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    Yesterday I was hearing Radhanath Maharaj saying in a lecture that some times devotees would get question like what is right and what is wrong (it was regarding Krishna as a baby boy eat dirt or not? because, Balaramji said he ate and Krishna said he did not). So some of the previous aacharyas would say, ask him yourself when u see him!!! So I think you can save this question until u go back home...

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    My humble obeisances Vanarse Prabhuji and all Devotees here!

    Indeed Your question was not little but did have some reason, very important reason! :D

    Krishna is All Perfect! He does not do some idle things as we do.

    By His one action He can fulfill desires of unlimited souls...

    So in the next link please find the lecture of HH Sachinandana Swami Maharaja

    Better if You listen the whole course but the exact lecture about the Form of Krishna is 7th or 8th coming down from up.

    So He says that Krishna by putting His right leg in that position showing His delicate part of His Body - Lotus Feet towards Srimati Radharani.

     And please listen it, Maharaj nicely explains other parts also!


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    think it will be understandable if You put Your little query in a bigger way Prabhuji! So that we will be able to understand what You want to know.

    What is Basuri? 

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    • Hare Krishna prabhuji

      Even I use to ask this question to myself(since this posture of Lord Krishna is so different compared to any other incarnations). And I tried to answer myself. It's easy to balance the body with right leg. :)

      you can try yourself  with left leg ,it's so difficult.

      Well!! Lord Krishna is capable of holding the whole earth(rather universe) in his bow as varaha avatar, so balancing is just not an an issue for him.

      But since he was born as a human being , many of his activities especially as cowherd boys was as normal and as cute as any other cowherd boys in vrindavan.

      Bhaktin Mataji.

      Basuri means Murli (flute). Prabhuji wants to know why Krishna while playing flute have his legs crossed from right to left.

      Hare Krishna

      • He does that when he is well poised and relaxed!

        I also do that but i don't play the Basuri :)

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