Mission of Jesus and Mohamed on earth



I have read that Jesus, Mohamed and Budha is the reincarnation of Krishna and that they all have a specific message to deliver. I will like to know what are the message that each one has to deliver.  I have read also that in the past when people stop to believe in God( Krishna), he send someone or the reincarnation of himself on earth to help people in their faith . Why now in our modern world where the evil is everywhere, no one came. I believe this is the correct time to come to earth as there are so many religion and each one believe they know the truth, they just create confusion in people mind

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  • hare krsna pr.,
    at this point of time you feel that its high time and now krsna should send someone to protect the devotees and pious people as well. but at this point of time that work is being done by ISKCON. you just can.t imagine the situation in near future what to speak of far future!!! jesus and mohammed were sentwhen people use to have sense gratification with there own mothers and sisters.. QURAN says ' you should nao have sex with ur mothers and sisters'. is this a thing to be told in this age!!!??? no absolutely not. but the situations at the starrting of kaliyug were such tjhat this was normal... so to establish peace, harmony, and some sort of raised standard he had to send his beloved ones...in this age peaple at different consciousness are able to acept diff levels of teachings.. so let them survive like that and continue... but when time will come when excess of imhumanity and greed will start reflecting that no spiritual teaching will impose any limitation then krsna will come as kalki avatar to save the saadhus.
    : paritranay saadhunam vinashay ca dushkrtam dharma samstha apnarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge"
    hare krsna
    • Hi

      Thanks for replying, you have not mention the mission of Jesus and what other missions of Mohamed. Is there a reference of all these missions in Bhava Gita. Thanks
      • hk prji,
        as i mentioned "his beloved ones" (jesus and mohammed)...!! in bhavishya puran and in shrimad bhagvatam its mentiones about these great souls... i can tell u the specific verse but then i have to refer one specific lecture of hg radhagopinath pr.
        • Hare Krishna All,

          Rajat Prabhu, It will be really nice and knowledgeable for us to know the verse specially from Srimad BHagvatam.
          Thanks for your precious time.

          Hare Krishna
          • hari bol prji.,
            now thats a difficult task bcoz so many lecture r there.. well... anyhow i'll try to find out asking someone. i have 7 of his lectures in which one of them describes it.
            hare krsna.
            • Hare Krishna Rajat Prabhu Ji

              I look forward to your search for the mention of Jesus and Mohammad in the Shrimad Bhagvatam. PLEASE DO ask someone I am interested to know

              Hare Krishna
      • Hare krsna Prabhuji,

        To correct you Jesus and Mohamed are not believed to be incarnations of the Supreme Lord.But His messengers.To my knowledge , Bhavisya Puran speaks of Jesus Chirst , but i personally dont have any idea if some scriptures refer to Mohamed.
        As you feel the urgency for the Lord to decend on this Earth , he has already.
        He did appear o nthis planet 500yrs back .ie, Chaitanya MahaPrabhu.
        If you want to read about Him , you can read Chaitanya caritam , Teachings of Lord Chaitanya.
        Please contact nearest ISKCON temple for more information.
        They would be able to tell you more.
        Hope this helps.

        Hare Krsna ! SrilaPrabhupada Ki Jai !
        • Hi

          Thanks for quick reply, but Swami Prabhupada tells that one who believe Jesus also beleives Krishna and one who believe Krishna aslso beleives Jesus so Jesus is the reincarnation of Krishna. For me personally, that all religion forms one but we differ in the practise and small details. My friend who introduce me Hare Krishna movement is a woman, she explains me Krishna with a such passion that I needed to know more and she show me how to forgive, she is great women. She will like to be a Swami but there are no women swami and I think that devotees are not ready to have a women swami. But as soul is immortal, so in a past live the Swami who is now a man was pehaps a woman in the past. As soul has no sex, sex is only a charateristic of human body and this body is not ours, women can be a swami
          • hare krsna,
            u r right that one who believes krsna also knowingly or unknowingly speaks of krsna. wword christ comes from a greek word krsta which is derived from the word "krsna" meaning all attractive. jesus himself claimed that he is son of god. but depending upon level of audience to percieve the vedic knowledge, accodingly it was explained to them. just consider that u r serching for a meaning of a word in webster's dictionaries (one - with 4000-5000 pages which gives a complete discription of the word from its history till its variation in usage and one pocket dictionary which directly explain the meaning in one line or so). does the meaning change in any case? no! is the essence of the word changed ?no!
            Similarly vedas are the thicker and original version and teachings by other great souls is the essence..in which the principle of humanity, humility, cleanliness, celebacy, austerity etc.
            regarding women.. i would like to know ur veiw 1st! then i would comment according to the little knowledge i have
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