meat eating

hare krishna ,

sorry for my ignorant queries that ihave been posting. but nobody has been able to give me a convincing reply till date.May be i was not asking the right people. asking them here hoping to clear the confusions in my mind. one more ignorant query.

in hindus meat eating is prohibited for brahmins and vaishyas.isckonprohibits it for all. But how is it ok for brahmins in certain regions of india to consume meat ? as in kashmir and bengal? 

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  • Hare Krishna,

    Please accept my prayers...

    please see table below mention those animal eat meat and those animal eat grass.....

    Meat eater                                                                  Grass eater 

    like lion, dog, leopard                                                cow, deer...etc

    1) they drink water from tong.                                 1) they drink water from mouth,   like human

    2) they work in night..                                             2) they work in day,                     like human

    3) they left fan from tong.                                       3) they left Fan from them skin     like human

    4)they every time walk alone                                    4) they walk with group                like human


    • hare krishna prabhuji,

      i didnt understand third means what???


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        He means meat eating animals like dogs cool off using their tongue.

        Grass eating animals on the other hand cool off using skin pores.

      • fans means (hamara  pasina) they remove from tong and grass eater removed from skin.....


        hare krishna

        • hare krishna pushpendra prabhuji and shravan prabhuji,

          i didnt knw that b4..but thank u to increase ma knowledge..



  • hare krishna,

    According to me all humans should refrain from eating meat..meat is BAD BAD BAD.many know it and now its ur turn to know.i was non vege n use to support non vegeterians but after brushing up my knowledge from iskcon nw i support vegeterians..please dont follow any humans examples like brahmins or anyone who eat or dont meat.they r humans n surely they commit mistakes.but the one who try to go towards perfection like what iskcon devotees do move towards it.just read scriptures and iskcon books..stop catering ur taste buds..

    What interesting example that i read in (iskcon site) was meateaters say we get proteins from meat but how one can get proteins from a dead body and if it is so then why we dont feed on our grandfathers i.e. humans dead bodies ,,point is to be noted..

    Sorry if i have offended u..


    • Jai Shri Krishna..


      One should not even consume vegetables or any offer-able things without first offering it to Krishna.  Since consuming anything without offering it to Krishna first will accumulate bad karma.  Prasadama is devoid of any Karma and is very conducive of spiritual advancement.

      • Even the so-called vegetarians who do not take Krishna prasadam are as much sinful as the non-vegetarians. Our propaganda is different, to make people Krishna Conscious, which automatically makes them sympathetic against any kind of animal slaughter. According to Srimad-Bhagavatam, one living entity subsists on the life of other living entities, either vegetarian or non-vegetarian. But we are neither of them. We are not vegetarian nor non-vegetarian. We are transcendental. We are concerned with Krishna Prasadam.

        SP letter to Rayarama, Los Angeles, Nov. 19, 1968

      • hare krishna prabhuji,

        i agreed to ur comment.." one should not even consume tvegetables without offering to krishna"


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