Need help with Brahma Samhita.PDF

Radhe Krishna!

Can somebody please help me in translating the attached Brhma Samhita (hindi) pdf file to word.

File is available at this site.

Basically I wanted to copy only  sanskrit slokas (prayers) by Lord Brahma along with meaning of each word in Hindi. But while doing so, it copies all rubbish characters in the word

example  : when I copy the first sloka "isvarah param...", from this pdf to word , it copies like

"bZ'oj% ije% Ï".k% lfPpnkuUnfoxzg%A

I tried following .... Nothing worked

1) Changed the keyboard to Devanagari script before copying from this pdf to word

2) Used 2/3 downloaded pdf converters to convert the file to word.

3) Tried copying it in Google compose after changing setting to hindi.

Any help on this is highly appreciated.

Thank you

jai shree Gokulesh

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  • Hare Krishna Mataji,
    I was able to convert  Brahma Samhita (hindi) pdf file to word.

    File is available at this site.



    Hare Krishna
    Rama Kumar Dasa

  • Volunteer

    Mataji, please accept my humble obeisances!

    But it says that it is protected with password so impossible to convert it into word format.

    if needed here is in English:

    here You can find Sanskrit verses:

    And i know some Devotees who know only Hindi or Marathi they have small song books in which Brahma Samhita is written in Hindi.

    I think they might help You.

    Your servant,

    • Hare Krishna Mataji

      Thank you for this document.

      However with this document also, I face the same problem. I can't copy those slokas in  sanskrit from this pdf file into a word.

      Basically what I wanted to do is to take a print out of all these verses in sanskrit for handy purposes.

      I didn't want the big document.

      May be its something to do with pdf file. It just copies those sanskrit characters as some useless characters

      If you have only the slokas in sanskrit , can you please upload.

      Thank you

      jai shree Gokulesh

      • Volunteer

        Here is in jpeg format Mataji. They are taken from above book using print screen method and saved as image.

        Can You work with images? The thing You have to do now is open the image with Microsoft Office Picture Manager and cut unneeded places.

        Then You will have each shloka in Sanskrit in as one image. And when You print them out You have to tell to them to print 4-6 pages in one page. 

        Or You Yourself copy them all into Microsoft Word and in needed size and give to print.

        After You cut all unneeded places please upload them here again so that in the future other Devotees may need. I do not do that because it will take too much time 63 images...

        For example i will show in the next reply:

        Your servant

        Brahma Samhita.rar

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