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Hare Krishna. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

For the first time in a long time, I feel I don't have mind peace. I live in Valparaíso Chile, and in April of this year there was a giant fire in the city, where 5000 houses were burn, among them was mine. It was a horrible experience. This was the first time I stopped chanting for some days, because every thing we had to do. I've have been chanting for 7 or 8 years.

I'm not mad at Krishna in anyway, I know it's just the material energy working as it's supposed to do. But besides I can feel that way, my family doesn't, and that's why I am so troubled. In my house my dad also had his work source, a not so small serigraphy studio. So in one day my family had no money and nowhere to sleep. Plus, we rescue 2 of our cats, but I lost my beloved one in the fire.

It is very difficult see my family like this, I do all I can but the money I make from my work is not enough. This problem has me overthinking, my rounds are not the same, I can't really focus. I feel like I would do anything for not thinking in that horrible day, but I can't.

I wish you could give me some advice. If someone passed through something similar, please let me know what you did. Any kind words will help.

Thank you. Bolo Hari.

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Hare Krisha Prabhuji,

            I am so sorry to hear that your house has get burned. My Gurudeva is Sankarshan Das Adhikari ( Once he wrote his residence has got burned by fire. My gurudeva used to say sometimes Lord used to give reduced reactions of the past to make his devotee to more depend on him and make sure that his devotee realizes the world is full of misery. Depend on Krishna more in such situations.

Hari Bol,


Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


Very sorry to hear that your house got burned. It can be quite traumatic to see this and also to see family members homeless all of a sudden.

I am happy to hear that you have been chanting for 7-8 years. Please continue prabhuji. Just because we are chanting doesnt mean that problems will not come in our life. Problems will come to test us. We can also see it as Mayadevi's way of pushing us towards Krsna by telling us what a place of misery this world is.

This means that the older situation of a secure house and enough money for the family is no longer there for you. That same way, this situation of struggle for subsistence will also not be there for you. I have experienced this many times - we keep saying this world is dukhalayam ashashwatam - full of miseries and temporary. It comes with a silver lining - all our problems are also temporary. The way they have come on their own accord without us inviting them in any manner, that way they will disappear when it is time for them to. The question now arises, why does it come at all - life has a way of teaching us what nobody else can teach us. We human beings are very lazy creatures, we learn all our lessons with beatings only. Thats why there are so many problems in everyone's life. It is how we cope with these problems that define whether our soul is evolving further or we are getting more entangled.

One more thing I have learnt from life - God NEVER gives us a problem without giving us the equipment to fight it. Sometimes we are ourselves not aware of what and how much we are capable of doing or fighting or taking care of loved ones. It is only when we are put through intense pressure taht we realise our true potential. Think coal. It takes years and years of intense pressure and convert coal into a diamond. Another example is of sandalwood paste. Have you ever tried to make paste out of sandalwood piece of wood? You have to pour water and grind that piece of wood to make it into a paste fit to be offered to the lord. Imagine - a sandalwood, which is already scented, and ready in all respects, has to go through the grind with water to be fit to be offered to the  lord, then what to speak of us.

When the lord puts us into problems, it is only to teach us some lesson we were refusing to learn or to chisel us so taht we become worthy of being accepted by Him.

Yes, you are going through a harrowing time and anyone in your position will even question the existence of God. That is one choice you have. The other is to do your sadhana undeterred and continue to count your blessings, this will make you progress spiritually much faster, as also make you tide over this bad time without a scar.

Just keep doing your best each day to bring money, while chanting have a chat with Krsna telling Him this is what you are doing and this is the deficiency in how much is required. So please God, You help me and make me Your instrument to tide over this phase. You guide me and take over all my problems, I cannot handle them without You. I am doing my best, at the same time I am trying to keep You in the centre of my life, so please help  me. He will surely help.

Who knows, maybe this phase has come to your life to make your entire family Krsna Conscious.

Best of luck prabhuji,

Please keep in touch,


Your servant,



HARE KRISHNA PRABHUJI.  I am feeling very much disappointation after reading your story.  I would like to say that kindly do not club this incident with your chanting at all and do not think so that it is all happening because of your chanting. Lord's name is very pious in itself and there is no difference in Lord and his name.  If this incident happened with you and your family,  the same happened with others also but you were very lucky that you were in KC.  In Shree Mad Bhagwad Gita Lord Krishna says to Arjuna:  Oh Kauntey happiness & sadness both are like the symptoms of weather heatness & coldness,  so one should develop the habit to bear it calmfully.  This body is dukhalayam and this world is full of misery.  So you just surrender onto my lotus feet and take my refuge.  Sarvadharam parijayate mamekam sharanam mean just leave all religion and surrender on to me.  I have got my own story which is similar like you but Iam still chanting and improving.  If I were also demotivated like you then I might have left the chanting but iam still chanting and having the deep and unbreakable trust on Lord Shri RadhaKrishna.

I Pray from the Lord to give you strength in this such a difficult situation but you please do not leave chanting and have strong faith in Lord Shri RadhaKrishna. You will surely come out from this darkness.

Your Humble Servant

Bhuwan Dutt Bawari

Hare Krishna

Hare Krishna

Dear Cristian,

I am Pia from Kolkata,India. I am too uneducated to guide you, but still I want to say a few words, my dear Krishna devotee!

When extreme situations come in our lives, Krishna ji provides us the strength to bear with it, fight it and come out of it  over a period of time. We can see you are fighting.

Look at the immense care of Krishna ji - you are alive and healthy, your family members are alive! Think about it, things could have been different!!! Hari Bol!

Another mercy of Krishna ji - you still believe in Him!  there are some pitiful fallen souls, who lose faith in god in this kind of very difficult times. you have his blessings - trust me - this time will pass and become history.


I am basically a person who gets disturbed by the smallest things in the world - all issues are a problem for a person like me. I learnt a lesson two years back.

We belong to a section where every family is into devotion of Krishna and everyone celebrates Janmasthami elaborately. The best Janmasthami is done in my younger-sis-in-laws place. They decorate the best. the atmosphere there speaks "Krishna Krishna". There are two women in their family, she herself and her sister-inlaw. Her sister-in-law, we call her Bhabhi ji. When my sis-in-law was busy into serving others, Bhabhi ji was entertaining us, as we were guests. She was requesting us again and again to take more prasad. She was discussing the small happy moments they shared while decorating. the problems they faced, the funny things that happened. She was talking lovingly to my kids - asking me not to scold my kids for small issues etc.

my dear Cristian, suddenly I remembered something - and I froze..........

Seven, eight months back - Bhabhi jis 12/13 year old daughter who had an allergy on gram flour, ate the same by mistake as someone brought prasad of Jagannathji and it had contained gram flour. The teenaged kid died in the next two hours struggling for life in front of her.

I hope I dont need to explain what a mother will go through. The same lady is smilingly playing the role of a wonderful host within a few months. I wonder where from she got that strength. Then I realised - this strength can come only by the grace of Krishna ji.

We all can learn a lot from her.

Hari Bol! Hari Bol! Hari Bol!

Dear Christian,

I link up with the other devotees nice suggestions and my practicle advice is:

Don`t be too sad if you aren`t able at the moment to continue with your sadana as usual. There are situations in life, when you are sick or entangled in accidents or war, when you can not do like you wish. 

Do what is in your might for yourself and your familys material upliftment. And...if they see your good example of behaivior they will wonder how you got the strength. Don`t loose your peacefull mind and keep your happyness - at the very end you will return to Krsna and I hope you know: all the familys for 25 generations will also go with you.

Better times will come ! Now stay close to your family with help and enthusiasm. Specially discuss with your father what to do. Try to build some secure situation with patience. Give your strength in that - you will learn a lot in such times. Chant as much as you are able to, but stay with a certain number of rounds if possible, don`t jump back and force. Keep a certain standard and hope to better your conditions.

Do all this for Krsna`s glory. In heaven or in hell, a devotee is allways Krsna`s beloved servant. 

All my heartiest wishes

hare krsna

ys A.R.dd

Hare Krishna. Thanks S. Balaji, Rashmi Khaitan, Bhuwan Dutt Bawari, and Krishna dasi for your words.

It is true what you all say, as this material world is temporary, problems are also temporary, and we have the luck to have the holy names to refuge. I will never stop chanting. I will only pray for my family to be ok. 

The only material problem now is money, no one is harm or sick. And I hope it will resolve soon.

Several local devotees had helped me out with clothes, prasadam, service, and money, and I will be eternally grateful with them for doing it.

Hari bolo

Dear Cristian

So sorry to hear about that horrible fire. I am sorry to hear that you lost both your home and your beloved cat in the fire. I am glad to hear that local devotees are giving you some help. I pray that you will be able to get some financial help too.

Thank you Pandora :)

Hare Krishna 

My dear Cristian,

I just pray to the Lord that your family and you get over from the problems soon and the Krishna ji gives you enough strength to face the difficulties.

Hare Krishna

Thank you so much Krishna dasi.

Hari bolo!!!

Karan. Please be careful what you write here. This poor man lost his very beloved cat in a horrible fire. For you to say that he will very soon forget this situation is simply not true. He has suffered very greatly and he will never forget this experience as long as he lives.

Hare Krishna Karan

Since you are the "new kid on the block" I will not make any further comments on this matter.


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