Narayan and Mahesh are one- Lord Shri Swaminarayan

Hare Krishna,

I am not against any wise person who has more knowledge of vedas, shashtra etc but what I felt after watching so many discussion ,there is always hot discussion. Every devotee claim their god to be superior. If you ask vaishnavas (not all are like that) they will claim shivji like he is only devotee of krishna and if you ask shiv bhakt (not all are like that) they will speak same for krishna. And they both have numerous verses to proove their god superior. But I always got hurt by such discussion in which they either insult shivji or lord krishna. when I see so many verses posted by such devotees, i got confused what is write and wrong.why there is so much difference in different verses. some say everybody went to brahma and he told krishna is superior. then in other shashtras brahma says shiva is superior. each shashtra claims their main god as origin of everything and they are  written by some sages generation by generation. 

There is nothing authentic than that which has been SPOKEN and WRITTEN by god himself and that only ,I am going to present here. It is called as SHIKSHAPATRI which is written by Lord Swaminarayan himself and date is also given by him in his second last verse.

You will find he himself gives instructions which is similar to other vaishnav tradition but what I like the most is VERSE 47 which puts full stop on the difference of Narayan and shiv.

when narayan himself writes this, I don't think anybody is more prudent than Shree Swaminarayan who is himself narayan.

Link of shikshapatri is,

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      • In the past, many scriptures have been written by unqualified brahmanas on behalf elevated personalities, just to improve their position and position of their philosophy in human society.

        In Kali yuga, humans are misled by unqualified priests and contaminated by their unauthoritative scriptures and philosophy. That's why the offenders and their followers share the same sad destiny by entering deeper into black hole of ignorance.


        Lord Shiva is pure devotee and personified Ego of the Lord :


        SB 10.63.34Śrī Rudra said:

        You alone are the Absolute Truth, the supreme light, the mystery hidden within the verbal manifestation of the Absolute. Those whose hearts are spotless can see You, for You are uncontaminated, like the sky.

        SB 10.63.35-36The sky is Your navel, fire Your face, water Your semen, and heaven Your head. The cardinal directions are Your sense of hearing, herbal plants the hairs on Your body, and water-bearing clouds the hair on Your head. The earth is Your foot, the moon Your mind, and the sun Your vision, while I am Your ego. The ocean is Your abdomen, Indra Your arm, Lord Brahmā Your intelligence, the progenitor of mankind Your genitals, and religion Your heart. You are indeed the original puruṣa, creator of the worlds.

        • Hare Krishna prabhu ji..

          prabhu ji what's the meaning of while I am Your ego ??

          Hari Bol

          • That means that Lord Shiva is direct personification of Lords divine ego. 

            Such divine ego is never false, but its transcendental and real.

            • The translation "I am Your ego" was derived from the original Sanskrit "ātmā ahaṁ". (See SB 10.63.35-36.)

              The phrase given in the word-for-word for "ātmā" is "self awareness"--not ego.

              Even a novice knows that "ātmā" can also be translated as "soul".

              In many verses from many sources Lord Shiva states that he is the soul, heart, ego, self-awareness, etc... of Lord Sri Krsna.

              By the Supreme Lord's causeless mercy one can realize the meaning of Lord Shiva's statement. The purport to the SB verse in question (written by disciples of Srila Prabhupada) states the same.

              • Believe in the words of lord swaminarayan rather than what XYZ has understood from scriptures. we can trust the intellect of lord swaminarayan rather than human being.  That's it.

              • Even novice knows that ''atma'' means soul, but only expert knows that ''atma'' can be translated as '' true self '' or ''divine Ego''.

                For example : When person thinks '' im this material body '', that's appearance of false ego. On another side when he thinks '' im servant of God, im atma, im transcendental soul, that's true Ego or divine Ego, which is part of Lords divine Ego. 

                Lord Shiva represents  transcendental Ego of the Lord in this material creation and such Ego is called ATMA. Because false Ego of living beings originally have source in divine Ego, therefore Lord Shiva is consider to be controller and master of such  false Ego of living entities.



                There is no difference on quality level between pure devotee of Lord and Lord Himself, but Lord is only One and He is the original source of  Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and all of us.

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