Mourning for the deceased

Hare Krshna Prabhujis / Matajis,

My father just past away on the 4th May. Now is the mourning time for my family. But I would want to know that does a devotee mourns for their family member once they have left this world? Does devotional service to the Lord is hold until for a certain period? I hope to hear comments from any one of you. Thank You, Hare Krishna.

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  • harE krishnA !! my humble pranAms to bhagaVan and bhAgavathAs,

    A devotee offers respects to the departed soul and continues prayers for the liberation of the soul or a higher stature of its birth in the next life. The devotee can observe the rites performed for the departed soul and the material body as described in the shastras, not expecting benefits, but to please the lord by following His instructions. Though elaborate pujas are not performed until the completion of 12 days(the 13th day being auspicious where the pujas can be revived) chanting of holy names, reciting Vishnu sahasranAma etc. can be performed. As a son, you should also perform the monthly shraddha and yearly shraddha for the welfare of beings in pitru loka (where departed souls are offered residence for some brief period).

    In service of krishnA,


    • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

      Thank you for you reply, but can you please kindly explain to me what is shraddha and pitru loka? 

      I also would like to know that because I am quite active at the ISKCON temple near my residential area, for this past few days before the 16th day prayers, should I not engage in any devotional service at the temple? For how long am I not suppose to engage in any devotional service at the temple?

      Hoping to hear from you about this matter.

      Hare Krishna.

    • Hare Krishna Suresh prabhuji

      AS you said "the pitru loka is the place where departed souls are offered residence for some brief period"; if it's just for brief period after which they take another body then why are we expected to do yearly Shraddha?

      My parents still do shraddha of my grandmother even after so many years since she has left the body.

      I never understood the concept of pitra loka and shraddha. Kindly enlighten me with this topic.

      Hare Krishna

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