Hare Krishna to all devotees.

My name is Kunal Bhardwaj, a very new member of Isckon & desire tree. The reason I joined this platform just to clear my doubts & problems that comes my way so hope my concerns will be rectified in a good way without any dispute.

I've one of my very close friend who is 29 in age & a very nice person as a human being but nowadays he is really in much trouble. I am praying to Lord Krishna to help him so that he can lead a happy & peaceful, life ahead. 

The problem he is facing right now is that he really wants to go into Grihastha Ashram by marrying a good partner with whom he can share his heart for a long time but unfortunately, he has some men's problem at his private part by birth which has many disadvantages such as he cannot have sex throughout his life and cannot urinate like a normal man in public. He had gone through many operations for his problem but didn't get successful. 

Rest everything is fine as a normal man, I always encouraged him by saying that don't worry, no one in this world is 100% perfect except God everyone has some flaws & they are living nicely.  He says that my heart & soul is really willing to get married but how could I marry despite such a huge problem? No girl will accept me & he said if I  can't make a girl/woman a mother then what's the point of doing marriage. I guess every girl wants to become a mother after marriage. 

So, I suggested him not to do marriage & remain, bachelor, because you can't spoil a girl's life but inside he really wants to get married after all everyone needs moral support in life.

Please suggest to me what to do for my friend & what shastras say about such a condition.


Many apologies if I hurt someone unintentionally.


Your new servant. 







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  • Your friend has a hijra dharma. Hijra community will help one of their own, don't worry. 

  • Volunteer

    Iskcon attracts a many women who do not want to have sex and some only to have sex for children. For some reason, they have disdain for sex. Perhaps they were raped when she was a child by a relative or any other reason. They could be plain elevated beings who do not want to engage in inferrior pleasures.

    Many devotees have sex only for begetting children and they find this attractive. 

    He can try meeting someone like that. 

    Perhaps he can move to United states, Englane, Canada etc and get better attention to his problem after marrying western devotee.

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    • Oh man I didn't read it till now suddenly I came across this. This is not done. 

      It is blasphemous totally absurd.

      You know What Krishna is called? Krishna is called Askalitha Brahmachari.

      One who can produce offsprings without losing his semen. One who doesn't need a female partner to satisfy HIM and One who is complete in Oneself. One who can give birth to Brahma from His lotus navel without female involvement. 
      IS IT SO difficult for Krishna to create offspings with 16,108 wives without even having Sex?? That is why is is called Askalitha brahamchari even after marrying 16,108 wives and being with so many gopi' also. He is not requiring any External means to satisfy HIMSELF. HE IS COMPLETE AND FULL. 

      Radharani And Krishna are not seperate beings. They are one. Lord Krishna's internal potency is Radha. How can they have sex  when they are not two people but one. Just as for us Krishna is our soul. Krishna's atma is Radharani.  

      Pls. dont create nonsensical stories. And For Krishna we are all Jeevas and Jevatma and Parmatama are are in union complete union ( conjugal love means that) it is related to soul not body.

      jeevatma and parmatma when united become one and they are no longer seperate.

      We all are part and parcel of Krishna there is no intercourse or anything (HEHHE) we become one with supreme when we lose our false ego and completely surrender to Lord.

      Half knowledge is dangerous. 

      this conjugal love cannot be equated to mundane sex or intercourse.

      Btw we are all coming from Krishna and go back to Krishna even radharani is inside krishna gopis also and His wives also everything coming from Krishna and comes back into Krishna finally.  

      At the end of Pralay ( deluge) what remains is a baby lying on a banayan leaf sucking HIs toe. 


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        • So now you say I am impersonlist? Wow

          Chapter 9 verse 10 Purport of BG by Srila Prabhupada.


           Krsna also states in Bhagavad-gita that of all the living entities in different forms and species, "I am the Father." The father gives seeds to the womb of the mother for the child, and similarly the Supreme Lord by His mere glance injects all the living entities into the womb of material nature, and they come out in their different forms and species, according to their last desires and activities. All these living entities, although born under the glance of the Supreme Lord, still take their different bodies according to their past deeds and desires. So the Lord is not directly attached to this material creation. He simply glances over material nature; material nature is thus activated, and everything is created immediately. Because He glances over material nature, there is undoubtedly activity on the part of the Supreme Lord, but He has nothing to do with the manifestation of the material world directly.


          And I think the Madhurya rasa may have some conjugal affair but it is not as physical as you are thinking like between a male and female human beings.
          We shouldn't equate to our stupid regular life functions which we do to produce kids to divine love. 

          I am not so great as you are prabhu ji I don't know much. But the canto which you are showing is Virat purusha and how HE glances over the material nature to create all kinds of beings. Lord has features like us there is not doubt about it. He has personal form  I also agree. But I never read anywhere in SP books and I don't know.... can't claim. I have not been to Goloka and experienced Lord Krishna's love first of all to claim all these. And this claim which you said on Shrimati Radharani its is totally absurd. 

          Madhurya rasa is highly confidential topic we are not so great to discuss it also. first we must have qualification to talk about it also. So better just be precise to the question asked and not delve into such high profile subjects. Totally out of our reach. 

          Anyways Hare Krishna. 

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            • No need to apologize to me, and I am not a great devotee. None of us is. We are all practising devotees. 

              I have not tasted krishna prem yet.  Whatever we have for krishna love or something some kind of flowery feelings inside this is just aabhas ( emotions) and emotions which change over time it is not real love. 

              If you are having real love. well nice. You are lucky to have krishna prem. For me I can have krishna prem temporary feeling something there sometimes not there so cant be sure. so keep doing chanting . .. All that we have in our hands is chant do devotional serivice, read books... I do it in routine fashion. chant, do devotional service, read books. Whatever is in my hands I will do.
              I am indebted to Srila Prabhupada Becoz I read his books. I will help devotees to understand KC and strive to make them take up KC. This is how I repay the debt of guru Srila Prabhupada.  How much ever we repay also it is not going to fulfill ever. But still I will try..., So many iskcon devotees distribute books and roam on streets in rain and sun. They spend so much time for the explaining to devotees., pleading them to take up krishna consciousness. I feel I am nothing in front of these all. I am just a normal householder and I have this platform for helping devotees in a small way. But It doesn't make me a great devotee. There are so many out there striving in sun and doing vaani seva. spending lot of precious time for helping and guiding others

              I cannot be so sure of what you are speaking. Maybe I am wrong. I don't know but I don't think it is at a physical platform.  Maybe I need to understand this more. I am novice into madhurya rasa. I am reading about Chaitanaya and Nityananda prabhu understanding but I don't get full mercy yet to understand that rasa.

              Hare Krishna. 

    • Bruh your claims are disgusting. I could never imagine what you claimed. Please don't make such critical claims without a sound proof. 

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        • Sevak

          Hare Krsna 

          No where in the references is it given about the blasphemy mentioned by you. The references given by you are about madhurya rasa, whereas the blasphemy mentioned by you is very different. 

          I don't have to convince you of anything.

          Then why are you blasphemeing Hare Krsna  ?

          Hare Krsna

    • Bhakta Krishna Das Singh 

      What do you mean by your statement ''Krishna only had intercourse with Radha two times''? Can you explain in this detail.

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        • Sevak

          Hare Krsna 

          Bhakta Krishna Das SIngh - You have no scriptural reference to substatiate your claim. this type of mentality is that of lowest because it is equating pastimes of Radha krishna to sexual intercourse. Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu showed to the world what is radha bhava and how great love of radha krishna is and it has no element of sexual intercourse. You have the audacity to contaminate it with your impure sexual thoughts. If you cannot provide valid and authentic vedic scriptural references to what has been blasphemed by you then YOU ARE A LIAR !

          Hare Krsna

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            • Sevak

              Hare Krsna 

              Your offences towards the lord are intolerable. So you have no shastric references to your blasphemy. All you have is a melodramatic phony vibe. Please do not blaspheme the lord. Kindly take this as FINAL WARNING. Peple like you have been restricted and it will not be a surprise if it happens again. But as always evil always rises only to be subdued by Lord's energy.

              Hare Krsna

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