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    Banke Bihari Lal Ki Jai!
    He went to Rishra to attend Sri Bhagwat Katha on 21.07.2014.

    • Till now I had seen only the family member and our relatives join hands before our Ladoo Gopal ji. When we went to the Bhagwat Katha, there were several Ladoo Gopal jis, which other people have brought from their homes to make them hear the Katha. 

      When the katha ended it was time for us to go, so I went near the stage and was requesting people to give me space such that I can take Ladoo Gopal ji. People gave the space - but when i took him in my hands and was trying to get towards the exit....I could not understand what was happening.

      i was not getting the space to move....people were all accumulating in front of me....i was not understanding , then i realised that people were coming to do pranam to Gopal ji. one after another people were touching his feet. itwas not ending...someone stroked his cheeks.  this was happening...i was in awe.

      there were people who could not get up due to health problems....they were waving and calling me by their side...such that they can do pranam....I took him to everyone who called....sorry my mistake... Gopal ji went to everyone who wanted him. 

      there was a very small girl...who was with her grandmother...she was too old...she requested me to hold Gopal ji low such that the kid can see him and take blessings.

      It was such a mesmerising if he had outgrown the limits of home and reached the place where there are more devotees.

      Boliye Banke Bihari Lal Ki Jai!

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        Hare Krsna Mataji,


        Jai ho!!! Your gopal ji is very beautiful. You have decorated Him very nicely. Very happy to read this post.

        Since you are in Rishra, are you planning to visit Mayapur (its close by). Atleast you may think of visiting Panihati (very close to Rishra) and the Kolkata temple (achievable). If you go on Sunday afternoon time - 11.30 am onwards till 1.00 pm, you will get very good lectures also.


        Your servant,


  • Hare Krsna Krishna Das ji

    please excuse my not replying to the original post first , I am new to this site so I am just finding my way around the posts .

    Yours is such a beautifull story , May lord Krsna continue to bless you and grant you his direct service .

    all glories to your mother , it is such a blessing to be born into a devotee familly and to be vegetarian from birth , you are now repaying her kindness by becoming a good devotee .

    may you and all your family continue to live a blessed life in the service of Krsna .

    Jai Sri Krsna

  • Hare Krishna

    My family was not a religious I was not very keen towards God. Though something always told me that he is there. Then I got married and my in-laws were TOTALLY DEVOTED people. Our kuldevta is KHATU SHYAMJI. Slowly I got the essence of God.

    That time my relationship with God was just peculiar....I had only one relation with God - I was always busy asking something or the other from Him. Even for the smallest of thing, I used to beg from Him. I will to plead and aski things from him 10 times a day. and somehow it is only the mercy and greatness of the Lord - almost all my pleadings were accepted. I used to be demands were small but numerous.

    Friends used to make fun of me saying, that the Lord had other devotees too , but u tend to keep him busy all the time with your demands. 

    Jokes apart I have experienced that God responds and talks with us (may be through other people also sometimes) please read the below experiences:

    1. I was into a very tough job profile for a period of 3 years in my life and I was always worried that my kids are missing me. I used to get very late from work, the place where I useed to live, getting a conveyance was very difficult and frustating. after I get down of the metro train, I hd to take auto. that was the most difficult part. no auto used to be there. each day in the train i used to pray to Shyamji that I should get and auto immediately. and by some miracle I used to get. BUT for some reason, the days I forgot to pray and ask for it, I had to wait very long.

    its like, i am callingand requesting upon Shyamji, he is making arrangement. and when I dont ask nothing is there.

    One special evening, I was extralate from work. I was on the verge of tears in the metro train. I requested Shyam ji "Shyamji my kids are alone and waiting for me, please take me to them as soon as possible....please keep a waiting auto for me such that I can reach home earliest"

    I got down from the train and reached the autostand. I found auto waiting for me....I got into it and sat thanking god. The autodriver turned to me and said "I WAS WAITING FOR YOU". I was shocked to the extreme and filled with tears in my eyes and all through the journey the man didnt say anything.



    • Hare Krishna! Mataji, dandavat

      No doubt, Bhagwan Krishna is very merciful and at times it has been shown as accepted by you in your post. Kindly note that a true devotee whatever be the situation, never ask for favour and leave it to GOD. Whatever credits you are earning through your devotion, are being encashed by you in different situations.

      You are fortunate enough to feel listening of your prayers. Actually, He is the only friend (sitting in our heart) who is always there with us in all situations. So kindly let HIM be the controller of our lives and we simply chant His names, remember & listen His pastimes in the association of His devotees and perform other devotional activities.

      I repeat that a true devotee is free from any desire.

      Hare Krishna,

      your servant

      • Hare Krishna

        Sri Bhagwan Das ji, I agree - a true devotee is free from desire - I have lately started understanding this.

        This feeling is opening up new gateways of thoughts - by meditating into His eyes and singing the Mahamantra in the late nights alone before Him is slowly opening the mind and soul.

    • 2. We went to Khatu Shyam mandir, there was huge rush and a very long queue....we were waiting to see the Glimpse of the lord. in the queue we were busy singing bhajans.

       that time I had a specific favorite bhajan "Deta Hardam Sawre". I sang that standing in the queue for him. then later on I got a very good darshan of the Lord. Later on we went to sit in the balcony of the temple and were singing for more bhajans.

      After some time I was feeling the urge to sing the favorite bhajan again "deta hardam sawre" but foolishly I was thinking - that singing the same bhajan again will bore the lord- the lord is helpless before the devotees whatever sewa we do, lord takes it, he has no choice even if we sing the same bhajan again.... so  i thought i should find other good bhajan to entertain him... and started browsing more pages from the book.

      Then a family of three, a gentle man , a lady and their son (they were also devotees) came and sat at the same place. they were hearing our bhajans. the gentleman then borrowed one book of bhajan from me. (i thought he wants to sing - so i lend him the book)

      He browsed the book and forwarded the book to me, and said "sing this". I looked up and saw the page he is giving me contains "Deta Hardam Sawre". I reaised the Lord was not bored ...he wanted to hear that bhajan.

      • Hari krsna mataji

        this is a very nice story , this perfectly illustrates that the lord is not entertained by the Bhajan it self but that the lord is allways happy to receive our loving service how ever humble it is and no matter what we have to offer

         jai sri krsna

  • Yes, thank you so much, yes its his causeless mercy on we fallen souls.

    I always thank him very very much for giving me knowledge about him, and waking me up.

    We all are very fortunate, thank you. 

    May Krishna always bless you, Hare Krishna.

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