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Let's say if a vegetarian food is mixed with onion and garlic, can I remove them and eat the rest? (while wearing tulsi kanthi mala) Does it count as eating onions and garlic?


I've stopped eating the onions and garlic, but sometimes, I would have to eat a vegetarian food that is mixed with onions or garlic, or both...I need a complete guide about this so that I can eat the food that Krishna likes... and I can offer the food to Krishna...to make Him more satisfied...and more happy... 


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            • Hare Krishna mataji, thank you very much for your guidance mataji! 🙏🙏🙏
              • Do not accept advise from people who just tell you what you should do, but instead look at the facts and do some research, look at my earlier post, you don't have to accept my word but you can do your own research, that's what I did and now I find that we've been lied to for many years.

                • What is lie? Who lied here. Its told in Iskcon to never consume onion and garlic.
                  • iskcon is telling lies, there's no evidence of any of their claims to be true, in fact there's more evidence to support the consumption of garlic and onion.
                    • Acharya is a person who represents the knowledge of Krishna coming down from the parampara system, Perfect knowledge coming from the supreme lord Krishna is thus passes down in the guru shisya sampradaya so no scope of faults , U r amd my minds knowledge is faulty but if you present the words of the previous acharya as it is then the knowledge is coming from Krishna so no imperfections , Srila prabhupada is a pure devotee and he is a acharya a perfect representative of krishna , See Humans have 4 imperfections as i mentutioned in chat before with this imperfections we cannot attain perfect knowledge , Its like not this not this , Just accept Krishnas knowledge from one of the sampradayas ,this being Brahma sampradaya and you have perfect knowledge.
                      Its not adament for us to say read books or chant this is the process , how can you acquire knowledge in college without reading books would you just debate to acquire knowledge with students that procedure will take lifetimes , and the practical experience is to chant the hare krishna mantra , 16 is just the minimum we atleast need to chant 32 rounds ,people work 9 hrs a day right why not chant 8 hours . just like there is Lab in university practicals , chanting japa is the practicals in spirituality , and your questions will never be answered until then hear srila prabhupada lectures on MP# player to find answer , every thing is there , we study20 yrs to acuire material knowledge cant you study for 10 yrs to understand God and the universe he made readSrila prabhupada books , with heart n mind chant Hare krishna mantra and hear prabhupada lectures , dont be lazy no short cuts. you dont acuire degree by debating
                    • Are you operating under "vows of celibacy?" is anyone else who visit this site operating under "vows of celibacy" ? I don't think think so, so again, your argument doesn't make any sense. If you don't want to engage in mode of passion then it's simple, don't get married and don't eat garlic. That is why monks and yogi's don't eat it.

                      What proof and evidence is there that tamasic qualities makes intellect clouded? There are many intellectual people our there who have been eating garlic and you didn't answer my question, why do devotees eat ice cream, chocolate and drink coffee? why is that ok to consume?
                    • VIMAL PRABHU, This line is from your reply.
                      "Garlic and Onion are mostly Rajasic, but also contain some Tamasic action. Garlic and onion are avoided by spiritual adherents because they stimulate the central nervous system and can disturb vows of celibacy. This is especially so because garlic is a natural aphrodisiac."
                      so accordingly, if they are operating in mode of passion by consuming onion garlic.. they will get birth among those who are engaged in fruitive activaties.. ( it means they will do work only for 3 things.. getting money for enjoying life eating, sleeping...enjoying in luxaries finding happiness in satisfying their senses only).
                      Tamasic qualities in garlic and onion makes ur intellect clouded and makes you unable to distinguish between what is right for you and what is wrong..( Just like right now are unable to see what is right for u. You think that which gives you temporary happiness car, house icecreams is only right. you lack the proper insight in seeing what is beneficial for you in real what will give you permanat happiness.) this discrimination is lost. and in this way u will only develop animal triats.. where basic needs .. living to satisty ur tongue , satisfy ur sexual needs will become ur main priority and then Man and animal will not have any difference left.
                      Men will lead a animal life in ignorance mode. that is eat, sleep. mate and defend.
                    • So your proof was this translation

                      "When one dies in the mode of passion, he takes birth among those engaged in fruitive activities; and when he dies in the mode of ignorance, he takes birth in the animal kingdom"

                      How is this not vague? What does fruitive activities even mean??

                      Many devotees don't eat garlic, yet they have expensive cars, luxury houses, eat ice cream, chocolate, coffee etc, yet that is ok and accepted, but NO one must stay away from garlic! How does that even make any sense??

                      You say you are doctor so you should understand the meaning of the word "evidence", but I'm not convinced you do. So far I have provided valid evidence, they only thing you have provided is one line of text that is open to interpretation.
                    • The same is donkey to water line applies to you.
                      You are just a human being and you question Acharyas' words?? You doubt Vaishnava acharyas and how can you even call the founder of such a big Organisation just a human being?
                      Tell me if you can mobilize and create a big oraganisation and followering group. Don't even talk about insulting ISKCON or calling Srila Prabhupada a ordinary man.
                      Ordinary people cannot inspire so many lives. For us all Srila Prabhupada is no less than a God. As guru and God are one and the same. The words of a Vaishnava acharyas are Vedas only for us.
                      We tried many ways to convince you in chat also. every book we point out or every verse we put out. You only had said its vague.. not a valid proof or not making any sense.
                      Problem is with you.
                    • ISKCON may have been founded by a devotee but he was human and human's make mistakes so it doesn't mean everything he said was true, you have to use a bit of common sense also and try and think for yourself. The fact that they state not to consume garlic was based on his opinion, but that doesn't mean it is true, he may have had good intentions but he could be mistaken also.

                      However, if you are totally convinced in whatever he said and believe everything he said, then you shouldn't even be questioning about whether or not to eat garlic, the fact that you are questioning means you are not sure, so you either decide whether you are going to be a 100% devotee and only do what SP says or you can decide to look at things rationally and whether or not it makes any sense, but most importantly whether there's any truth in it.

                      By lies, I meant they are spreading wrong knowledge about consumption of garlic, you can see from the evidence I've submitted that there's nothing wrong with the consumption of garlic, they are many health benefits, so why should they make false claims? that's my standpoint, but what you believe is your choice and up to you. There's a saying, you can lead a donkey to water, but you cannot make it drink.


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