• no he likes to bath but by his devotees 'abhisheka'.
    • yes prabhu but when he was in gokulam he dont like to take bath but yasodha forced him for bath
      reference sri mad bhagawadham. krsna says mom why i have to take bath see this dust its looking very beautiful dont spoil this mom
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        I can understand how Krishna didn't like to take a bath. It's starting to warm up a little now but the last couple months have been kind of grim. I don't like bathing in the cold. Svayam Rasesvari devi dasi, my wife, however, will not let me sleep in. According to her we have to get up, take our morning ablutions and go to Mangal without fail. It was easier a few years ago when I was back in the brahmachary ashram at Juhu. :D
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