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           We have read from scriptures that the diseases we suffer from are the 'adhyatmik klesh' and it comes from our evil work in previous life.Besides, by no means we can escape from these pains. our life-period is also pre-fixed.No doctor/hospital can make us survived one second more beyond our life-period.

           Then being a KC person, should one ever go to any doctor to get cured from any disease? If we see any person seriously injured by any accident, then knowing the fact that his life period is pre-fixed, should we send him to any hospital?Any person, who is alive by dint of several life-supporting systems in ICCU, will he still alive if those systems are withdrawn? Is there at all any need to establish any hospitals or medical colleges? 

          Those are the very common questions we are to face while preaching. So pls enlighten me. Also forgive me if i commit any mistake.

           Hori Bol.

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  • Hare Krishna !! My pranAms to the Supreme and Bhakthas of the Supreme.

    Hospitals and medical treatment have existed even during the Dwapara Yuga. They were called Chikitsalaya/Vaidyashala and the doctors were then called Chikitsaks or Vaidhyas. Many sages and hermits were themselves great doctors as well. During the kurukshetra, many such Vaidhyas were dutifully engaged in healing the wounds and pains of the warriors. It is a great dharma in itself to help material body remain healthy so that it engages in serving the lord as long as the breath of life exists.

    What is needed at the hour is more of Krishna-conscious doctors and hospital with the aim of seva. In Kurukshetra war, the vaidhyas even used to treat wounded warriors impartially though they belonged to enemy camps. Such was their clear consciousness. However, now we see doctors and patients providing differential treatment according to the material /money-spending capacity of the patients devoid of Krishna-Conciousness.

    So, we need to practise, live and preach Krishna conciousness among all sections of the people we come across and leave Krishna to show his mercy and transform people :-)

    In service of the Supreme and Bhakthas,


  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Prabhuji. Danadavat pranam. All glories to Srila Prabhupada

    Let consider that a person's life is pre-fixed that the person shall live for 60 years. Now  suppose he met a road accident at the age of 40 and an another person present at the scene is just observed and thought his life might have pre-fixed let him die. Then the person will be knowingly doing an offense by not helping him because it is not possible for any person to know how long he is going to live.we should try our best to save a person's life, now the person would live or die instead our endeavor  that is something only Krishna know.

    regarding one's health yes we should try to keep our body fit to execute devotional service properly. sound health results in sound mind and peaceful mind is needed to progress in devotional path. As long as cure is in our hand we should try for that by going to a doctor or some other means. If some terminal disease attacks then what else can we do except increasing the degree of service to Krishna till final release.

    Your aspiring servant

    Hari Bol

    • Hore Krishna.

      pls take my most humbled obeisances.

      Thank you very much for your kind reply.

      One person asked me that if we go to any doctor, then in maximum cases, we get cured. But if we don't go to the doctor then our suffering continues and even our condition detoriates day by day.Then can any doctor, who is generally conditioned soul, reduce our 'adhyatmik klesha"?By reading some medical books, can one be so powerful that he even minimises our 'adhyatmik klesha"?

      servant of your servant

      hori bol.

      • Hare Krishna,

        I do not understand the concept of Adhyatmik Klesha (affliction of the body?) but I do believe that everything that occurs is by our Lord's mercy. In our service toward Lord Krishna, we can seek medicine so that we may better serve the Lord.

        However, I don't believe doctors can, necessarily, minimize our suffering if we are destined to suffer due to past karma. There are illnesses that doctors cannot cure, there are illnesses that doctors still do not understand, and there are illnesses from which people make a 'miraculous' recovery. Seeking medicine for an illness from a doctor is like a child seeking food for hunger from his/her mother - we do it so we can make ourselves more useful in the Lord's service.

        • Hare Krishna

          I too feel that something we are destined to suffer (especially diseases) , we have to go through it in one way or the other.

          For  illness/bad health, we might take medicine to cure one disease but we end up getting another disease because of side effects of those medicines.

          For example sometimes when I get a migraine headche, I have to take strong painkiller like ibuprofen and because I take such strong medicine i end up getting hyper acid reflux and allergies/rashes, so now I end up taking 2 more medicine , one for acidity and one for anti allergic..

          And on top of that depression thinking that why i have to take so many medicines..

          It's very true that hare krishna maha mantra is the only permanent medicine for these sufferings.

          • HK



            Thanks a lot mataji for your kind responce.

            hori bol

      • Volunteer

        hare Krishna Prabhuji. Dandavat pranam. All glories to Srila Prabhuapada.

        /*Then can any doctor, who is generally conditioned soul, reduce our 'adhyatmik klesha"?*/

        adhyatmik kelsha is in simple term "the suffering from body and mind" .

        Now what is this body?

        Our body is a combination of five elements (i.e earth,air,water,ether,fire) .This five elements in its gross form become chemical by combination.Hence our body is made up of matter. Now we become ill sometimes due to some contamination in one or more elements among the five. So when we are taking medicine we are taking some chemicals which again is matter. so according to the natural law a chemical can work on another chemical. So upto some extent we get cured by medicine.

        Now we should not misunderstand that a doctor who is a conditioned soul has cured the pateint's health rather it is the medicine which he has gave inturn which is matter and worked on another matter (our body).

        Yes to some extent we have control to get rid from "adhyatmik klesha" that is why Krishna gave us pranayama , yoga and Ayurveda. But here the question is can all this arrangement make a permenant solution? can a doctor or ayurveda gurantee us that we will not suffer from cold,diarrhea etc as long as we live after taking medicine?? NOOOOO......... WE may able to get temporary cure not permenant. Today we will cure one disease tmmrrow another would attack. So as long as this material body is there Adhamatik suffering will be there No matter how powerful a medicine may be.

        Our goal is to not get any material body further.

        And regrading mind , mind is the connector between body and soul. The Adhamatyik klesha we percieve is due the conditioning of mind to percieve material things only. By  chanting mahamantra when mind will become complete spiritual , our body will no longer effect us and that is the stage of Jivanmukta (liberation in this life itself) . All threefold suffering will be there but mind would not percieve those. so we have to cut the knot of mind from the body to attain the stage. It will definitely come just we have to follow instructions of Srila Prabhuapada.

        Your aspiring servant

        Hari Bol

        • HK.



          Thank you very very much probhuji.

          your answer is brillant and really very beneficial to me.

          servant's of servant

          hori bol.

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