Lord Krishna, the only purusha

Hare Krishna Devotees

Please forgive me for my ignorance and I request learned devotees to share your knowledge and provide some written/scriptural evidence on why Krishna is called the only purusha.

Recently i got to know from one of the devotee that we all in this material world are stri (even men though they are in dress of purusha) and only purusha is Krishna. Can somebody explain why?

Bhagvad gita says that krishna in his unmanifested form pervades the whole universe .

So when we talk about unmanifested form of god (the absolute ) shri Krishna is genderless, nirakar (without form), nirgun(without gunas) .

And when  we talk about manifested form of God who is shri Krishna is a male. So what i understood is unmanifested god took form of a purusha( shri krishna). He in his absolute/manifested form can also be stri/female.

How do you differentiate a stri versus purusha in spiritual world? is there any distinction?

I thought God himself is purusha but his shakti/energy is female. so technically God is genderless in-spite of the fact that due his internal potency he can take any gender.

Like Krishna himself is radha also who is female.

I am bit confused and unable to understand the definition of purusha and stri from spiritual perspective. Please help.

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  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Sharangat and Dipin, prabhu!!! Plz bless me so that I can advance in KC!!!!

    • Hare Krishna (Krishna's lover)

      Well said! really touching!  So it's like a win-win situation where Shri Krsna is enjoying the devotion of bhakt and in return the bhakt are enjoying the eternal bliss showered by lord Krsna.


  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna, mataji!!! Yes, Krishna is atmarama, self sufficient. So no external opulence or beauty attracts Him. He enjoys our love and devotion. Everyone wants bliss. We want it in a perverted way through material activities. This is actually a perverted reflection of our true spiritual relationship with Krishna. When Lord wants to experience bliss, he casts his hladini shakti(spiritual potency) on his devotees and when it reflected back to him in the form of selfless and unconditional devotional service, both the Lord and the devotee experience extreme spiritual bliss and ecstasy. In the spiritual world, Krishna is constantly nourished by our bhava. That is how He enjoys and makes his devotees enjoy too. So Krishna never enjoys alone. Both the Lord and His devotees enjoy, the only difference is Krishna is the active enjoyer and we are passive enjoyers, that is our enjoyment lies in Krishna's enjoyment. Rendering service unto Krishna for His enjoyment is the stage of perfection. When we try to enjoy independent of Him, we fall into the dark pit of this material world.

    Here is a nice example: Chaitanya Mahaprabhu says-Krishna, no matter, you embrace me lovingly or reject me. I'm yours. A devotee says, Honey,(Krishna), if my tears bring you smile, I will cry for ages and aeons and in my tears will I find bliss knowing that You are happy.-Thus, in spiritual love, the aim is to make the object of love, or Krishna, happy, and derive pleasure through His enjoyment. There is a complete self negation.

    In material world, we want to make ourselves happy. We try to enjoy independent of Krishna. Gopis  sing glories of Krishna even when He leaves them. They say,' if by leaving us Krishna , Krishna is happy, we are happy.' In material world, if a boy leaves a girl, the girl too pays him in the same coin. So, there is no true happiness. 

    In spiritual world, both Krishna and His devotee try to please each other. So perfect love and bliss prevails. So His enjoyment doesn't mean He lacks anything. It can be considered as His mercy upon a devotee for His enjoyment fills His devotee with intense bliss which is so rare within three worlds.

    • Hare krishna prabhuji!! excellent answer.. nectar for the devotees....

    • How true!

      Hare Krsna Prabhu jee, very nicely explained, very nice.

      You are gifted with excellent Bhakti. Thanks for bringing it for us.

      • The praise is well deserved and if one is careful then it may bear nice devotional fruits. Hare Krsna

    • perfect reply by krishna's lover which is in the true spirit of the revealed scriptures. That is my bhaav :)

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna,Sudheendra Prabhu!!! I'm sorry if you find my post boring , even though what you said is already mentioned in my post.Plz, forgive me if I offend anyone of you with my boring comment. I only wanted to make things more clear and legible!!!

    • Hare Krishna (Krishna's lover)

      It was not boring at all and a indeed a fabulous explanation.

      However i am still not able to convince myself because of some contradictory messages in my some other posts.

      For example: Sudheendra S prabhuji and yourself said that Krsna is the enjoyer and we are enjoyed.

      However what i got to know from other devotees is God is atmarama (who takes pleasure in his own soul)

      "It is not that GOD want to play and created this material world for his enjoyment.
       Krishna is atmarama (who takes pleasure in his own soul) . He has nothing to do with this material world.

      Being a part and percel of Krishna we have some minute independence as Krishna is supreme independent.
      So sometimes the individual soul want to misuse its minute independence and desire to enjoy separately of Krishna".

      So what I want to say is how can we just say that God is the enjoyer and we are pity enjoyed creatures by him. In fact krsna has sent us down because we wanted to enjoy independent of him and not because krsna wanted to be the enjoyer.

      • Hare Krsna,

        I also have many conflicting questions like these occuoring many time. So I would like to share the advice what my counsellor gave me.

        With these questions in my mind i thought maybe that krsna is not god, or god doesnt exist. then again i thought futher and got answer that atleast God exists even if I am not convinced if Krsna is God or not.

        And if Krsna is God then all the truths mentioned about him has to true.

        My Counsellor plainly said,

        "Do you think Prabhupada is tying to cheat us? Do you think he worked so hard throughout his life foolishly to eastablish a flase truth?"

        He also said all the members in ISCON society  are far fully experienced and realized beyond us. They are not fools to follow blindly. They may also have faced these situations sometimes but still they are convinced and continuing. Thats why he said that putting faith in Prabhupad and his followers I should accept all he has taught.

        Even though the above answers are correct it did not convince me fully so I thought not to bring those questions because Krsna is unlimited and we cannot understand Him by our 2gm brain. The understanding gets revealed by His mercy only.

        Thats what I have been trying and I think that you too when feel not convinced think about all these facts and pray to Guru and Gauranga to reveal it to us.

        Your Servant

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