Mind and brain

Hare krsna to all Vaishnavas and vaishnavis.Pls accept my humble obesiances.All glories to srila prabhupadIn my school I was explaining the concept of body, mind, intelligence and soul, to one of my friend.But he asked me what was difference between Mind and Brain, but I failed to answer.Pls kindly tell me whats the difference between mind and brain??Also pls kindly tell me about those conscious and sub-conscious mind for I don't know anything about it.HaribolU r insignificant servant

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  • Sevak
    Hare Krsna

    What is the difference between mind and brain ??

    Mind is like a program and Brain is the hard drive.
    As per human anatomy mind does not exist. Just like by disintegrating the hardware components of a computer, a person will not find the program as a component.
    But needless to say every living conscious person knows they have a mind.

    Also pls kindly tell me about those conscious and sub-conscious mind for I don't know anything about it

    It will be harder to explain sub-conscious mind. But understand that the active mind we perceive, the tempting voice we hear inside us, is the conscious mind. Most people are not even aware about sub-conscious mind.

    Hare Krsna
  • Hare Krishna,

    Here is what I heard from Sri Chaitanya Charan Prabhuji ; sharing if it may also help.

    Say, We see a green bird go flying in front of us. So brain has separate cells to process these inputs received from eye. Some brain cell processes the colour, some other processes theobject ( bird), and some processes the motion of the object. All these processing happens at different different locations inside the brain, once it receives the signal from sense organs ( eye in this case). But it is the mind which integrates all these proccessed data and presents to the soul (the seer) as fying green bird. 

    Hope that helps.

    - Jai Shri Krishna !! Jai Bhakt Prahlad ki jai !!

  • Hare Krishna,

    There are three terms we must understand.. Brain, Mind, Intellect.

    of all the three.. Grossly visibly is the brain. If you cut open the head and break the skull. You can see the Brain. Brain is basically made of neuron and brain tissues. Brain is a physical part in the body. Its function is to receive stimuli and transmit the response stimuli. Like If I suddenly put ur hand in hot water.. What u feel??

    First of all the senses all the 5 senses.. come into picture.. the senses send signal to the brain.. immediately the brain sends a response stimuli.. to remove the hand immediately. This is function of the brain. .. brain is necessarily doing all the involuntary and voluntary actions in the body. ( involuntary are respiration, digestion, heartbeat, Voluntary actions like walking, sleeping, eating working  .. etc etc. so many activities that we are doing day to day.

    Now coming to the mind.

    Have you heard the term.....Absent minded professor? or body present mind absent?

    What do you infer?

    Body is doing normal functioning.. it is doing its work .. heart is beating normally, respiration is going on.. hands are doing the chanting beads.... but mind is somewhere in movies

    What does it mean?

    Mind and brain are not same.

    Brain can work and make the body work....But not necessarily mind is involved while ur body is working.. U maybe reading a book but ur mind is in cricket.. then 10 times u read the same line also.....mind is not registering it!!!!

    Mind is the cause of Memories and retention and recollection.

    If you do any activity with mind..you can do the work 10 times faster and memory and retention is also more!!!!!

    That is why here we use the term Being in Krishna Conscious always.

    If you work unconsciously..it means.. mind somewhere else...u cannot register ur activity .. when u do any work absent mindedly the work is not successful even in spirituality also.. even in material world also.

    Mann laga ke padho bolte hai ki nahi sab yaad hoga. dhyan se padho.

    If mind is not there absent mindedly we drive a car.....We are bound to make an an accident.

    But who is controlling the MIND??????? 


    Buddhi is called the intellect 

    Intellect controls our mind. Buddhi jab brasht hojaati hai.. Mind is losing its Consciouness.. Or Alertness.

     When there is no alertness mistakes happen.

    SO,,, Humko kisko teekh se rakhna hai sab se pehle?

    Apne buddhi ko kisko saunpna hai?

    Buddhi ko Krishna ke hawale karna hai. If the buddhi or the intellect is in Krishna Consciousness.. then there is no fear. Mind is not roaming here and there.. It will not act according to the whims and fancies of the senses.

    You know the senses are very bad,, always says to mind.. lets enjoy that this.. why sit here...chalo lets go.. and takes the mind on a trip.

    and if buddhi is brusth.. it will not be able to control that mind.. Mind happily goes on a ride along with senses and.. when u do any work in absent minded state???????? what will happen?????? Mistakes and Sins are bound to happen!!!!!!!

    THE 5 horses in the chariot are the senses.. and the reigns are the mind... Mind is under the control of buddhi or intellect..

    -->Brain is a part of the Sthool Shareer ( gross Physical body)

    --->while  Mind , intellect and false ego are the parts of Sookshma Shareer or subtle body.

    Srila Prabhupada Says: Just because something is invisible doesn't mean we can’t know it exists. The subtle body of mind, intelligence, and ego is also invisible to you, but you know that the subtle body is there. We have two kinds of bodies: a gross body of earth, water, fire, air, and ether, and a subtle body of mind, intelligence, and ego. You can see the body of earth, water, and so on, but can you see the subtle body? Can you see the mind? Can you see the intelligence? Yet everyone knows you have a mind and I have a mind....Anyway, you accept that the subtle body exists even though you cannot see it. That is my point. Similarly, the soul exists even though you cannot see it. The soul is covered by the subtle and the gross bodies. What is known as death is the annihilation of the gross body. The subtle body remains and carries the soul to a place where he can again grow another material body just suitable for fulfilling the desires of his mind.

    What can you infer from the last line which is underlined?

    Mind registers all the desires and wants that all feelings, emotions ... karmic impressions are all registered in the mind.

    Function of mind is to store information just like ..computer stores its memory physically on RAM, Hard Disk and other such memorychips.


    refer the chart.

    Hare Krishna.

    Scientific Proof of the Soul | Krishna.com
  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Charan prabhu,


    Intelligence is supposed to be a function of the brain, not of the mind. Mind has more to do to emotions and consciousness. Like in hindi when we say mann acha nahi hai, we mean emotionally not feeling good, whereas when we say dimag kharab ho gaya, we mean i have gone mad (or thereabouts).

    Mind is supposed to control the senses, that's why without application of mind, even our senses don't register what they are experiencing.

    Brain is a mere organ of the gross body. It can be low activity brain or high activity brain.


    YOur servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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    • Dandavts prabhuji.
      Sorry, but I did not get the expected answer.
      I want to know the difference
      Between thinking, functioning and the working of Mind with that of Brain.
      Pls kindly tell about it
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