Mano tho bhagwan na mano tho phattar ki Murti

Hare Krishna All,

Whenever there is this logical question asked by neophytes like "Are our scriptures Mythology" which covers most inconceivable topics, The only answer that comes up is that we need to be self

realised or awaken or imperfect senses etc but that actually doesn't answer the question itself. That is like asking counter question. If it is beyond our logic and inconceivable then why we should

accept it blindly considering oneself to be impure and unrealised soul. Blind faith is not good, one should ask questions and get clear answers. I bet 90% of us are not sure of what we are following is

authentic or not.Please give straight forward answers to the questions instead referring to some text in some scripture. If I say something inconceivable and quote something against vedic scriptures

from some unknown old scripture would you accept it. I like many aspects of ISKCON except fanatism that is being seen these days in devotees. 




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  • Sevak
    Hare Krsna

    Are our scriptures Mythology ?

    We are sorry you got other answers like - only answer that comes up is that we need to be self realised or awaken or imperfect senses etc

    The answer is simple. Vedic scriptures are not mythology.

    Hare Krsna
  • Bhagwan ka pyar hai na woh Unconditional love hai..
    God love is unconditional.
    Tum mano ya na mano .. You believe in God or not also... His love will not change.
    Sun will rise tomorrow shine on both those who believe HIM and those who disbelieve in HIM also.
    Wind will also blow equally to you and also to me also.
    water wont see any difference too.
    Lord's love is unconditional. tumhare manne se ya na manane se USKO koi farak nahi padege.
    Maan ke dekh lo ek baar kya jaata hai?
    waise bhi kai cheezon ko mann lete hai hum....
    paida hote hi..tumne shaq nahi kiya?? ki yeh keh toh rahe hai ki yeh mere mata pita hai.. lekin DNA test karunga ek din proof ke liye?
    Kuch cheezon ko vishwas karke aage chaala jata hai.
    kuch cheezon ko test kiya jaata hai..
    You can challenge Mahamantra and test it.. do 16 rounds daily for 3 yrs regularly on same time everyday . achha jaane do do for 1 yr only. But daily Same time everyday sitting in same spot.everyday.. even if earthquake comes you don't leave the spot or change the timings. See what will happen.
    I will give you two examples..--
    A baby doesn't know that fire burns puts his hand into the fire. and a adult knowingly puts his hands in the fire.. In both cases fire burns .. Its the quality of the fire.
    Mano ya na mano fire will burn ur hand.

    A doctor knows the efficacy of the drug and administers to the patient... Patient just has blind faith on the doctor doesn't know anything about the medicine or the composition of the drug given... But the medicine will work.isn't it??....ITS the quality of the medicine..
    Medicine ko jaanke peeyo ya sirf maan ke peeyo ........asar toh wahi hai. Hain na??
    Hare Krishna.
  • Then become fanatic of our own six anarthas(Lust, anger, pride, illusion, envy, greed) , what can be done, no hope, Like many aspects but not one means logic of half hen, when hen gives you egg that side you like but when you have to feed hen that you don't like, so cut hen into half, no need to feed but get the eggs, is it not , very wise choice, keep it up!
  • E-Counselor
    Hare Krsna Akash prabhu,


    Like everyone else, I am also tempted to give up on you.

    "I bet 90% of us are not sure of what we are following is authentic or not" - please give basis of this statistic. YOu are willing to bet - so definitely it would be on the basis of something na.
    Ans to this Mother of Earth statement - 100% of followers are doing so on their own FREE WILL, without being paid to chant, or follow 4 regulative principles, or do services, or even book distribution. Still scores of people are doing. So from where 90% statistic is coming?
    You are writing something on a public forum - think before you write, else you will have to chew your words. They are definitely not tasty - most unpalatable.
    "Are our scriptures Mythology" - NO. They are history. This has been proved scores of time - are you not on WhatsApp? So many times that message comes that the early British occupiers understood that to control/rule India, the only way is to make them hate their own extremely rich culture and heritage. This so called "mythology" word has been coined by them only - the purpose and we can see the effect in people like you 70 years after getting freedom from the British - the imperialist mentality is still there.
    Proof - can you explain Angkor Vat? How Ramayana relics are found on the walls of ancient buildings in Italy, Kali temple found in South America, 36000 yr old Nrisimha temple in Germany, even something as close as Ram Setu, Pakshi Teertham (here, you can see the beak marks on rocks, of 2 eagles/ vultures who would come to Siva temple to partake prasadam. Then they would rub their beaks against rocks. You have to see to believe the size of beak marks on rocks. Cannot be manmade).
    When I read your posts, its an eye opener for me. Faith is so rare and I see so many people like you struggling with basic faith that i humbly thank the lord for holding my hand and guiding me through life.
    I have written earlier also, and am repeating - when will you get faith? Why are you still struggling? Its been many years since you are writing here, same old type of questions. Like Gayatri mataji said - maybe read the answers of your own posts. That should be enough to give you faith.
    You are accusing ISKCON of fanaticism, whereas I feel you are fanatically a non believer. What is stopping you from starting the process of surrender prabhu?
    Your servant,
    Radha Rasamayi DD
  • Aap maan maan ke ja kaha rahe ho( where are you going , did you ever thought by following the dictation of mind and senses, generally it is seen that our dirty mind and senses takes us immediately to serve six anarthas: Lust, anger, greed , pride, illusion and envy, false ego etc, if you don't mind just sit for two minutes idly in room and see where your mind ( aapka , hamara man dev ) takes you, man bolega , kisi fair sex ko dekho, kuch khane ke liye lao, kuch paisa aur kamao, usko pito-maro, he has more why don't you) all these dictations will only come sir ji) Hare krishna, thank you for asking nice question, don't feel bad if I have hurt you.
  • Apne Man ko batao ki Bhagwan Ko maan le nahi to aap ko hamesha apne Man aur Indriyo ko hi manana padega sir ji, aur ye sab kuch agale Jivan me apne ko cats and dogs ka body bhi dila dega sir ji, so think wisely that why there are so many different variety of lives, who is awarding forcefully these bodies to peoples!
  • I think you are a bot. You don't interact. You just post questions ...I don't think you even read the replies. Itseems its simply waste of time replying to you.
    Hare Krishna.
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