Little krishna

Hare Krishna 🙏


If we watch little krishna then will it be counted in our bhakti ?

Will it lead to the advancement in our krishna consciousness?

Please guide 🙏



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  • Hare Krishna!


    Little krishna is a very shaastrik shownand the stories are based on bhagavatam. so if you watch it and then actually gain knowledge from it then it will help withh spiritual advancement (but we should still read the scriptures) but if you just watch it for entertainment purposes then it won't help. So I would recommend it. it's better than all cartoons or serials but also take knowledge from it

    Hare Krishna!

    • Yes mataji you are correct... if we are getting knowledge from it and our attractive towards krishna is increasing then it is helpful.

      Thanku so much for your help.

      Hare Krishna

  • Hare Krishna Mata ji,

    watch this vid. esp. at 2.57 till end. Prabhu tells it is just okay to watch little krishna if you are very depesparate to watch something about krishna on tv.

    hare krishna

    • Thanku so much mataji for guiding me by amogh lila prabhuji's video .

      Mataji actually i was asking this question specially for my grandmother . She is 24 hours on bed now.She is already 87 years old .So daily i play little krishna for her on tv .

      So will krishna count this activity of her in her bhakti as little krishna is shastrik?


      • Yes, He will count it, as she is feeling closely related to Krishna thinking about him and watching it. Mentally she is making a relatioship to Lord and also doing manasik pooja internally. It is best for her.

        If posbbile read daily a chapter of gita to her or keep Mahamantra chanting going on in low tone.

        You can even read her srimad bhagwatam if possible for you maybe in you native language. It will be very big help

        hare krishna.

        • Okay mataji 

          Thanku so much for your guidance.

          Mataji can u please tell me one more thing that should i only recite the shlokas for her or should i preach her the meaning and translation of these shlokas?

          • read translation and purport. If you cannot recite sanskrit slokas.  its okay but if she knows what Krishna said exactly she will atleast think about that and ponder over it a bit. basically if she in KC in her last momments it is good. Those who leave their body thinking, or even saying one time Lord Krishna's name reach the abode of Krishna. So, keep her in KC mood easiest way is chanting and making her chant or listen to regular chanting keeping all the time running behind. Even if by fluke she utters rama or krishna at the end of her life she will get go back to Godhead. so., now as you can do this much atleast for you granny you can do it. 

            hare krishna

            • Okay mataji

              Thanku so much for your kind help 🙏

              Hare Krishna Mataji 

  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    It depends on what level the viewer is and what the watching leads to. 

    If watching leads the person to take up any of the 9 processes of devoitional service, they we could say it has helped him in advacement. 

    On the other hand if someone who is engaged in 9 process of devotional services watches it instead of performing 9 processes of devotional service then it is not advacement. 

    Hare Krsna

    • Thanku so much for providing this information.

      It is really helpful.

      Hare Krishna

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