Shankar (शंकर दास शिवगण) replied to hitesh's discussion Narayan and Mahesh are one- Lord Shri Swaminarayan
"The translation "I am Your ego" was derived from the original Sanskrit "ātmā ahaṁ". (See SB 10.63.35-36.)
The phrase given in the word-for-word for "ātmā" is "self awareness"--not ego.
Even a novice knows that "ātmā" can also be translated as…"
May 15, 2019
Shankar (शंकर दास शिवगण) replied to Dasanudasa's discussion How far is "Shiva Purana/ Shiva Mahapurana" is practical or authentic?
"The words of Vedavyasa are perfect and infallible; however, the different translations, interpretations, and purports given by unqualified persons should not be taken seriously.

Vedavyasa spoke all the puranas--including the tamasic ones, such as…"
May 15, 2019