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    Hare Krishna Pr

    Lord Venkateshwara is supreme personality of godhead Vishnu or Krishna himelf. He has specifically descended to the earthly planet to bless the kaliyuga people with his grace. Temple of Lord Balaji of Tirupati comes under the Sri Sampradaya. Worship of Balaji is also done in Iskcon temples like in Iskcon Pune

    Kaliyuga is the 4th yuga which comes after dwapara yuga and is the current yuga. There is also a person Kali (not Kaali devi) who rules over this age controlling sinful people(practically everyone) of kaliyuga. He stays in places where these 5 things are present

    1. Illicit sex

    2. Meat eating

    3. Intoxication - cigarrette, alcohol, dugs etc

    4. Gambling - cards, horse race, lottery, stock trading etc

    5. Excess amount of gold or greed for gold

    Being supreme personality of godhead Lord Venkateshwara is in control of Kali, but has allowed kali to reign the earth planet since this is his age.

    YS Bharat
    • Hari bol.. Thank you for your blessings.. !! 

      Nityananda ! Gauranga ! Hare krishna !

      Alll glories to Srila Prabhupad!!

  • hare krishna, actually being a north INDIAN,I never had chance to visit lord venkteshwar in tirupati,but my southie frnds say that it is said in south that lord venkteshwara is the supreme and is the moksha blesser for every devotee in this kaliyuga.He is himself lord narayana or krishna whom the three worlds worship even muslims r devotees of him,such his grace.

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