their daily behavior. Sanätana Gosvämé says that as bell metal can turn to gold when mixed with mercury in a chemical process, so, by the bona fide dékñä, or initiation method, anyone can become a Vaiñëava. One should take initiation from a bona fide spiritual master coming in the disciplic succession, who is authorized by his predecessor spiritual master. This is called dékñä-vidhäna. Lord Kåñëa states in Bhagavad-gétä, vyapäçritya: one should accept a spiritual master. By this process the entire world can be converted to Kåñëa consciousness.

    (Çrémad-Bhägavatam 4.8.54)
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    Hare Krsna dear devotee,     when a devotee is completely convinced that this person who is helping me so much to be Krsna conscious.   That by their guidance I am becomming free of this material conditioning and feel my heart melting with loving feeling for Krsna.    And that this loving feeling is also for this devotee whom I can trust with my life.  Who I can surreder to.    Then I want to accept that person as my Gurudev and that he please accept me as his disciple.     Then there is need.   Real need.   
    • Dear Jagadatma Das

      Thanks for your reply, your message reveals need of Gurudev guidanace, but what is the need of initation in human life.

      If great devotee Meera bai initiated?

      In Tamilnadu, Andal initiated? They reached the lotus feet of Krishna how?

      Sorry if i asked anything wrong.


      During Initiation Period how to act?

      Eg. Basically i am short temper means during that period i will show more anger to people surrounding me.Is it advisable?

      In my understand initiantion means oneness in mindlevel of guru and disciple is it correct? Practically how it possible? In krishna thinging alone it possible ,but in other matter...

      Sorry explain to me in depth

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