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Hare Krishna,

I am trying to follow a few principles of Krishna consciousness,but a few things are greatly impeding my progress...

Laziness:When it comes to  academics(College Studies) i get very lazy, and waking up in morning too, laziness is hampering my studies, which Leads to   Dissapointment.

Dissapointment:When i get dissapointed , that i couldnt do any thing, i stop krishna consciousness activities too, it leads to Dejection.

Dejection:When i get dejected, i completely stop all Krishna Conscious activities, I turn myself to materilaistic activities.......

...and things continue like this after a time i realize what have i done!! and i become even more dejected and morose and then i start krishna conscious activities again...

Confusion: Sometimes i become confused whether what is to be done or not to be done, what am i doing, krishna Consciousness is false..

i start over thinking on irrevelant topics.., than i become lazy dissapointed, dejected all at once, and stop everything..

plz tell me what should be done and what changes i need to make in life..

And also share your experiences if you had encountered such problems..

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hare krsna,

only praying to lord and honestly surrendering to lord by saying that,' o lord, i give up my all endevaors, wishes ,i am trying to be ur devotee because due to your mercy i came to know that only krsna conciousness is the thing which is the real aim one must achieve but i m facing these problems now it depends on u , in which direction u want me to go, please i am in ur lotus feet. kindly give me ur protection. you are able to do anything, no other than you is capable of me to protect from maya, so please do mercy on me.' lord always listens the voice of honest and pure heart. 

the reciting of prayers of gajendra to srihari, the prayers of other great devotees, reading of bg slokas can be helpful. 

and yeah dont worry, take all this disappointment, laziness as positive aspect because these things came to realize us that we are not able to do anything on our own, we need mercy of lord always , only the power of lord is doing evry act in the whole universe. so we must always pray to him. these laziness and all are the mid struggles on the path of devotion produced by maya, now it is the choice of ours what  we want, to continue further by power of praying or to move back or leave in midway. so these middle struggles make our devotion strong somehow. so no need to worry at all.

if these struggles dont come in mid and we do evrything in good way then we can get chance of pride that I m doing bhakti, and all acts nicely which is a form of ego because its not me who is doing all its the mercy of lord on me which is doing evrything nice by me so just to get realize with these all and to make our devotion strong these lil problems arise, but what we need to do is to continue in our devotion by continuously praying.

may krsna help all of us.

hare krsna.

Hey dude get rid of that laziness asap. Academic education is a must. You must take it very seriously. With good education you get good job and then good salary. Once you are well settled in life all the other problems will go and everything becomes easy even kc. Sp says kc is a graduall process. Overnight nothing happens. I think even sp has stressed importance of education. You plz take my words seriouslyrics otherwise you will fall in big trouble. You know the exorbitant price rise that's happening in india. How will you deal with it? Chant 1 or 2 rounds as per your convenience to keep kc going

Hare Krsna

Kindly see if you can live in association of devotees in a center preferably near your college so you can perform your studies. Krsna consciousness and prevent misuse of time & energy.

If you are surrounded by devotees who are enthusiastic in KC & studies you will also feel enthusiastic and perform right activities. Avoid being alone as much as possible. Also try and avoid digital inputs, prajalpa as much as possible. 

Hare Krsna

Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


What you have described has nothing to do with spirituality. You are basically a lazy person. That is showing in every aspect, including studies, then goes on to sadhana. Because getting up in the morning every day is in itself a drudgery - on top of that studies, another drudgery... on top of that chanting and other devotional activities, another pain..... so you decide to follow the path of least resistance - the materialistic path, where you can do what you feel like. Works well for peer pressure also - everybody else is also doing the same. 

The pitfall of this entire cycle is - you will achieve nothing acedemically, and you will prove to be a bad ambassador of Krsna. Just imagine, the way you are going, you are sure to fare badly in studies. Then your family, friends and other people will say - because you came into devotion, you spoilt your life by not paying attention to studies. All the while you will have not done any sadhana also, making you a loser in spiritual as well as material life.

Then it will lead to frustration, feeling of not having achieved anything, inadequacy when you see friends doing well in their chosen fields and get into bad habits.... its a never ending cycle.

So what can be done? And who can do? 

The answer to both is - YOU. You have to change your attitude, thats all.

PLease understand that there is drudgery in everything. The same can be converted into a devotional activity by simply changing the internals - one has to chant properly - rule no 1. Secondly, one can think that if I do my studies as a service to Krsna, without keeping too  much eye on results, and study for the sake of gathering knowledge, and as a duty in my current varnashram, then I will please Krsna. This way, the sadhana as well as studies will happen. Lets reverse the cycle and see -

You get up early morning, do your chanting, sing mangalarati songs, hear lecture before going to college. Return in the evening, take bath, do sandhya arati (atleast singing the songs), sitting down to study, read some Gita or SB, and then go to sleep. The whole day, you eat only Krsna prasadam. This will regulate you, keep you away from bad habits and bad company. You also attend weekly congregational program for devotional charging. You will study everyday, making you do well in exams. Peers start looking upto you, trying to find out what makes you tick, may even come to the bhakti path because of you. 

This makes Krsna pleased with you, He gives you more devotion. You do well in studies getting good degree. With the degree in place, you land up a good job. This increases your faith in Krsna and you do more devotion. This way, you are doing good both ways - materially as well as spiritually.

You choose, which path is better for you. Of course you have to work on both the paths - one will lead to self destruction and the other will lead to bliss. 


Your servant,

Radha Rasamayi DD

Hare Krishna Mataji!!
Very inspiring and Nice explained.. Thanks a lot Mataji!
All glories to Srila Prabhupada..


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