Hari bol !


I found this song online and thought it was a beautifull song with beautiful lyrics and I hope to hear the melody sometime... I did a search on youtube but I cant find it...

Does anybody know an online source where I can find this sweet song ?

Thank you so much in advance !

Found here;http://www.bhakti-yoga-meditation.com/devotional-songs-bhakti-kirtan-nikunja.html

This is the song:

Devotional Songs - Pad Kirtan
on Nikunja Madhuri
(Sweetness of the Nikunja Pastimes of Radha Krishna)

This is from the collection of devotional songs or pad kirtan in "Prem Ras Madira" on Nijunja Madhuri or the sweetness of the kunja or forest bower pastimes of Radha Krishna.

swinging leelaThe Divine love bliss of nikunja leelas is called nikunja ras, the sweet bliss experienced by the Gopis.

These pastimes are directly governed by Shri Radha and they impart the deepest experience of divine love with the greatest feeling of proximity.

The main places where nikunja leelas took place during the descension time of Radha Krishna were in the secluded flower gardens, wooded groves, forests and bowers of Gahavarban, Vrindaban and Barsana.

Using these descriptions as a base for your devotional imagination, imagine the scene, actions, and feelings that these pads evoke.

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"Lakho Ri Ali, Lali Ju Ki Jhulana Bahar"

swinging leela

Lakho ri Ali! Lali Ju ki jhulan bahar.
One sakhi said to another, "Oh friend! Look at the beauty of Shri Radha's swinging today."

Jhulavat Lal roop janu, Lali, jhulat janu singar.
Krishna is giving a push to the swing like the personified form of beauty, and Radha is swinging like the personified form of adornment.

Hiya phooli Kalindi, ta tat, phooli kadamani dar.
The Yamuna River is beside herself with joy. The kadamba tree on the bank of the river from which the swing is suspended, is blossoming with flowers.

Ta par lata beli bahu phooli, urajhi taruvar jhar.
Its beauty is further enhanced by many entwined creepers and vines that are full of different types of perfumed flowers, which are covering its trunk and branches.

Rang birangey vividha suphulani, resham dor sanvar.
The silken rope of the swing has been decorated with different colorful flowers.

Kiya sorah shringar phulan ko, rajati Bhanudular.
Shri Radha is sitting on the swing, adorned with flowers in the sixteen traditional ways of adornment.

Jhuki jhuki jhonte det Lal Ju, karan chahat drig char.
When the swing goes back and Krishn leans forward to give another push, He tries to look into Radha's eyes.

Muri muri mrid musakay Ladli, karati nain son var.
Smiling sweetly, Radha turns Her head and gives side-long glances to Krishna again and again.

Lal alapat taan, Ladli, gavati megh malar.
Krishna is singing taans and alaps in His sweet voice, and Radha is singing a Megh Malhar song.

Ati drut jhontey diyo Lal jab, darpin hiya Sukumar.
After some time, Krishna started to give hard pushes to the swing, and because Radha is extremely delicate, she became frightened.

Kahyo Ladli "Karu na langarai, natkhat Nandkumar."
She said to Krishna, "Oh naughty Krishna! Don't do that!"

"Haun 'Kripalu' tab hi manaun jab, sang jhulavo rijhvar."
In the words of Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj, Krishna answered, "I will stop doing this only when You allow Me to sit beside You on the swing."

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