Need a spritual counsellor (Shiksha Guru)

Pamho/Agtsp.Hare KrishnaI am a very low class loafer.Always drifting away due to maya with many anarthas.I am living in a place,where all activities are prohibited.I am craving for a strict shiksha guru to beat me severely and correct on a regular basis by mail or by any other means.I beg the devotees for me to come from the pit.Humble servantRamadurai

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  • Volunteer
    Insofar as this forum makes it possible we can all be each others shiksha guru. I volunteer to be your shiksha guru here but my only qualification is that I made every mistake in the book, suffered like anything and so may be able to help you avoid a lot of unnecessary difficulties. How's that for a disclaimer?
  • HAri bol,
    CAn you please tell jme where do you live i mean which place a nd the city country so that i can help you our perfectly .what do you do and are you a grihasta or single becoz all these factors matter a lot while choosing a shiksha guru if u are single we guide you to a bramchari...else a grihasta

    your servant
    krsna rupa devi dasi
  • Hare Krishna PAMHO
    I am most unqualified to be a guru of any kind, I only hope that I can offer you some encouragement. I know that if we trust in Krishna and keep trying even when we fail, it will protect us from the worst type of harm. Everything you are going through now can be used to help you serve Krishna, sometimes it is not easy but I try to remember that for every step I take towards god, Krishna is there reaching out to me always. Krishna is the best friend you could ever have, it is only because we are blinded by Maya that we don't see reality. Let your love of God flower, try to water it and it will grow. You cant force a flower to grow, but if you plant the seed and follow the process it will grow, just trust in Krishna.
    Your servant,
    • Hare Krishna Mataji.
      Thanks for the support.I have fallen many times.I donot prioritise Krishna and sadhana.I am totally out of touch with devotees and temple,as I am living in aloof place.
      Everytime I have self pity,when I see all devotees in pure form.
      May be as, You have said,even my anarthas can be used for Krishna's purpose.
      Of course he is my best friend.
      My Shiksha Guru from Kenya ,used to weed out unnescessary things.Not in touch now.
      I am ashamed to reveal that Krishna has been with me always and protects when worst pshychological/emotional events happen.
      It is defenitely up to him to take me in any form.But I am not doing any sadhana.
      I am fully prepared to offer only my impurities as return to his love.
      He has got swatantra,who can accept/refuse/mistreat.
      However devotees can be compassionate ,defenitely show mercy and blessings.
      Begging for mercy
      Humble slave
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