Mind, Intelligence ,False Ego

Hare krishna ,

Dandavat Pranam,

After death we carry the mind , intelligence ,  false ego with us and get  the next  material body accordingly.The soul which goes back to godhead, does it carry these three with them ? If yes then how krishna tolerate false ego.If the answer is no and soul get a spiritual body , without mind and intelligence how can the soul understand krishna there and serve him and remain happy ? Please show some light to me.

Hari Bol !

yours servant


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  • Sevak

    Hare Krishna prabhu

    Material mind, intelligence and false ego are not carried to spiritual world. 

    Without mind and intelligence how can the soul understand krishna there and serve him and remain happy ?

    The soul is completely spiritual. It is sat cit and ananda

    Sat - means eternal. Cit - means all knowing. Ananda - Blissful. 

    This is the constitutional nature of soul. Soul in spiritual world has full knowledge about how to serve Krishna. Just like the gopas, cows etc serve krishna, its there by default.

    •    Then why bother learning anything? :-)

      • Sevak

        Hare Krsna

        Definitely not to play devil's advocate

        Hare Krsna

        • I am trying to say once become very pure  so person will not left with any negative desires or thought, as sunlight dissipates fog,  A person starts thinking how he is  Bharat ji. 

          • Sevak

            Hare Krsna

            My response was not to you reply pr. it was to reply of Paul T harrison when he said 

            Then why bother learning anything? :-)

            Hare Krsna

      • You are absolutely right, why to bother have no mind and intelligence of our own. I think we become so pure leaving all this things far behind.I know this will lead one more question and I hope that question will be addressed in this forum

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    I was hearing one of the tapes of HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj in which he was explaining what has been given in scriptures about going back to godhead. Once we are perfected in this life or any life hereafter, and give up the present body, we are first sent to a universe where Krishna is performing his leela. There we will be trained on how we need to behaive ourselves in the spiritual world and with fellow devotees by other associates of the Lord. Once in that planet, Lord departs to spiritual world, we can also follow him back to goloka.


    I was hearing in one another lecture that when we go back to godhead, our mind, intilligence and false ego will merge with the universal mind, intilligence and false ego which are covering the universe shell and the pure soul goes out of the universe to enter spiritual sky.

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Rahul Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Material mind, intelligence, false ego washes away when one goes back to Spiritual world.

    Because with material mind, intelligence and false ego we can not go out from the coverings of this universe. Coverings like earth, then comes 10 times bigger covering made of water, then 10 bigger covering out of fire, the 10 times bigger covering out of ether, then 10 times bigger mind covering, ...intelligence covering, ... false ego covering.

    But soul itself has spiritual mind, intelligence and true ego which is "Krishna is in the center, i am His eternal servant."

    Your servant,

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