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Let's say if a vegetarian food is mixed with onion and garlic, can I remove them and eat the rest? (while wearing tulsi kanthi mala) Does it count as eating onions and garlic?


I've stopped eating the onions and garlic, but sometimes, I would have to eat a vegetarian food that is mixed with onions or garlic, or both...I need a complete guide about this so that I can eat the food that Krishna likes... and I can offer the food to Krishna...to make Him more satisfied...and more happy... 


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        • And also to add to that, Homeopathy is all placibo (i.e. non of it is proven to work and neither can it be proven), it's all quakery.

          If you don't believe me, watch this https://www.ted.com/talks/james_randi_homeopathy_quackery_and_fraud

          He offered $1 million reward to anyone that can prove homeopathy actually works, that was over 10 years ago and no one has been able to claim the reward becuase they just can't provide any proof. This shows that it's all fake and there to fool people into believing yet another thing that doesn't actually do anything.
          • I don't believe in what people say I hold a degree in homeopathy and I have seen cures happening with my eyes.
            And Leave aside proving homoepathy. Vaishnavas are never to consume onion and garlic they make the consciouness and intellect clouded.
      • Hare Krishna mataji, thank you very much for enlightening me! 🙏🙏🙏

        Your humble servant,

    • Hare Krishna prabhu, thank you so much for enlightening me prabhu... 🙏🙏🙏

      Your humble servant,

      • Pls. Kavenesh Chandran prabhu don't be mislead by atheists. if you have overcome the habbit of eating onion garlic I really appreciate you and u please continue with it even if its very tough. In this way you can avoid all those disease which are told above and also can keep ur consicousness clear to recieve Krishna's mercy. Onion and garlic have tamasic properties will make u dull and ur brain inactive and clouded intellect.
        Hare Krishna.
        • First of all, claiming that someone is being mislead by "atheists" is not the right way to treat especially if you are supposed to be a devotee. Secondly, diet has nothing to do with religious beliefs, let me ask you.

          1. Where in the scriptures, Gita etc does it say that Krishna does not accept garlic and onion ?
          2. Ayurvedic knowledge states that garlic and onion is ok to consume for medicinal purposes which means, they have healing properties and therefore cannot do your body any harm.
          3. There are many Krishna devotees who consume garlic and onion based on Ayurvedic, the restriction is not placed by Krishna but by whom you ask and talk to you.

          As I said before, the reason garlic and onion was not consumed was because yogi needed to do meditation and by consuming these it distracts the mind and may cause other arousal. So if you want to be yogi then don't consume otherwise for ordinary people it's acceptable. If you want the truth ask any Ayurdevic doctor not some guru in temple who has a habit of brainwashing people. Also there is much information available online, just search, it's really that simple.

          Some examples below.




          Notes from an Ayurvedic Physician (https://franlife.blogspot.com/2007/09/garlic-onions-according-to-ay...)

          "A bit of these foods can be used in meals with little ill effect and good enhancement of flavor. A couple of cloves of garlic per week, for example, would not be considered overboard at all by most Ayurvedic physicians"

          Even the indian government is now pushing ISKCON to prepare meals with onion and garlic because the children are missing out on some of the health benefits


          But as I said before, eating anything in moderation is acceptable but may harm if taken in excess. For example, water is considered poison if too much is drunk, you can actually die if you drink too much water, does that mean we should stop drinking water??

          Vimal (not atheist but agnostic, big difference...)
          • DON't SPOIL neophyte devotees who on the correct path and DON't dare call a guru of temple as a brainwahser. People come to Bhakti and temple after going thru many things in life. A guru doesn't go to the houses of pupils to brain wash them to convert them.
            I dont see any difference between atheist agnostic.
            You started here on this site as a devotee... slowly started to say to people what is the use of chanting.,
            then you started to say books are all filled with crap. No one can prove soul, There is no God.
            If God is there then why is he not helping the poor, sick and lame people.
            Then you established that God is not there prove it if He is existing.
            Now you advice neophyte bhaktas here to eat onion garlic.
            Next you said system has been telling lies to us.
            Then you put forth ur own statements saying guru's are brainwashing people.
            Who is doing brain washing here.
            If you are a agnostic please do keep your theories to ur self.
            The system never said any lie. Its there in GITA
            CHAPTER 14 text 15
            rajasi pralayam gatva
            karma-sangisu jayate
            tatha pralinas tamasi
            mudha-yonisu jayate

            When one dies in the mode of passion, he takes birth among those engaged in fruitive activities; and when he dies in the mode of ignorance, he takes birth in the animal kingdom.
            Therefore, those who are actually serious about human life should take to the mode of goodness and in good association transcend the modes and become situated in Krsna consciousness. This is the aim of human life. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that the human being will again attain to the human status.

            If you are not serious in reaching God then don't mislead people who are on the path.
            • How is this proof that consumption of garlic or onion is not permitted? It's extremely vague and open to interpretation, sadly not a valid form of evidence.
        • Hare Krishna mataji, but what if my mother doesn't understand this and continues to serve me vegetarian food with onions and garlic?

          What is the best I could do to make the food as sattvic as possible? Please enlighten me mataji...

          Your humble servant,

          • enlighten her also. Take her to temple and get her in touch with a senior devotee to explain her correctly.
            If not on the day when she uses onion garlic try to avoid the food and have only fruits.
            if you do it two times or three times like this she will feel sad for you and make dishes seperately with onion garlic and without onion garlic for u alone.
            It doesn't take much work simply she can make two dishes with onion without onion it wont take much time. Or else learn to cook yourself. Very useful for future life.
            In future whereever you go for higher studies or for work. You shouldn't be depending on others for ur meals.
            There are simple recipies on this website also which can be made with ease. Learn them. Most useful in ur future.
            Hare Krishna.
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